SBI Specialist officer exam (IT Officer) Paper held on 26-Jul-09

I have written the IT Officer exam for State Bank of India today. I am sharing my experience so that it will be helpful for those who are looking for Specialist Officer (IT Officer) in other banks.


There were 4 categories of questions:
1. Logical Reasoning (50 Questions )
2. Aptitude(35 Questions)
3. English(35 Questions)
4. Professional Paper(IT Objective Questions) (100 Questions)

Time: Section {1, 2, 3} Combined 90 minutes and section 4 - 90 minutes. There was negative marking. -.25 for each wrong answer.

I couldn’t remember the exact questions. But, I can tell the pattern of questions asked in each section.

Logical Reasoning:

1. In a certain code abcd is written as sdtr. How adhf will be written in that code? (2 questions)
2. Find the odd one among below 5. (3 questions)
3. How many such pair of letter are there in the word (some word) each of which has as many letters between them as in the English alphabet. (1 Question)
4. Similar question for number (1 Question)
5. How many meaningful words can be formed from a given set of letters(1 Question)
6. Letter searies and corresponding Digit/symbol series. Find Digit/symbol for a given set of letter based on certain condition. (5 Questions)
7. There are some statements like:
Some buses are cars. All cars are trucks.
Find which conclusion logically follows. (5 Questions)
8. There was a series of digits, letters and symbols followed by five questions. (5 questions)
9. $ means not less than,
@ means not greater than,
* means neither less than nor greater than etc.
There will be some statements like a@b, b$c, c*d
Find the correct conclusion. (5 questions)
10. Strong argument weak argument (5 questions)
11. Data about hobbies of 6 students are given. Find corresponding answers. (5 questions)

The paper is very much similar to any other bank PO logical reasoning test. Have a look at a similar paper at

Mathematical Aptitude:

This paper was relatively easy.
1. Length of two train and their speeds are given. Find out the time taken to cross each other. (1 Question)
2. 540+1378-678=? (similar question)(1 Question)
3. Sqrt(?) X 16.02 = 216 (1 Question)
4. 5(1/5) + 3(2/3) =? (1 Question)
5. Multiplication and division of decimal numbers (1 Question)
6. Simple fraction related (1 Question)
7. Compound interest (1 Question)
8. Profit loss (2 question)
9. Ratio proportion (2 question)
10. Man and work. Number of person and number of days to complete a work. (1 Question)
11. A statics using bar graph was given. Five questions asked based on that. (5 Questions)
12. Number Series (3 Questions)
13. A table containing college information for 6 years are given. Five questions asked on the table. All were simple questions where only you need to calculate the addition or average. ( 5 Questions)


It was relatively easy paper.
1. There was a paragraph and based on it, there were 15 questions. Out of 15 questions, there were 3 synonym and 2 antonym questions. Here you need to find out Synonym or antonym of words with respect to their meaning in the paragraph. (15 Questions)
2. Find out the segment from sentence that has a grammatical error. (5 Questions)
3. There is a sentence with a segment underlined. It might have an error in it.
Replace it with appropriate choice from below. (5 Questions)
4. There was a paragraph in letter and its reply format. Five questions based on that. (5 Questions)
5. There was a paragraph with numbered blank spaces. Fill those blanks with choices from below. (5 Questions)

Please go through a similar test at

Professional Test:

Here comes the most important paper for Specialist Officer (IT Officer) in SBI. It was bit tough. There were 100 questions and 90 minutes.
1. Few questions from java like, Java Virtual Machine(JVM), JDBC, Applet (3 Questions)
2. Database questions
e.g. query using aggregate function(1 Question)
3. How to add a not null constraint to a already created table. (1 Question)
4. Primary key – not null and unique (1 Question)
5. What is a datatable in database(1 Question)
6. What is metadata in database(1 Question)
7. What is property of transaction?
8. Either a transaction is fully committed or fully discarded. Which property is it? Ans: Atomicity
9. Question related to Oracle Extent, Table
10. Network and security (5 – 6 Questions)
11. TCP/IP
12. SOAP protocol
13. SMTP – sending and receiving mail
14. What is a worm?
15. DSS (Decision support system)
16. How signal moves from a mobile to a tower? Uplink Channel
17. Data backup and recovery (3 – 4 Questions)
18. Disaster recovery (3 – 4 Questions)
19. Web technology and security (5 Questions)
20. HTML elements defined using -----? : HTML Tags
21. How JavaScript is mentioned in a HTML file.
22. Which language is used in ASP scripting?
23. Software development life cycle, phases (3 Questions)
24. Testing, Unit testing, System testing (3 Questions)
25. What is Honey Pot?
26. Dial up connection uses static ip. True or false.
27. Cache memory
28. How to protect data in laptop. A. By setting password B. Encryption C. Physical locking
29. Disadvantage of Single Sign On (SSO)
30. Why EFT is better than Manual Cheques?
31. System software/ application software
32. Search engine/ spider/ bots/ crawlers
33. ISP/ ASP/ Web Hosting


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Guest Author: GJ14 Oct 2012


The above article is really useful.Can somebody tell me what type of questions will come for the professional test on electronics side as posts for computer & electronics are different.I hope the above proffessinal part in the question paper is for computer science .


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