Westernization and change of culture in India

This article describes about the way India is getting westernised. This article shows how culture and tradition in India is changing and how westernisation started in India. Also read to know the major areas where change in the expression of culture is seen in India.

India is considered to be one of the oldest nations in terms of culture and tradition. Epics like ‘Mahabharata’ and ‘Ramayana’ are the real evidences that depict the strong Indian culture. Since ages, it has been a land of sages, saints and various renowned people. Thousands of pious temples built in different parts of the nation reveal that people have been worshiping God and following their culture and tradition since time immemorial. It was the same going on till few decades back. Most of the people were farmers and survived on their pieces of land. They were satisfied with their earning and hardly had any time to think further. As a result tradition was in touch and people were in accordance with the Indian tradition. As the time passed by and India got independence, the scenario started changing slowly and gradually.

Westernization started attracting the Indian citizens towards it like a magnet. Call it an easy way to earn money or to compete with the rest of the world or to imitate the other nations or for other purposes, but anywhere it was taking us away from our culture at a slow pace. The intoxication of westernization was so strong that people started carrying away with it. The things were new, appealing, attractive and something to try upon, but forgetting that these things might become their habit some day and deviating them from their actual goods and culture.

Seeds of Westernization Sown by the Britishers:

India was known as the ‘Golden Bird’ one time. It was known for its abundance in gold, silver, diamonds and various other precious pearls. ‘Kohinoor’ one of the most expensive pearl in the world was mined from Golconda mines. Kings and rulers in India owned these precious things. Scintillations of such commodities attracted the British people towards India and they placed their feet on our motherland in the early 16th century. Initially their echo chamber behavior pleased everyone without knowing the hidden motives behind it. It was due to such shrewd techniques that they were able to take away tones of wealth in ships to their places. Eventually they took the authority in their own hands and India became the slave of these English people. It was during this time that they introduced many things in India which the general people were not at all aware of. Guns, cars, cinema, foreign clothes, cigarettes etc. were used by them and hence came into existence. Though we cannot completely say that all the things were bad, most of us were a boon for us, but the extra influence of all these things has hampered our Indian culture. As the years passed by more and more western commodities came into the Indian market and people became aware of them. Thus taking them away from their own things.

Mahatama Gandhi, known as the ‘Father of the Nation’ tried to bring back the public from eye catching western things. He started a ‘Swadeshi Movement’, emphasizing on the use of commodities manufactured in the nation itself with its own raw material. He asked people to make use of ‘Khadi clothes’ so that British cloth does not stand in market. It will serve as a boon for the Indian manufacturing unit and will provide more employment. Though it was a great move initiated by Gandhi, but seeds of westernization were so deep sown that after the death of Gandhi the Indian scenario totally changed. India got freedom, and elite group from India started following British trends and implementing them in the nation as well. As a result general public also started following it. Thus drifting the Indian people slowly towards westernization.

Present State of India:

If we look into the present state of India, we will find westernization has made a place in each and everything. We cannot even think of running the nation now avoiding these things. These things have now become a necessity. Though culture, tradition, religion is still there and have many followers but its percentage as compared to earlier days as fallen by a big amount. We can have a look at various examples where westernization can be seen at its culmination:


Westernization has shown its major effect in the ‘Bollywood’ industry. Starting from the early 40 movies till 2009 the concept, dresses, fashion and script has totally changed. Earlier main focus was made on the India culture, Indian problems depicting an ordinary man. There was decency in dresses; story of the movie had some moral to the viewers. Actors used to have good theatre experience. Money earning was not the sole concern that time. These days the idea has totally changed. Vulgarity and obscenity is displayed every now and then. It is not our culture but a western impact. Stories of the movies are copied or idea is taken from western movies. The main aim is always to compete with ‘Hollywood’. Cinema is influences the youngsters and even the elders a lot. As a result they also start imitating their movie role models. Hence westernization is spreading one or the other way.

2.Opting foreign Countries for Profession:

Why there is a desire in a young Indian to go abroad after studies and continue there with the profession? Why cannot we work for the country that imparted us with such a magnificent education? The only reason is that western countries have mesmerized us. We are going for momentary things and forgetting the real rich source is with us that is our nation.

3.Food and Cloth Items:

Trendy clothes are in vogue these days. But none could find a new fashion based on Indian work. Jeans, shoes, shirts, jackets and every other accessory is foreign made. Adidas, Reebok, Wrangler, Woodland, Van Heusen all these are foreign brands and we make use of them. It is not bad but at the same time completely forgetting our tradition and culture is also not good though. One can find very few ‘Khadi’ showrooms throughout the country. Also various junk food items have also made the hegemony over our traditional food items like rice, pulses, chapattis etc. Younger generation is more affected by it. It becomes the duty of the parents to guide them.

It is a rousing call to the people of the nation which has rich culture, religion and heritage. People must get aware that they are going far from their basic system. It is high time to put a halt to the westernization and give an edge to our culture.


Guest Author: Marc Shepherd06 Feb 2013

Thank you for posting. Excellent article. Let us hope that the people of India will wake up and realize what is happening to them.

Guest Author: Canadian11 Nov 2016

Yep. I grew up in North American culture. Drugs, violence, hyper-sexuality, irreverence, and materialism were ever-present around me.

There are many good people living there and my culture has it's good sides too. But I think we have a lot that we could learn from the traditions of India.

Guest Author: Soumajit Majumder16 Aug 2017

One factual mistake is mentioned in the above stated blog. The craze for Swadeshi products began from the time of partition of Bengal movement (i.e. 1905). Leaders like Surendranath Banerjee and many others endorsed this movement. It was actually the other side of the coin of Boycott Movement in India during Bengal Partition. Mahatma Gandhi just carried forward the tradition and obviously took it to new level.

Author: Gaurav21 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 12

Westernization is now considered as the scale of development. The more you adopt western lifestyle the more modern and cool you feel because westernization has made a strong impact on people of our country. But the question that arises here is, is westernization inevitable for progress and development of our country?

Well, I am not that knowledgeable to make any decision like yes or no. But I would like to put forward some points in the favor that why westernization is harmful for us.
We all know that there were many civilizations in the world in both western and eastern hemisphere and we also have sign of their end as well. Those civilizations flourished for few hundred or even thousand years but ultimately they came to an end. But when it comes to Indian civilization, even scientists failed to know the exact age and time span of this great civilization. Scientists from NASA are still carrying out research on Indian civilization. Our civilization has survived for this long time only because it was very modern and advanced and connected to nature.
For example, in our religious books, it is written that Sun has seven horses and modern scientists later on discovered that sun light is comprised of seven colors.
Sanskrit is the most advanced language of world and that is why it is used in the programming of super computers. Just speaking Sanskrit can protect you from many diseases because pronunciation of Sanskrit words helps in the flexing of different muscles and organs of our body causing them to work properly and efficiently. Very few of us know that even if we recite Gayatri Mantra with the pitch of sound as exactly described in books it causes full exercise of our internal organs and mind.
Our Rishis and other scholars made certain rules and regulations which are highly scientific either it be fasting which improves our metabolism, offering Hawan which purifies our environment or worshiping trees like Neem, Peepal or Banyan which provides 24 hours of oxygen supply. All these facts have been proved scientifically.
Our civilization only survived because we were more connected with nature. We used to respect nature and in return nature provided us weather of cycles, natural resources and other resources needed for our survival.

But Western culture is totally opposite of our culture and tradition. Western culture tend on modernization by moving away from nature. Westernization stress on materialization and physical happiness which lasts only for short period. Westernization encourages development through industrialization and exploitation of natural resources and that's why world is moving towards its end, yet we are crazy after it.
Its only because of westernization that there has been a big downfall in the moral and cultural values of youths in our country. Westernization has dominated each and every part of our life and we are trapped in this Penelope web. Modernization is the main culprit for increasing crime and adopting bad habits by our youth.
Its time we return back to our own traditions and culture otherwise it will be impossible for us to return back and our civilization will also come to an end like rest of the world.

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