Learning Valencies in easy way-class VII to X (ICSE)

Valencies made easy to learn.

Hydrogen H 1 1 +1,-1(metal,non-metal)
Helium He 2 2 Inert Gas
Lithium Li 3 2,1 +1(metal)
Beryllium Be 4 2,2 +2(metal)
Boron B 5 2,3 Metalloid
Carbon C 6 2,4 2,4(variable valency)
Nitrogen N 7 2,5 -3(non-metal)
Oxygen O 8 2,6 -2(non-metal)
Flourine F 9 2,7 -1(non-metal)
Neon Ne 10 2,8 Inert Gas
Sodium Na 11 2,8,1 +1(metal)
Magnesium Mg 12 2,8,2 +2(metal)
Aluminium Al 13 2,8,3 +3(metal)
Silicon Si 14 2,8,4 Metalloid
Phosphorus P 15 2,8,5 5,3(variable valency)
Sulphur S 16 2,8,6 4,6(variable valency)
Chlorine Cl 17 2,8,7 -1(non-metal)
Argon Ar 18 2,8,8 Inert Gas
Potassium K 19 2,8,8,1 +1(metal)
Calcium Ca 20 2,8,8,2 +2(metal)

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