Birds - Nesting Habits and The care of Young Ones


As we need a home to live in, in the same way, birds also need a home. The place where a bird lives with its young ones is called a nest.

Birds build nest to

Lay eggs
Hatch eggs
Save their eggs and young ones from heat, cold and rain.
Protect and feed their young ones till they are ready to fly.

Birds build nest in such a place where their enemies can not reach. Most birds build nest in old buildings, trees, ventilators and sometimes in the cover-ups of ceiling fans. They use grass, straws, leaves, feathers, cotton, wool, etc to build nests.

Sparrows and Pigeons

Sparrows and pigeons make nests in houses, trees or any other safe place. Their nest is made up of grass, leaves and feathers etc.


A tailorbird makes a beautiful nest. It uses its sharp beak like a needle to sew leaves with thread, wool or cotton.

The leaves are sewn together with silk threads, wool, or vegetable fibers.


Owls build their nest in the hollow of a tree or wall.

Weaver Bird

The weaver bird uses dry grass and twigs to make their nest. The nest is very big and strong. The entrance is at the lower end pointing downwards and is lined with soft material.


They make their home in the hollow of the ground. The hollow is than lined with straw and leaves.


Woodpecker makes their nest in the tree trunks. They make holes in the trunks of trees with their chisel beaks. The nest is lined with wooden chips to make it cozy.


Vultures use sticks to make their nests. A vulture’s nest looks like a shallow cup. Their nests are high up on the tree.


The Koel is very clever bird. It does not make nest. It lays egg in the nest of crow. The crow looks after the eggs and babies.

Caring for the Young ones

The mother bird lays its eggs in the nest. The eggs kept warm till they hatch into young ones. Mother bird and father bird keep the eggs warm. When young ones hatch from the eggs, they cannot see or fly. So they fed by their parents. The parents also protect them from their enemies. When the baby birds get their feathers and become strong enough, the parents teach them how to fly.


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