Female Foeticide

Female foeticide is spreading like an epidemic in our society. There is fast decrease in the population of women in our country. In 1961 census the sex ratio was 941 but in the census 2001 it is decreased to 933 per thousand. While the child sex ratio between age group of 0-6 it is 927 per thousand. According to a study conducted by United Nationals Children’s Fund (UNICEF) near about 50 million girls are excluding from the India’s population. There is continuous decline in the sex ratio from the year 1961 but maximum in the decade 1991-2001. There is drastic decline in child sex ratio in Punjab state where it is 800 girls to 1000 boys.

Causes behind Female Foeticide:

1.The root cause of female foeticide is the dowry system in our society. A number of girls are killed inside the womb due to fear of dowry by many poor class families. They are worried about giving the dowry during the marriage of their girls, which poor people can’t afford.

2.Girls are considered as financial obligation by many parents. They conceive that money spend on a girl will be total waste as she will go to her in-law’s home after the marriage. According to Hindu’s methodology birth of a boy is considered as a path to heaven. Being trapped in such orthodox ideas the girls are put to death before their birth.

3.The other root cause of female foeticide is rise in the inflation. Due to rise in inflation parents thought hundred times before giving birth to a girl child. They worry about the educating and marrying their daughter.

4.The advancement in technology is the major cause of female foeticide. Nowadays parent determines the sex of a child before birth and kill if not according to their choice.

5.Corruption is another major factor in the rise of female foeticide. Some of the doctors do this heinous act to fulfill their money desire.

Government’s Policies to Prevent Female Foeticide:

In the year 1994 India’s government passed Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Test act (PNDT). According to this act, the test of sex of a child before the birth is a legal offense. But implementation of this act on grass root level is still like a snail’s speed. The main problem in the implementation of this act is the running of several unregistered clinics across the country. These clinics perform this heinous act for few rupees. The PNDT act has a Central and State Level Supervisory Board, an Appropriate Authority and Supporting Advisory committee. The main role of the Supervisory Board is to monitor the law and making any amendment if required. The role of the Appropriate Authority is to provide registration to the new clinics and giving punishment to those who are guilty. The Advisory Committee involves in providing technical support, expert ideas to Appropriate Authority.

Consequences of Female Foeticide:
Due to female foeticide there is steep decrease in the female’s population. Due to which it is becoming difficult to find girls for marriage. This in turns leads to girl’s trafficking. According to news girls from Assam and West Bengal are kidnapped and sold in to Haryana for marriage, where the child sex ratio is least in the country. Due to diminution in the female’s population our society is becoming male dominant, which is not a good indication. As the decrease in number of women, men consider themselves more superior and above law, which in turn results in women’s exploitation.

Points to Control the Problem:

1.There should be registration of all the nursing homes and rigorous action should be taken against the defaulters.

2. Government must deploy national wide campaign to spread cognizance among the people. They should aware the people about the importance of girls and should not consider them as stigma to their families.

3.More reservation should be given to the girls in education. Government should provide financial support to those families who are not able to educate their children.

4.Proper measures should be taken to implement anti dowry law and culprits should be punished. Government should provide financial support for the marriage of girls belonging to poor families.

5.Emphasis should be given to women empowerment. Women education will help in eradicating this problem. As the women will become independent, they can take decision according to their volition.

6.There is need of remove the myth of son preference from our society only then this problem can be tackled.

At the end we must keep in mind that behind the success of a man there is always a woman and man is nothing without woman.


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