My 'Wipro BPO' Interview Experience

Are you preparing Interviews of top companies? Read my experience at Wipro BPO interview and you may know what type of questions can be ask during interview of any top companies like Wipro.

Hi all,

Let me share with you all, my Wipro BPO interview experience. I had lot of perception about BPO industry. I never liked the work they were doing and their kind of life style. I was thinking that BPO means there are only calls, but later I understood that apart from calls there were lot of back end processes in BPOs. I realised that there are non-voice and voice processes in BPOs.

Wipro BPO interview was also on the same period when I had lost job, and was desperately searching for a new job. There were a lot of consultancies in the place where I was and I had registered in many as the registration was fully free in most of the consultancies. We need to go there, fill the form, attend their HR telephonic interview and if they are ok with you, then they will put your name for further rounds. Consultancies telephonic round will be easy as most of the time they tell you to explain about a movie or about your native. If you are going for a telephonic interview, it would be better to practise these two common topics. You may find good vocabulary and write it down, and practise. But make sure that, you can use the same level vocabulary in your other rounds of interview as well. Otherwise, they may find that you had script for the topic.

This time, I received a call from the consultancy asking me whether I am ready to appear for an interview tomorrow. As it is through consultancy, it was obvious that it would be for BPOs as normally no of the IT companies recruit through such small consultancies. They told me that it is Wipro BPO coming this time in a very exciting voice and I was not surprised as BPOs were nothing for me. I decided to go, as it won’t be a good idea to lose any chance in life. Also one of my friends who attended their interview told me that they are offering high salary. He had gone through it successfully though he didn’t join. I thought that if he had made it then I can definitely as I was better than him according to me and also the salary he said was something interesting.

It was difficult for me to locate the building. Finally when I found out the building, it was difficult for me to locate the floor and the door number as there were no boards listing the company addresses. I called the office and then a person from the office came down to help me as it was their usual practice. That building was very complex nothing less than a Harry Potter’s school. Finally, when I reached the office, I found some crowd; most of them looked like teenagers, just out of school. I talked to them when I got a chance and they told me that they are just out of 10 and some were right after 12th. It was a happy thing to know that these guys are ready to work on the vacation period. Apart from those guys, there were only a handful of others. I couldn’t find anyone experienced there. I could find a Keralite who came there in search of job and was not that successful. He was very desperate and hopeless that he couldn’t make it anywhere and is staying on the charity of his friends. I could know from him that he had arrears yet to be cleared. I had felt empathy for him.

After a while, number of people increased and there were many professional looking faces. Now, I felt it like an interview venue. Wipro HR was very particular about the cut off marks. Before her arrival, there was an announcement from the consultancy people, about the Wipro HR and her behaviour. They were telling things which created a dreadful image of that lady in our mind. When the HR came, the image again strengthened as she was looking dreadful too. She gave us a small introduction about self and about the company. She mentioned us to note down these things as she may ask these things in the interview too. Everyone was asked to be silent in that classroom and one boy was asked to leave the room just because he talked something. One more guy was also released as his cut off was blow 60%. She could maintain her image in the way we all had in our mind.

Some forms were given to fill, and we had to attach photographs too. No one was so prepared that it created a mess there, for staplers. Finally everything was done and the first person was called. The interview room and the room where we were waiting were closer and we could see what was happening there. It was a complete HR round, but that was carried out by the consultancy itself. Those who cleared that round were asked to move to the second round of interview. I got through the first round. Other candidates were just grouping around me to know what all were asked. Second round was different from other rounds and it was new to me. I was given a piece of paper with something written on it. Interviewer wanted m to read it for him. He was busy in doing something else, though I started reading on his signal. That went on for say 5 minutes and I was happy that I could do well. But now, when I think, I feel how many pronunciation mistakes I would have made, as I am learning pronunciation now. Fortunately, I got through that round as well.

There was only one more guy from the entire group, who passed these tests. We were waiting outside for the next round of interview. Meanwhile, we both were given another form which we filled together and submitted back. He was an engineering pass out and I was wondering why he was going to do a BPO job. I asked him and he told me that he passed out last year but he met with an accident after that, and couldn’t attend any interview, He told me that it is very difficult to get a job if you are not placed from the campus itself. I had no other options other than agreeing with him as it was also same with me. But now, I say, if you are searching properly, you have the job, provided you have the qualification and communication.

We both were called in and the same dread lady was there. She seemed pretty cool and nice. She had a conversation with both us individually. She told that I have been selected and will have to join next Monday; she explained me the salary structure which was very pathetic. She told me about the cab facility, their location, the process that I am moving to and some other general stuff. She passed the offer letter on the spot and that I really appreciate. As soon as we both got out of the room, the Consultancy HR came to us and congratulated us. It was a happy moment that we both were the focus of the entire crowd there. We both exchanged the contact numbers and said bye for the day.

I was happy that I have a job, but not satisfied as I never wanted to work in BPO. Same was with my friends, all were happy that I passed in it but neither of them wanted me to work in BPO. My team leader of the last company told me that if I am joining the BPO sector, I am going down the ladder, and I was so influenced by that sentence that I was hearing it every minute. I didn’t have any choice and hence I decided to join, as they didn’t have any bond, I thought I can search and find out something soon.

O n the said date, I went to the office for joining. My friend was also there. We all moved to the basement room where joining program was held. There was an induction arranged for two days. I felt very uncomfortable sitting there. We had lot of forms to fill, bank formalities. Everything was happening, but I was not happy. I had mentioned my experience at the time of HR interview and they had agreed to give me small hike in the salary. But they never mentioned that apart from my experience certificate I should produce my salary slip as well. There I was trapped, as I didn’t have that handy. They told me to gt it by the evening. I called my friend and asked him to get my salary slip from the company database. I didn’t have salary slip as I haven’t ever thought that it would be asked, I was new to interviews that time. He emailed me it on my email and Wipro guys didn’t help me to open my email there and take a print out of it. Perhaps in the office, the general emails would be blocked. I couldn’t find a cafe` nearby and i started moving back, without informing any. It was told to us on the presentation that, if you don’t attend the two days of induction you won’t be considered as joined, and that was what I wanted. I never wanted a BPO’s name in my resume. It was the end, I left that place, and came back home. I did regret for what I did, but not much. But right now, when I think it was a disrespectful act from my side to the company. I didn’t care about their time, effort and money. But, at that time, I had justification for what I did.

Our attitude is very important in everything we do. Also as in this case, I lacked determination. But, I feel happy that I could understand that later in my life. I would like to know from your comments what all things went wrong here.

Wish everyone get the company and position that they long for.
Thanks and regards,


Author: Ashu14 Sep 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thank you for posting such an impressive but an must article. This article will difinately gona help us in preparing for company interview. Wipro is very big name in market and its is also of very good class.

Guest Author: VIcky28 Oct 2012

Thanks for sharing your experience, It is really helpful for me as am in same mindset, It would be great if u can share about your current profile.

Guest Author: Nazia Tabassum26 Apr 2014

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It will really help us in every aspect. What questions were asked in HR round and I also came to know that, there will be a technical round in wipro BPO. What is the stuff that we must be prepared for in HR round and also in technical round?

Guest Author: Soumyabrata Roy18 Sep 2014

Thank you so much for this amazing article on BPO. It will help me out in my future process.

Guest Author: Navneet Mishra10 Nov 2014

A big thanks for sharing your experience with us, actually I got a call from a consultancy for the Wipro voice process interview yesterday. But I have same mind set about BPO sector as you have, so it'll help me a lot.

Guest Author: Nayan22 Nov 2014

Thank you so much for the article you wrote about your Wipro BO interview experience. It helps me a lot.

Author: vivek23 Dec 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thank you for shearing your interview experience in such a nice way. I like your explanation.

Author: Premila Valsan23 Dec 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Your article is worth reading. Good information about how big companies treat you and the attitude of people around you.

Guest Author: priyanka08 Mar 2015

My English language is so poor tomorrow is my interview in Wipro I am so sacred.

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