Some commercial cells (Batteries)

This article describes about some of the commercially available cells also known as batteries and are classified into Primary cells, secondary cells and fuel cells. Read to know about the advantwges of each cell as well.

I am going to give some information about the commercial cells or batteries. In daily life we should be used various types of cells or batteries.There are many types of batteries those we are used very widely.

A. Primary Cells
B. Secondary Cells
C. Fuel cells

A. Primary cell

Primary cell are those becomes dead after some time, and cannot be used again. Two common example of this types are 'dry and mercury' cell.
1. Dry cell :- The dry cell, commonly used in transistors and clocks. It consists of a cylindrical zinc container which acts as the anode. These cells have voltage in the range 1.25v to 1.50v . However , they do not have a long life.
2. Mercury Cell :- this is a newer type of dry cell which has found use in low current devices such as hearing aids and watches. These cells voltage 1.35v throughout its life.

B. Secondary cell

1. Lead storage batteries :- This is one of the most common batteries used in the generally used in the automobiles and investors. A 12v lead storage battery is generally used which consists of 6 cell each producing 2v.
Note:- (1) in a automobile when it is running , electrical energy is produced in the alternator which keeps on charging the battery
>Lithium batteries :- Now a days ,use of rechargeable lithium batteries is becomes more common because of their light weight.
C. Fuel cell :- this cell used as the primary source of electrical energy on the apollo moon flights. The weight of the fuel suffice . For example :- for 11 days in space was approximately 200 kg.

Advantage of fuel cell

1. The continuous supply , such cells never becomes dead. Such is usually operated at a temperature of 70-140 .
2. They do not cause any pollution problem unlike thermal plants which burn fossil fuel like coal, gas, oil, etc.
3. The fuel cells are expected to have an efficiency of 100%
I think that Secondary and fuel are we have mostly used in daily life.


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