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Are you looking for BPO Interview experience? Then read this article to know Sutherland Global Services BPO interview round detail.

I am happy to share the experience with you guys. This was my first BPO experience after a 2 years gap.

Day 1:
Date : 11 august 2009
Venue : Sutherland Global Services, Santhome branch
Time of entry : 11

I walked in as everybody did, the security gave an ID-Card with the words "Walk-in Interview" written in block letters. I met the person at the reception, and I was told to hand-out my resume. They asked me to wait for few mins.

After 30 mins, they called my name, and asked me whether i had any international BPO experience, and what post am applying for Technical support Process or Customer support process. After that i was told to wait again.

At 1.15 they called out names and we were asked to sit in a room. The HR person came in and told us to think on a topic to speak for 2 mins, and to fill out a sheet which asked for friends mobile number as reference. She told she ll be back in 5 mins, and asked us to use the time to prepare well.

After 30 mins(:-)), she came back and introduced herself, and told the process has 5 rounds of interviews. 3 communication rounds, 1 technical, 1 format test(common for all irrespective of tech or customer support).

Communication : Round 1 :

After that the interview process started, and this 2mins talk on the topic is actually the 1st round of communication testing.

The HR clearly told that the topic should not be related to the subject studied, or the general things like computer, software etc.

My topic : My first long distance Travel experience.

As soon as i said the topic name, i could see that the HR person was happy that somebody was going to speak of a topic from his experience unlike others.

I spoke for around 3 mins, continuously, since i was actually explaining my real experience, in real words, i dint find any difficulty. She stopped me in the middle, called the other person.

I was able to see that she asked the other people sitting in the room, a lot of general questions, once they finished speaking on their selected topic. This was to test that they had mugged up things or they are talking fluently.

Of the total 25 people, 2 of them went out saying that they are not happy with night shifts, and they were let out. Apart from that i couldnt find anybody else sent out because of their lack of fluency or lack of english vocabulary.

Everybody were asked to fill out a online application. But the actual thing is according to the performance in this round, they have sorted us out for Voice and Non Voice process.

Note: If you are willing to go for a voice process, this is the round to do it. Because after this round is over, they come to a conclusion that you are not fit for voice, and forward you to non-voice process.

Communication Round 2 :

After filling the online application, we were asked to wait. And after 1 hour, we were sent to another HR's cabin. This one was a closed cabin, and were interviewed one by one, unlike the first round.

I was asked to introduce myself, and then a few questions related to my family, then I was given a sheet in which there was a small story. I was asked to read it aloud, and then, after finishing it, I was asked to explain the story, and the moral of it.

Note : This round is very easy and you don't have to modify your accent, or try something different. Read the passage in your natural voice. Try to understand what you are reading, rather than, running through the words.

Communication : Round 3:

After all this was over, the time was 3 pm, and we were asked to go for lunch. What a time to take lunch???

At 3.30, I was asked to meet a person in HR's room, who asked the usual introduce yourself, blah blah.. Then I was sent to a person in the first floor. The HR person told me that the person am going to meet will expect me to talk in long sentences, rather than one word answers, and i should talk freely.

I met the person, and the question to start was introduce yourself. Then why BPO? Why Sutherland? What is the meaning of your objective as given in your resume? After that, I was asked to leave.

Now my 3 rounds of communication was over, and the time was 4.30 pm. What a crap, how long should a person wait?

At 5 pm, I was called by the HR and informed that there will be a telephonic interview, and they will expect me to talk fluently, with less grammatical errors, and my marketing skills.

Why should i market a product?? Am here for a Technical process man.

I was asked to wait till 6 pm, because the particular caller will come only by then. Is this a round for testing my patience?

At 6 pm, i go again, by only at 6.30 the person calls, and the same usual crap, introduce about urself, blah blah, then am a customer coming to your mobile phone shop, how will you convince me to buy a phone.

To tell frankly, am a total zero in marketing, I tried to convince him, but he answered only hmmmm, ohhh like expressions.

I know i dint get through this round, at 7pm, i was told that i dint get through, and the HR told me that, she will call me again tomo.

Day 2:

I dint get any call till 5pm, so I called the HR, and asked her what happened, She told me that there is an interview at 6 pm, and asked me to come as soon as possible. What a cruel kind of attitude? My house is atleast 35 km from the office, even if I fly on my own, it will take atleast 30 mins.

I reached the office by 6.30 pm, I was interviewed by a project lead, she asked me general questions, why should i hire a person from IT background, and stuffs like that.

After this I was told that ill get a call later.

Day 4 : Got a call saying that i got through the round, and should go for voice process to Velachery office at 8.30 pm, because the people calling are from US.

This was a very decent office than the santhome office. The people were more friendly, and I met the project lead, and was told the telephonic interview will start in few mins.

At 10.30 pm, the telephonic interview started, and it was very simple, I was asked basic things from my life, and then a trouble shooting question. I have to solve a problem faced by a customer online. This interview lasted for 20 mins, and after that I was happy that i performed well.

We were asked to leave, but the time was 11.30 pm, the cab for my place will be available only by 1.30 pm.

Exactly at 1.30 i got the cab and reached home, thanks to fantastic driving by the cab driver. I hear, the best thing about the company is the cab services they provide to the employees. Nothing else.

Day 7:

Got a call from the HR, and she asked me to attend a general technical test at 5 pm, she called me by 4.50 pm. What an ideal calling time.

As usual i reached by 6.30 pm, the technical test was simple and it had general aptitude, grammar, typing test and listening test. I scored well in all these ( Even a 10th standard guy would do these things).

I was asked to come the next day to receive my offer letter and id card. I was informed to come to the office by 10.30 am , so that i can leave soon, because I have to join for work from the next day morning at 3 am.

As usual the HR people delayed the process, i went at 10.30am, but general form filling, and Bank Application process, Certificate verification process ended by only 5 pm. And we were asked to take lunch only by 4.30 pm.

After that we waited till 8.30 to get our ID cards. Then comes the news that in 5 hrs we have to go to velachery office. What are these people trying to do?

Literally i dont know, because when i reached home it was 10 pm, and the cab guy started calling by 11.30 to get the whereabouts of my house. For 3 am shift I was picked up by 1.15 am and dropped at the office by 2.30 am.

The HR's remark are to be noted here. "Just sleep for 2 hrs, and then get ready, the cab will pick you." Later "If you want to sleep, sleep while going in the cab, or sleep in the office. We dont care!!!"

The first day was a crap, bcos we spent sleeping in the office. The next day i quit saying bye bye to this job.

Some of the things I really dint like about the interview and joining process

1. These people are lazy, and never punctual.
2. There is no respect for freshers, no matter what skills you have.
3. The pay was a mere Rs. 8888, no night shift allowance for the next 2 months.
4. the night shifts are cruel, morning 3am to afternoon 1 pm. What sort of a man will like this job?
5. With the salary of 8888, money spent on breakfast is 1500 per month, because you have no other option.


Author: Suresh Babu R10 Nov 2009 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Hai Kumar,
I planned to attend interview on sutherland next week. After reading your experience in Sutherland.
Im not interested in Suth. just to select a person for BPO jobs how many days will they take?.
How cruel it is to work from Morning 3 am to afternoon 1 pm.

Author: balaji.d02 Dec 2010 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

as same i had called for an Sutherland interview for more than a week I had received a serious of calls from a manpower consultancy i had a plan to attend it but after reading this i was shocked thanks how many days a man can come from other than the Chennai to the interview

Guest Author: Diana Nancy25 Aug 2013

Is the Interview process is same til now or it has changed. Tell me somebody please. Bcoz I planned to go for Sutherland in 2days

Guest Author: Babu21 Jan 2014

Hats of to you, I cant be,very patience like you,really a very interesting interview exp you have given me. Usually the interview people are really irritating us. they are showing their laziness and it really affects us not them.they dont have a common sense at all.I also attended interviews they delayed me,but not for a week!!!
Its really awesome to see people like you.

Guest Author: dixit07 Oct 2014

I am going to attend Sutherland Global Service interview for Associate (Non technical). May I know the interview process? And in JAM session whether topic can be selected on our choice itself or they'll only give us!

Guest Author: Rudresh14 Nov 2014

I got a call from manpower consult Tomorrow I going to attend interview in sutherland,but I read this reviews and mind changed to not to attend the interview same way I want to know that 4 years back interviews process very bad but now how it was, please help me.

Guest Author: tejaswi07 Dec 2014

Even I want to attend interview on 8th dec 2014 , after reading your great article and great experience in sutherland ,I quit myself going to company now, thank for knowing us about great comp

Guest Author: PRATHIBA.K.L.10 Jan 2015

Every company is a good company. Until you work for that company sincerely

Guest Author: PRATHIBA.K.L.10 Jan 2015

Be positive and work in positive attitude

Guest Author: Suji21 Jan 2015

I was also selected for Sutherland on 19th Jan but I waited for 1 day. I think you missed something. You can see how many people are there for an interview. How can they manager? They have to work & also attend the interview. If you are in such a position, what will you do? Patience is very important I think. Don't mistake me - I am not supporting him, but without knowing everything we cannot underestimate.

Guest Author: shihabudheen05 Feb 2015

sure it was correct I attended an interview today Sutherland Kochi. Same happened to me

Guest Author: syed nadeem18 Mar 2015

Thanks guy's for your suggestions, good to listen tomorrow ill be attending interview in Sutherland in uber process.
Please somebody help me out.

Guest Author: naveen30 May 2015

thanks guys Monday I'll attend the interview in Sutherland velacherry please help me.I am a fresher candidate

Guest Author: Pallavi31 May 2015

It's good to read your experience. Even I had faced such experiences. One thing would be common for every company that they take many days to complete the process. It would be helpful if the interview gets finished in one day though it may be got completed late night. End of the day you will get to know whether you are selected or not instead of making us waited for so many days. People who are working already would not get so many leaves to attend the interview.

Guest Author: Divya11 Jun 2015

Can I know bond period of Sutherland??

Guest Author: afzal13 Jun 2015

There is no bond period in sutherland and that's the reason why I initially planned to join this company but later I had the same experience like this guy even the pay is only 9800 which would definitely make every one to think not to join and I recommend this job for someone who don't have any other way to go!!

Guest Author: Krishna30 Sep 2015

I have 2 years experience in non voice process. I planned to attend the interview for non voice process in Sutherland. What is the procedure and interview levels?

Guest Author: MKT28 Jan 2016

My interview process had been for 2 weeks and still counting! They wouldn't even say the results of the first round. Patience is tested to a whole new level here.

Guest Author: Jennifer13 Jul 2016

I had my first interview experience at Sutherland. They had contacted me and told me that my profile had been shortlisted for a non voice process and that a face to face interview was scheduled at 10:30 AM. First thing they said was the vacancy was not for engineering graduates (then why did they call?!) I had told the HR that I was an engineering graduate. And on top of that they told me that I could apply for voice, but that also didn't have any vacancies right now but I could take the primary tests and voice and communication check and all. It started at 11 and by 2:30 I was exhausted. They kept us waiting for such a long time and I couldn't bare the thought that even after working so hard to pass these rounds, which had no job offer or vacancy, I was sure that there were many more rounds and they could easily chuck me out at any round. So I quit at 2:45. I told them that I was going for a break and ran for my life! Seriously, terrible experience and terrible HR. I could let the time slide away as there were many people but why call someone and ask them to come when there is no vacancy? There were many engineering graduates who had come from far and they had all been told this.

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