Safety Tips for Using Knife and Fire in your Kitchen

This article gives safety tips for using knife and fire in the kitchen. Read to know more about using a high quality knife, boiling water, electricity and pay attention and treatment of burn as a first aid in Kitchen.

There is no doubt Knife and fire both are very important asset of your kitchen. You need both in your kitchen for cooking food. No kitchen is complete without them. But it is also true that both can become harmful for you if not handled properly. So there are some tips which help you to take care in handling both.

Precaution while using Knife

High Quality Knife

While buying knife never compromise with its quality as if you buy some cheap knife than it can fold or deformed easily because it is made up of thin sheet, this will we harmful for you while working. Always buy the knife which has more carbon contents in its steel. This type of knife is always good for use.

Use Cutting Board

If you are using kitchen counter or any other metal surface for chopping the vegetables than it is possible that knife can slip from your hand so it is always good that you use chopping board which is especially meant for chopping purpose. It comes in the material of plastic and wooden but it is better if you buy wooden chopping board.

How to put Knife in Kitchen

Always put the knife out of the reach of children in your house. Do not put it inside the drawers or with spoons and forks otherwise while searching for it you can cut your hand with its sharp ends. Always put it in knife holder or at separate place where you can find it easily.

Do not try to catch the falling knife as it is very dangerous for your hands let it drop than pick it from the floor safely.

Do not put the knife in dishwater because it is possible that you are not able to see it in water and can harm yourself.

After finishing your work clean it properly under running water and put it back in the knife holder only.

Precaution while using Fire

While heating oil or ghee they catch wire and give lots of high flame in that case quickly switch of the knob of the gas stove and never put water on this type of flame as it very dangerous. Always use foam based fire extinguisher for this type of fire if you do not have fire extinguisher than cover the flame with wet cloth.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is responsible for many kitchen accidents as while taking it off from the gas stove it can slip from your hand so it is good that you always take care while handling it do not use nylon cloth to pick it up or always maintain a safe distance from the utensil also.

Electricity Cord and Gas Connection

if you are using any electronic gadget in your kitchen like microwave, toaster, coffee maker etc. than always check the wires of these gadgets if the wires are burnt or cut from any part than replace them quickly as this can cause fire in your kitchen.

Always check the gas tube or pipe regularly if it is crack from somewhere than replace it quickly otherwise leakage of cause can cause big fire in your kitchen.

Pay Attention

While using electronic gadgets like microwave or while using gas always pay attention towards your work first do not waste your time in watching T.V serials or checking mails if you have some other urgent work to do than finish it first than work in the kitchen.

When you cook food in microwave always tightly close the lid otherwise the food cooking inside it can be burst as the temperature increases.

Treatments after Burn

While working in the kitchen and taking all the necessary precautions accidents can happen so it is good if you take little first aid before going to the doctor.

If the wound is not so deep than wash it under cold water and than clean it with the antiseptic but in case of deep cut immediately concern to the doctor.

If the burn is not very serious than it can be cured just wash it under running tap water than rub ice on it. But do not try to cover it with the cloth or in case of serious burn go to the doctor at once.

So if you take little care in your kitchen while working than you can save yourself from many accidents.

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Author: Swati Sarnobat25 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Safety tips in the kitchen:
a. Switch off the regulator after every use.
b. Keep the match box in the right place separately in a box and do not mix other items withe the match box.
c. Do not expose the match box to sunlight but store it in a cool place so that they can be ignited easily.
d. Use sharp knife but hold it properly.
e. Keep the knife and cutters in a place in a box and do not mix them with other items so that you accidentally touch them.

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