Importance of color in life

This article gives information about the importance of colors in life.

Life is enormous, life is bright life is colorful. Colorful is the main feature among those three, as colors of the life is the mechanism that may turn the dull day into the brightest day one have ever seen, or on the different change one's mood for bad. Say you wake up in the morning and see the shining sun. the shining sun brighten the colors of the sky and it turns into the bluest sky you have ever seen, the grass is so green that you are failing for walk over it with barefoot. The shining sun multiplies the brightness of the colors that surround you, and that entire specter makes you unbelievably happy.

Alternatively, say you wake up in the morning in good mood, but there is a rain outside the window, the sky is grey and dull and there is nix sunshine. Everything around you seems to be grey and colorless. Such dullness of the world may affect your bad mood. Your mood will be as dull and sad as the color of the sky. Sure, in case if you are a person of romantic life the deep grey of the wet asphalt will provoke the romantic note inside of your soul and may result the formation of some poetic or artistic masterpiece.

I bet as you read the written above you observe yourself in every single circumstance and they are common for you. One hardly meet a person whose mood never been influenced with the colors of the world. Sure, everyone felt it at lest one time in his or her life, but you may have never thought about the fact that the mood and approach you have may be resulted with the colors that surrounds you.

Colors are the phenomena of visual insight. One cannot hear, taste or feel the color, the only way to recognize the color is to see it. As we see a certain color we feel no emotion about it, we do not get mad or joy at one time, but our internal mood starts its changes. Certain Color activates certain psychical reaction of the person and with the laps of some time; the mood of the person is changed on one or other way. For example, staring at the green-colored object will soon provoke the feeling of the calmness and if fist person felt anxious, green will bring composure and harmony of one's soul and mood.


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