Rajathan Technical University - B. Tech - 3AI7 ELECTRONICS LAB-I

1. Study the following devices:
a. Analog & digital multimeters
b. Function/Signal generators
c. Regulated d.c.power supplies (constant voltage and constant current operations)
d. Study of analog CRO, measurement of time period, amplitude, frequency & phase angle using
Lissajous figures.
2. Plot V-I characteristic of P-N junction diode & calculate cut-in-voltage, peak reverse voltage, Saturation
current and static & dynamic resistances.
3. Plot V-I characteristic of zener diode and study zener diode as voltage regulator. Observe the effect of
load changes and determine load limits of the voltage regulator.
4. Plot frequency response curve for single stage amplifier and to determine gain bandwidth product.
5. Plot drain current-drain voltage and drain current-gate bias character-istics of field effect transistor and
measure of Idss & Vp
6. Application of diode as clipper & clamper.
7. Plot gain-frequency characteristic of two stage RC coupled amplifier & calculate its bandwidth and
compare it with theoretical value.
8. Plot gain-frequency characteristic of emitter follower & find out its input and output resistances.
9. Characterising a given passive network using Y & Z parameters.
10. Plot input and output characteristics of BJT in CB, CC and CE configurations. Find their h-parameters.
11. Study half wave rectifier and effects of filters on wave. Also calculate ripple factor.
12. Study bridge rectifier and measure the effect of filter network on DC voltage output & ripple factor.


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