Schools are foremost and preferred places where kid’s performance and prospect educational success is shaped. Teachers are transporters of either positive or negative performance towards their ultimate learners.

The cause why the primary years of school are so significant is for the reason that kids learn the foundation of their educational life. I consider that teachers ought to be devoted to their career so that they can pass enthusiasm, to support, and to present a temperate atmosphere to the students.
In my view teachers are the succeeding mothers for the students because students spend most of their time with their teachers. Similarly one can say that a real teacher develops through many years of preparation and experiences in their related field.

We can say that mothers are not born as great mothers but their experiences with their kids develop their expertise in the field of motherhood. Mothers usually prefer to choose the best for their children and one of their goals is to ably bring up their kids in a way for them to be real professionals and pioneers for the society.

Teachers play the same vital role as mothers play for their kids. Like mothers, teachers showers their care, love, respect, lead and instruct for the betterment of their students. Teachers create a safer and pleasant environment and their attitude is as positive as mothers have for their children’s. It is important to wider discussion to analyze and study the role of teachers in the modern education system.

According to me, teachers are one such professional who are nurtured with years of experience and training in their respective fields. In my years of experience, I have not come across any teacher who can be termed “perfect” on her first day of profession. It is important to learn traits of an ideal teacher for every individual, aspiring to be teacher in his life. Every teacher should be groomed with set of rules that can be useful to him in the classroom sessions. It will be blessing for him as it will help him in curbing every possible obstacle and further will make him competent in controlling the classroom.

I have come across varied types of teachers in my life span. Some were good while some were best. Even some of professors were well prepared in their subjects while some were not. I had bizarre experience of witnessing some of teachers who just stared teaching and were least impressive in their teaching methods. These teachers never showed any concern for their students and were least helpful to them. A good teacher should always be responsive as well as attentive with his subjects. It can be done by maintaining good contact with students by asking questions at regular intervals in the classroom. I can easily reconcile some of students who were shy and remained unattended by their teachers. These students are least involved and so they always suffer in their studies. It becomes important teachers should encourage their students as this is the method by which students can benefit from them in most promising way.
Teacher has big responsibilities on his shoulders to maintain the decorum of a classroom. It can be concluded that student’s behavior depicts the standards of teaching and ability of teacher in the classroom. It is strongly recommended that teachers should actively involve his students and it will have strong impact on them. The behavior of teacher can be contagious for the students. If teacher maintains calm and relaxed decorum then students will be replying back with similar emotional behavior. In short, teachers are responsible for the social behavior in the classroom.

To make comfort level of students in the classroom, teachers must create warm and protective environment while maintaining professionalism. Teaches encompasses the responsibility to be acquainted with his/her students in the classroom. Each day, the teachers illustrate one of their attitudes that the students are unacquainted with. Students tend to do the same as they see teachers as their role models and thus try to get place in the eyes of his or her teacher. This is an excellent implementation to do as it benefits the entire class to break the ice

According to me school is a place where an individual goes to be trained and learn but I also believe that there should be times where fun is a necessity. Therefore, I believe that a teacher should also have fun with the students. Kids learn quicker when they feel concerned to an exciting lesson. Teachers should always remember that kids get instinctive fast that is why creative lessons must be plane ahead. There should be awareness in what people want to learn .

Teacher ought to behave like a also person who guides student rather than someone who is an authoritarian in the classroom. The teacher needs to show respect toward the students so the students also respect the teacher. Teacher must not forget the s/he teaches to different students who brings different students who brings different traditions and customs because the students come from different backgrounds. Teachers need to craft curriculum that guide students to a path of success. As a result, they need to receive guiding depending on their students need.

From time to time, the teacher’s caring attitudes could have a long positive or negative influence on students. Student’s self-esteem could be lift up because it could create ambitions in their minds for future academic success.
Teacher also carries a role to encourage students in the issues that bother them about school in their personal life. It could make a big difference in the student’s life if he/she is lift up to keep going and to not let anything put us down. Psychologically, students could be affected if they have problems with their teachers. One of the results could be that students will avoid going to school. As professional teachers, we do not want any conflict with the students.

At times, the performance of students demonstrates that something is not going right. As a result, I suppose teachers must pay attention to any suspicious sings that could bother the student. As teacher is our responsibility to find out what is going on with the students in the classroom. Kids deep in their hearts feel that teachers could help them but sometimes they are afraid to ask the teacher.

Students choose to talk to their friends about their problems and at times teachers are the last person to find out about the problem. Sometimes is the teacher’s foul that students do not seek his/her help because sometimes the teachers do not form a bound of communication. The teachers must let students know how she feels when students do not trust her maybe it would help students to change their minds about telling the teacher his/her problem. One of the teachers that I work with is one of these persons. Students do not seek for her help but they rather look for my help instead. I help them in everything I can but sometimes it gets really hard for me to know what to do. I believe that she is with her students. I do not see that she has a connection with the students.
I consider that teachers require thinking about what are the students feeling. As teachers, one good way to do this is to look back in our school years and remembered what we went through when we were students. We will realize that most of the kids have problems with their teachers. I do not believe that there are students who have not encounter a problem with the teacher. Therefore, I do not think there is a perfect relationship between teachers and students because the relationship of teachers and students is perfect. Therefore, teacher’s priority should only be the benefit of the student’s feelings.

Over and over again, there is a debate about if a teacher should be a role model for students. Teachers are respected by society as they are considered to be the knowledgeable person about different subjects of school. I believe that even if teachers do not like to be point out as being role models I certainly think they are. Teachers have the qualities to be or become role models for students. Why? Because most teachers respect, love, care, instruct, and guide their students to become a successful person. Students view teacher as being wise therefore they look up for them. Students know that if they need something they just need to ask them. Kids learn from every lesson the teacher gives. Therefore, I believe that a teacher have an enormous responsibility on his/her actions. Even if teachers are considered to be role models I believe they still make mistakes. It is normal to make mistakes because is our nature of being humans. At the same time, students should not look to their teacher to copy them but rather to compare and to see the mistakes to not do them in our lives. Students should concentrate in doing their work and being proud of the way they are.

Teachers have the solution to offer a good environment for the students. The benefits of having a pleasing environment are for the teacher and students. But before it happens a teacher needs to be well prepared in order that the students receive the best treat. It is essential and crucial for teachers to be prepared because the first years of school are very important for the students. The future education success of the students depends on their first years. It’s never late to star a bound of a relationship between teacher and students. Consequently, the contact of the students with the teacher is an everyday act. Even though, there will be some days in which students will have impropriate but other days where there will not be a problem at all. As humans, sometimes teachers do things that are not correct however we always have another chance to do it better. In conclusion, I strongly believe that teachers need to show respect, caring, become role models, make a pleasant environment, treat students right, instructs them but not be totalitarian, and guides them through the road of success. The only who gets the benefits are the students and sometimes it could be a negative or positive. Throughout my life I have learned valuable lessons from great teachers but I also had negative impact in my life as well.

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