Effect of TV on Society

Watching TV is a habit and the effect of TV on society is major issue today. In this article we have mentioned all about the effects of TV that impact on society whether Bad or Good effect.

Television was invented in the year 1926. It is the brainchild of John L Baired. In India Doordarshan became the first public broadcaster channel. Doordarshan inaugurated in the year 1959. At that time it was the only channel of entertainment and information for the people. But today there are hundred’s of private channels. Today private channel are specific in telecast. Some channel are news specific which telecast the current events for example Zee News, Aaj Tak, India TV etc, while few channels are sports oriented for example Ten Sports, ESPN etc. There are some channels which are entertainment specific; Zee Cinema, MTV, HBO etc. come under this category. So we can that there is something for every age group on the television.

Effect of Television on our Society:

There are advantages and disadvantages of everything and television is not the exception. It also has both positive as well as negative effect on our society. First of all we will look at the positive effect of TV on our society.

Positive effect of TV on Society:

1.Provide New Information: Today TV is the reservoir of information. It gives us information about the nation, world, science, finance and sports etc. There are channels for the kids for example CN, Pogo etc which entertain our children. Some channels are informative for example Discovery, National Geographic etc by watching these channels we can get valuable geographical knowledge, history knowledge and knowledge about plants and animals. Today we can get information about sensex and other business related information on our televisions. Some channels are only for the entertainment of the viewers where they can watch movies and songs.

2.Spreading Cognizance: TV also helps in spreading awareness among people. Due to which there is decrease in dowry system, child marriage (Bal Vivah) etc. From TV people get information that all these practices are legal offense. TV also helped in spreading the awareness about the education in the society. Nowadays people understand the importance of education to their children.

TV disseminates information relating to health issues, which in turn helps in decrease in polio patient, TB patient and the population of the country. Today people are getting information related to diseases and there causes from the TV. Yoga also becomes popular among people through the TV. Now people can watch different yoga’s posture through their TV and can practice at home. There are some programs which gives information related to proper diet to remain healthy and fit.

3.Grooming New Talents: TV also helps in providing platform to new talents. Today there are hundred’s of reality shows on TV , where one can show his/her talent in front of millions of people. Baba Ramdev is popular in people through TV as so many people watch him through Astha channel. There are so many singing and dance reality shows, where children as well as youngsters can exhibit their talent.

4.Globalization of Culture: TV assisted in globalization of culture. Due to which people comes to know the culture of other people. Now Bhangra is not only famous in Punjab but in other parts of country also. Today Yoga is not only practices in India but in other nation also. It also helped in spreading the western culture in our Indian society. All these facts facilitate in increasing tourism and in the growth of country’s economy.

Negative effects of TV:

As the television has positive effects on our society, it also has some negative effects. Some of these effects are discussed here:

1.Due to watching so much TV there is loss in children’s concentration. They watch TV for many hours, so due to emission of radiations continuously affect there eyes and mind. Nowadays children have become more aggressive by watching some television programs, due to which they sometimes indulge in illegal activities.

2.Today youths are more influenced by western culture. Fashion is increasing between them rapidly. They want to look like their favorite film actor or actress instead of their financial capabilities. Sometimes they indulge in wrong activities to fulfill their requirements. This in turn leads to increase in crime in our society.

3.TV also affected the food habits of people. They are more attractive toward junk food. Many youth prefers to take junk food and cold drinks. They watch the film actors or actresses doing cold drink, junk food ads on TV, so they think that there is not anything wrong in doing all this.

4.Due to TV there is loss in our moral values. Some channels show programs which are full of obscenity. These programs tarnished our culture and moral values.

5.People interaction with other has decreased due to TV. Now people prefer to watch TV in their free time instead of interacting with their friends or relatives.

Conclusion: From above discussed facts we can conclude that TV has both positive as well as negative effects on our society. It will become the best way of entertainment and information if all its negative effects are omitted. There must be some regulatory board to keep check on the channels who affect our culture and moral values. All such channels should be banned.
Always keep in mind these words "Technology..... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with other."


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