Zycus Aptitude paper

Zycus Infotech Aptitude question paper

(wording not exact)

1. 2 persons start from a point & go in opposite directions. After going 3km each, they turn left & walk 4 km. How far are they now from each other?
Ans : 10 km (Pythagoras theorem)

2. In an objective test, a correct answer scores 4 marks, and a wrong answer scores 2 marks. A student scores 480 marks from 150 questions. how many answers are correct?
Answer: 120

3. With which smallest no should 2880 be divided by, to make it a perfect square.
Ans: 20

4. Which common no should be added or substracted to 17/24 to make it 1/2.
Ans : -10

5. If each side of a rectangle is increased by 100%, by wat % the area increases?
Ans: 100%

6. Father is 30 years older than the son. He will only be thrice as old as his son after 5 years. Fathers present age?
Ans: 40 years

7. If on an item a company gives 25% discount, they earn 25% profit. If they now give 10% discount, then wat % profit they make?(3 marks)
Ans: 35%

8. Successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equal to a single discount of ?
Ans: 17.5%

9. Sum of digits of a 2 digit number is 8. When 18 is added to the no, the digits gets reversed. Wat is the no?

10. If a & b are 2 positive integers and
(a-b)/3.5 = 4/7 then
1) ba 3) b=a 4) b>=a
Ans: Option 1) b
11. A's population is 68000 and it decreases by 80 per year. B's population is 42000 and it increases by 120 per year. After how many years both cities will have same population?
Ans: 130

12. An exam consists of 200 questions to be solved in 3 hours, out of which 50 are maths questions. It is suggested that twice as much time be spent on each math question as for each other question. How many minutes should be spent on maths problems?
Ans: 1hr 72 mins


Guest Author: Pratik Roy28 Jan 2012

Rectification of Th question
4. Which common no should be added or subtracted to 17/24 to make it 1/2.

17/24 - n = ½
17-12/24 = n
5/24 = n
Ans: 5/24

Guest Author: Vinay22 May 2012

The answer for question No. 2 is wrong....

No. of correct answers= x
No.of incorrect answers = 150-x

solving it we get

Answer should be 90!

Guest Author: Maddy01 Aug 2013

ans to 5th question (i.e rectangle question) will be 300%
as per condition l=2l & b=2b
hence A will b A=2l*2b=4*lb.

so by 300% d area increses..

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