Development of villages

This article describes about how developments can be done in villages in India and what amenities can be given to develop a village.

India is a land of countless villages.More than eighty percent of the Indian population lives in villages.That's why it is said that Real India lives i villages.So it is very important to give greater attention and concentration to them.

The backwardness and underdevelopment of the rural areas have attention of not only the planners,but all those who are keenly interested in the all-round development of India.It is a pity that even after 50 years of independence there are no sanitary conditions,no means of living,no provision for housing facilities.Efforts should be made on a war footing for the improvement of the rural areas.In this regard,the youth who are the future citizens of India,have a vital role to play.The state governments and central government should come forward with new and useful schemes for the rural reconstruction and development.Most of the villagers are engaged in agricultural operations.But most of them have no knowledge of the modern techniques of increasing the produce.So the educated youth should guide and instruct them in the right direction.

Many villages still lack the arrangements for pure drinking water.Even though there are wells and ponds,they become breeding center for mosquitoes.As there is no proper planned drainage system,the stagnant water results in several water born diseases.

In villages some people grow vegetables and pulses.Some others earn their living by carpentry,weaving etc.The condition of the landless labors is very miserable.Most of them are either unemployed or underemployed.There is a large scale of illiteracy.There are no proper health and educational facilities.Moreover the villagers are born in debt,live in debt and die in debt.In order to prevent the youth from going to urban areas,the government should start cottage and small scale industries.Several farmers committed suicide because of the failure of crops.They could not return the loans taken from banks and money lenders.There should be some insurance facilities provided to save them.

In order to develop our villages some of the following actions can be taken.

1.Villages should be provided with good transportation facilities.
2.There should be proper drainage,good sanitation facilities and electricity facilities should be provided.
3.Governments should undertake village development programmes for rural uplift.
The Janma Bhoomi programme and the Rajiv Pallebata programme implemented in Andhra Pradesh yielded good results.There has been a green revolution under the guidance of Punjab and Haryana universities.
4.Medical and government health centres should be started.
5.Family welfare centers,technical training centers and rural banks have to be encouraged.
6.The Government should provide credit facilites and supply fertilisers at cheap rates.
7.There should be rural credit societies and land mortgage banks.

Villages are the back bone of any nation.It is necessary that the villages should be uplifted to higher levels.Most of the raw materials and food stuffs are provided in villages.So by developing them,the overall development of the country can be achieved.


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