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Just Dial is a fraud company, everyone be aware of it. Read below to know about the incidents associated with Just Dial.

Dear friends,

I am writing this article particularly to make everyone alert to the fact; how so called, famous and reputed company is duping the customers and their hard earned money?

Here is my experience with a great fraud and cheat company

My wife own a woman's beauty parlour in Kolkata. The name of the parlor is Camellia Women's Herbal beauty Parlour . It is quite reputed and in the business for about 15 years. One day she get a call from the Just Dial company. They need an appointment for a business proposal. She gave the appointment and a salesman of that company came to visit her.

The proposal was like that, they will provide business leads one to two each day for one year. The leads will be from the customers who enquire them about the services she provide at her beauty salon. Each lead will cost Rs. 50 and the contract will be for one year. The total cost will be Rs. 10000 + taxes. According to them the leads will be from the customers who are asking the specific services and from the area of about 2 km radius from her business location.

That sounded fine to her. She believed that person and paid him about Rs. 12000 for the contract.

Within a few days lead started to come in her mobile as well as in her mail box. To her utter surprise she found all such leads were rubbish. None of them were interested in the service related to her business and when someone is interested, they are from miles away from her business site and it is absurd for them to come to her salon. Useless leads even came in the late night!

They were just sending the phone numbers from their databases randomly to her and claiming Rs 50 for each lead.The same lead they send to many poor business owners, who believed them! She enquired many of them but none of them never heard the name of her beauty parlour and neither they need any related services. What a business! What a brilliant idea to make money by cheating!

On the contrary, the en-queries she receive regularly from her website from Kolkata and even abroad, turns 100% into business deals. This again proves that justdial was not honest in sending the leads.

She wrote mail and informed them on phone repeatedly but as usual with no reply from them! The same drama continued for one year. She did not get a single customer from just dial in one year!

Though she has lost her hard earned money with a very bitter lesson; after one year the story has not ended. They are calling her repeatedly and sending mails to renew her account.

One major mistake she did that she did not search for the reviews of the just dial in Google. After being cheated, when she searched, she found lots of same stories there about this company in internet and not a single positive review can be found about Just dial!

Members this is an alert to you all ....don't get duped by the sweet promises by any company, however big they may claim themselves. Before paying money write the "company name and review" and hit the search button on Google. You should go for any deal if you find at least more than 50% positive response from the netizens. I sincerely hope that this article will help many innocent business owner to make their decision in right way.

Notice from site administrators: This review of JustDIal business lead services is the personal opinion of the author. The author is a reputed writer of this website and has been contributing articles regularly. However, has not verified and do not endorse the claims in this review.


Guest Author: Rommel Fernandes11 Aug 2014

I totally agree with Dr.Sparsha. A cunning salesman (who spoke from their call center) managed to lure me to sign for their service by giving false promises.
This is the 3rd month money is being deducted automatically by them from my bank account and I'm being sent only useless phone numbers daily to my inbox and mobile phone which may be from their database.
I can't opt out because their wily people have prepared a contract in a way that makes it impossible for people to cancel it without losing 10 months worth of money on a 12 months contract. Please don't have anything to do with this company. Innocent people are believing them because of Amitabh Bachchan's endorsement. They will one day reap what they are sowing! All of them!

Guest Author: chandn17 Aug 2015


Everything that was required by these fake dial people, known as just dial has been provided, yet my Business Own Asansol Car rentals is not been on the preimum top list, I think this is heights of unprofessional-ism.

Enough is enough with repetitive calls and reminders I find no progress, I would like you to cancel the deal and revert my money back.

Please do it ASAP or I will make sure that I take further steps towards this both online as well as offline

Guest Author: Dr Vishal Kohli03 Nov 2015

Thanks for sharing. The just dial team trying to do the same with me, however I smelled something funny and checked google and here they are playing around.

Guest Author: Hannu12 Jun 2016

Please take it as my humble request to take action against Just Dial services. I started a new rental car business and for that I registered with Just Dial Hyderabad for 3 months minimum and paid Rs 11870/- as suggested by just dial consultant. We had clearly told that we will see for 3 months and if we won't get business we will not be continuing with just dial to which they agreed and asked us to do payment and took my card number through phone.
Two months later we got an SMS which was booking by others. We didn't get any business till date through Just Dial.
I requested them to stop the services but Just dial is refusing my request and is asking to continue for one year and had deducted an amount Rs.3270/- again from my account without intimating me. I had sent mails and made calls but of no use. Please help me to get back my amount from just dial.

Guest Author: arjun28 Sep 2016

I have applied for paid subscription at Vadodara state on dated 5th Sept 2016. My subscription is still not active. I called customer care many times but no reply from them. Sales executive is also not responding. I would file a complain against Just Dial. I have called at-least 10 times. I call daily but no response. I have not seen such unorganized company in my life. My registered number is 8866872219, Company name is Web Development Company, Vadodara. I will go to consumer court now. I will write reviews against yo where ever I can. I am feeling cheated.

Guest Author: MANAS KUMAR JENA31 Mar 2017

I had also done mistake by believing JustDial leads. They can go to any level for money. They are hand to hand with cheater, fraud company/ agency .
I had been duped and cheated recently by one of the companies. I had searched a particular type of company. They not only sent the lead but I also received SMS from the company. That means they got my number also.Then the company changed its office address which was already known to JustDial.
This company is duping money in the name of making Artist card, Acting role, Profile making etc.
To cut it short, when I informed JustDial about that, they told me that within 2 days they will take action. But no action was taken.
On the contrary, when I posted review about the company,they deleted the review. I had posted the review again and now so much has been edited that no important substance is there.

So before acting on the leads be careful that Just dial is also hand to hand with these type of cheater Agency/ Company .
Just dial is not doing verification seriously. More to it, they are defending the agency and is engaged in cheating activities along with the cheating agencies.

Guest Author: P Vijay Kumar11 May 2017

It is true. I own a company called S.V. Developers. One of my employees told me that if we advertise in just dial we can do more business. Then he called his cousin who works for just dial and asked me to give one blank canceled cheque and told me that they will deduct Rs2000 per month for three months and then the advertisement will stop. I agreed and gave the cancelled cheque in 2014. I forgot about this and I never got any calls and I didn't even know what they are doing. Recently when I checked my account they are still deducting money from my account. I called the company and they say that someone from PSU department will call me back, but no one calls. They are duping people. Please don't trust this company. Anyway I am planing to go to the consumer court. My humble request please don't trust Just Dial.
P Vijay Kumar
My ph no 888 683 1816

Author: Partha K.15 May 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Just now I have read this article and the comments of other members. I am astonished to find so many complaints against JustDial. I have developed intimate association with this company for the last four years or so, but in a different manner. I use JustDial's service to get the names and/or telephone numbers of reputed companies/organisations in various fields. I can only say that in more than 99% cases, I have received genuine and timely help from JustDial. However, I must admit that I never attempted to advertise anything with this Company.

As a person who regularly uses the service of JustDial, I can't agree to the proposition that JustDial is a fraud company. At least I have not received any indication about this.

Guest Author: CHANDRASHEKAR REDDY29 May 2017

Thank you all for saving me from being cheated by the JD people. Previously I was cheated by Sulekha where I have paid 5000INR in the year 2010 (almost equal to 20000INR at present) for entire year and got all the useless leads, but Sulekha hasn't shown any interest in rectifying the issue till my subscription ends. This time the JD people are persuading me to go for advertising with them. As my previous experience with similar agency was bitter, I tried to go through the reviews about JD and got a clear idea that if we go for signing a contract, we are giving our consent to the bank to deduct money from our banks for no use. It is better to spend the same amount of money to advertise at our near by areas through wall posters and pamphlets.

Guest Author: Vaibhav08 Jan 2018

We have been trying to stop ECS being debited from our account for last 2 months. The first request was made on 07-11-2017 (Reference Nos 787227,96243193 & 787229 & 96243198 – provided by helpline no. 88888 88888) and was promised the ECS will be stopped within 45 days of the request.

In spite of repeated follow up, the same has not been done. In fact, yesterday I have received an SMS regarding ECS being debited on 10-01-2018. Even as late as 03-01-2018, I was assured by Ms. Varha Waghmare – ECS dept when she called me that the ECS will not be deducted this month i.e. January 2018. But when I called her today, she had an entirely different story to tell.

We were shocked when today our account was debited as per following details :

Date Narration Cheque/Ref. No. Value Date Withdrawal

08 Jan 2018 ACH D- BDJustDial-TXDW6915464 001363530111 08 Jan 2018 864.00
08 Jan 2018 ACH D- BDJustDial-TXDW6915467 001363530112 08 Jan 2018 174.00

I have been calling the helpline almost daily and they say that someone from ECS department will call me back, but no one calls. They are duping people. Please don't trust this company. Anyway, I am planning to go to the consumer court. My humble request please don't trust Just Dial

Guest Author: Shobha Krishnan28 Jan 2018

Totally agree that Justdial is an unethical company.

I had posted an unsatisfactory review of a caretaking agency named "Sagar Health Seva Foundation, JP Nagar 7th Phase" & Justdial deleted my comment but just retained the 2 star rating that I had given (possibly because they could not change that).
They called me up & said that unless I sorted out the issue with the agency to "their" satisfaction, Justdial will have to deactivate my comment.

So it looks like they have a tie-up with certain companies that pay them well to only keep the good reviews & delete reviews that could impact the companies negatively.

Guest Author: atul22 Feb 2018

Beware! Don't register your business on Just Dial. Just Dial is transferring data from your viewer to their paid customer if you have registered in free listing.
I registered my business in free listing section a few days back and when I searched my business name, I was happy to find a page on Just Dial but the next moment a page popped up. The Page contained my name, mobile number and my mail id and asked me what type of service( few keywords) I was looking for. I clicked on one of it and entered submit. The next moment I got a call from the office of another businessman for providing me the same service and he tried to convince me a lot. Then I came to know how this nexus is working by diverting customers of the free listed business to paid listed business. This is really unfair and illegal to transfer someone's data to another vendor. I will not recommend Jist Dial to anybody. If there is any lawyer, he can sue them for this.

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