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Dear student the Pharmacology word arrived from Greek & Latin dictionary. Hence simply PHARMACOLOGY is combination of two words like Pharmaco; in Greek Pharmakon means DRUG/MEDICINE & Logy: in Greek Logos means Science/study.
Thus Pharmacology means study or science of Drug/Medicine. The pharmacology defined as “the study of mode of action of drug, include side effect, interaction with food & drug, therapeutic uses, dose, etc known as pharmacology.”
The pharmacology is much interesting subject. If you found any new chemical entity or you want to use any substance as medicine. What you have to do? Simply you go through the pharmacological aspects, like activity of drug, therapeutics index, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, side effect of the drug, toxicity, etc. now a days the term used as CLINICAL TRIALS but what exactly clinical trials? They followed by only pharmacological aspects.
The pharmacology includes some important terms like…
• Pharmacokinetics: is defined as “what body dose with drug?” or “the detailed study of (ADMEK) Absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion of drug.”
• Pharmacodynamics: is defined as “what drug dose to body?” or “the detailed study of drug include mode of action, side effects, uses, etc.”
• Toxicology: is defined as “the study of toxic effect of the drug or how to treat toxicity?”
• Drug: is “the chemical or natural substance used for treatment, cure, prevention & diagnosis of the disease.”
• Therapeutic index: dear student as you know drug is the chemical substance which may be hazards to human body? The every drug produced some unwanted effects that are known as side effects. Hence TI helps to calculate tolerability, safety, & actual safe dose for specific drug. LD50
Above formula used to calculate therapeutic index,
Where, LD50 is the lethal median dose of drug means “the lethal
Effect of drug in given 50% population.” & ED50 is the effective
Dose of drug Means “the effective dose of drug in given 50%
Thus, Therapeutic index (TI) known as the ratio of median lethal & effective dose.

• Bioavaibility: is defined as “the available concentration of drug in the blood or the absorbed drug reaches to the systemic circulation.”
• Tolerability: is defined as the tolerable/safe/non-toxic dose of the specific drug.

Dear student’s study of pharmacology is very easy. Just break down the words which you not understand like
• Myocardium = MYO + CARDIUM means myo= muscle & cardium= heart. i.e. muscles of heart.
• Arthritis= arthr+itis, arthr=bone & itis=inflammation, means inflammation of bones.

Vilas K Sonagre
Lecturer (D-PHARMA)
K d pawar college of pharmacy, saoner.
Note: for privet circulation only.
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