Modern forms of communication

Modern forms of communication

Tele Communication system (TCS) can be defined as the
transmission of data carrying signals, often between two widely
separated points. It includes the follOwing:-

1. Telegraphs: It is a possibility to send news over a long distance. The inventor of the first electric telegraph is Samuel Finley Breese Morse. Telegraphy uses special codes
developed by Morse and known as Morse code. It is a system of dots and dash transmitted on wires. It requires highly skilled people to decode the message.

2.Telephone: Telephone was invented by Alexander Grahafn Bell in 1876. It transmits speech sound over a distance. The basis telephone used wires for transmitting sound, but now telephones have been diversified into several advance forms which are mentioned below.

b.Satelite phone
c.Video phone
d.Internet telephony
e.Wireless in local loop (WLL)

3.Radio: Radio is a device used for transmission of sound Signals through space by means of radio frequency electro magnetic waves. Local transmitters and satellites are used for sending radio signals worldwide

4.Television: Television transmits and reproduces moving pictures and associated sound by electronic means. It was developed in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

5.Telex / Tele Printer: This is an international telegraphic system in which telephone lines transmit printed messages, Using devices which convert typed words into electrical signals and vice versa. Subscribers to the system have their own call sign and number,

6.Fax: This is a modified version of telex. Instead of typed words, this system can transmit documents, diagrams and photographs over a telephone network.

7.PagerIt is a small radio receiver used in one way communication to alert an individual or deliver a short message without using voice. It works within a small area using one low power transmitter or over large areas using multiple transmitters.

8.E-mail: E-mail is sending mails using Internet connectivity. The receiver requires a special e-mail address for receiving the mail.

9.Chatting: In chatting, the users can type the message and send it to the receiver and receive the message, back on the computer screen. If the computers are equipped with digital cameras and microphones, it is also possible to see and hear.

10.Tele conference: Teleconference is the live exchange of
information among persons and machines remote from
one another but linked by a telecommunications system.


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