Working principle of an ' MOUSE '.

This article describes about the working principles of a mouse.

Dear friends,
I am going to tell about the working of a ' Mouse '.
A mouse is play a important role play in computers all the work. A mouse has a small size but its works is very large.
---Working of a mouse---
> With most of the system you will find mechanical mouse.The primary mechanical part of a mouse is a ball on the bottom of the mouse. There are these little wheels which turn/rotate when the ball moves against them. The wheels are monitored electronically. When they trun or rotate they transmit how much they have turned to the computer. Out of these three wheels the two wheels perpendicular to each other are used for tracking the motion on X-axis and Y-axis. The third one just balances the two.
When the mouse is moved on a flat surface the roller ball moves in the locking ring. When the mouse is positioned on the desktop the actuators register the mouse balls movement in X-axis and Y-axis direction. The sensors attached to it generate a series of pulses representing movement on both axis. The pulse generated are in same ratio as the mouse movement i.e. More pulse mean more movement.
Normally a mouse is used along with a mouse pad. Place the mouse pad on a flat surface and place the mouse on it. Move the mouse pad and the pointer moves in the direction of the movement of mouse.
--Various terms related to the use of mouse are :-
> Click
> Double click
> Drag

1. When the left button of mouse is pressed and released quickly then this we can say ' clicking the mouse '.
2. The double clicking is used to initiate some action on the selected item. Basically it selects and initiases the action. For this the enter key is pressed and relieased sticky twice.
3. If AN object is to be moved from one part of screen to other part then dragging is used.
For this bring the pointer to the required object , press the key and hold it while moving to other place. When the mouse pointer reaches at required position , release the button.
I think that the all the given work is hands of mouse.

Best Regard,
Ajay Dussad

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