Safety and Precautions for women in awkward situations

This article describes about the safety and precautions that women can take which an untoward situation can happen in their life or they would require to face a difficult and awkward situation.

Women play very important role in the total universe. If there is no women there is no space for human beings.

Are we giving important to Women. In olden days women were given more respect when compared to the present world situation.

In olden days women were kept at house and men used to take care of everything. But in the present day situation it is not possible to keep women at home. As our needs are increasing day by day. We have to earn money to run the family. If a single person earns then the family cannot prosper. That is the reason why women were forced to come out from the house. Women are helping men in running the family and development of the family. But are we supporting them, to be frank definitely not.

Right from the birth, if we see in olden days people used to say girl will depend upon parents when she is small, when she grows up she depends upon brothers, when gets married she has to depend upon her husband, when she becomes old she has to depend upon her children, so every time a woman has to depend upon men.

After independence, people thought that women also got independence, but is it true. No, it is wrong. In present day, when parents are sending a girl to school, some teachers are misbehaving with the girls, who has to take care of the child as a parent being in such a respectable profession. But there are so many incidents we are seeing where teachers are misbehaving with students. Is this the freedom ?

When a girl enters into college life, then her life is becoming miserable. We can see daily in news, that in so and so college a boy thrown acid on a girl, or a boy attacked the girl, as she is not loving him like that so many news. Is it the freedom we wanted for our women ?

If we go forward and see woman working in MNCs, the life is more miserable. They have to stay at office in the night, sometimes they can reach the homes at mid night which is not at all safe to them. Gandhiji wanted to see that woman walking at midnight, then only correct freedom we could get. But though woman are able to go out in the midnight, but the life of the lady has become more and more miserable and is facing so many dangers.

So, where are we now, whether we got independence or not ?

Let us think atleast we cannot change the scenario, atleast we should take some minimum precautions for the safety of women.

- Parents should see the atmosphere of the School or College before admitting the child there.

- As far as possible, they should be sent in the buses which are run by the Institutes.

- Woman should be given jobs as far as possible in the day shifts.

These are just some precautions, but everybody should try to take their own precautions.

Subba Raju, MV


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