Hotels and other accommodation at Varanasi

Varanasi a major attraction to pilgrims as well as tourists. There are many accommodations available to cater to different categories of tourists. The hotels are generally clustered around three main areas. The middle-range hotels are at Parade Kothi, Cantonment, Opposite Varanasi Junction Railway Station. The high-range hotels at The Mall, New Cantonment, to the south of Railway station. The mixed-range hotels are available around Godawlia—the old city by Ganga, 4 km south of Railway station and bus stand. The area stretches across places like Vidyapith Road, Sigra, Laxa Road or Lahrabir, Chetganj and Nai Sadak.

With Viswanath Temple right on the banks of her, Ganga is the chief attraction in Varanasi. Better take a rickshaw from the Railway station and choose any Ganga facing hotel in Godawlia. Be careful about the rickshaw wallahs or the auto-tanga drivers who often drag travelers to their chosen joints for a commission.

List of Hotels in different areas of Varanasi
STD code: +91 542

4 km from Railway station/bus stand, at Dashaswamedh Road, Varanasi-221001, a Bengali hotel, Hotel Dashaswamedh Boarding House, Ph:2401701,
The house, though old, is quite good for its riverside location and tasty food.

Beside it, Dashaswamedh Lodge; Opposite Siddhartlia Lodging House, at more or less the same rate.

Near Vishwanath Lane, Sahu Hotel. Ph: 2393594,

Opposite a few steps ahead Hotel Ganges, Ph: 2276766, Kolkata Booking: Anwesa Ph: 25123723;

Same entrance on first floor Tripti / Opposite Banaras Lodge. Bel View Lodge, Sri Venkateswar Lodge

One of the best—Hotel Lara India, Ph: 2400805. Kolkata Booking: TTMI Ph: 22442051;

Hotel Summon, Ph: 2392241,
Hotel New Shivam.
Across Godawlia Crossing on Luxa Road-1—Hotel Empire, Ph: 2322127
Hotel Jamuna, Ph: 2392300,
Varanasi Rest House, Ph: 2391696.
Ganga tourist Lodge Ph: 2357071.
Hotel Jaslok, Opposite Ramakrishna Mission, Ph: 2421262;
Hotel J K International Ph: 2392141
Hotel Jyoti Ph: 2328333.

Baradeo Palace Hotel, Birla ClockTower, Ph:2352950.
Seema Hotel. Ph: 23S2686.

Down the narrow, meandering lane at Godawlia—

Yogi Lodge , modest in look but reputed for food and accommodation. The canteen serves both Indian and international food. Inspired by Yogi Lodge. two more names have come up—New Yogi Lodge and Jogi Lodge; rickshaws bring in travelers for commission.
Golden Lodge Opposite Yogi Lodge is moderately rated.
Very near Hotel KVM, Hotel Binod, Tripti Lodge are also can be tried.

Towards the North, beyond the temple, Trimurti Guest House, 35/12Saraswati Phatak.
Shahi Guest house is behind Yogi. In the Ghat areathere are Vishnu Rest House and Hotel Kumiko House, run by a Japanese woman married to an Indian.

Further ahead toward station, at Sigra

Hotel Multi. C-31/3 Vidyapith Road, Ph: 2222895, Kolkata Booking : TTMI Ph: 22442051/ Anwesa Ph: 25123723
Hotel Padmini, Sigra,
Hotel Ashok, Vidyapith Road. Ph: 2221391
Hotel Garden View, D-64/129 Vidyapith Road.
Hotel Siddhartha. Ph: 2220861.
GM Guest House, 1 Chandrika Colony.

From Godawlia, toward Railway station at Nat Sarak—
Green Lodge, Hotel Faran, Ph: 2358988, Hotel Samrat,

On the way to the station, at Chetganj—

Pattavi International Hotel, Hathwa Place, Chetganj-10, Ph: 2356939. Kolkata Booking : Holiday Managers, Ph: 22485829;
Hotel Basant, C-67/222 Chetganj,
Hotel Varanasi Sangam

Hotel New International, Ph: 2350705, Kolkata Booking: Diamond Ph: 22376714/ Trav Cons Ph: 22251542;
Pradip Hotel, Jagatganj-2 Ph: 2204963,
Gatrtam Hotel, Ramkatora, Ph: 2206239, Kolkata Booking : Holiday Managers Ph : 22485829 / TTMI Ph: 22442051;
Hotel Buddha, Ramkatora-1,Ph:2203656,
Hotel Natraj, Ph: 2203652,

Five minutes walk from Parade Kothi, Cantonment, Opposite Junction Railway Station—UPSTDC Tourist Bungalow, Ph: 2208413, Fax 0542-208545, with reputed food items.
At its left Shivam Hotel, Ph: 2201055.
Amur Hotel, Ph: 2203509,
Hotel Glory, Ph: 2511134,
Hotel Diwan, Ph: 2208856,
Hotel Relax, Ph: 2343503,
Hotel Plaza lnn, Ph: 2205504, Kolkata Booking: TTMI Ph:22442051 / Dishani Ph: 22194547.

Ordinary hotels: Girnar Lodge, Palki Guest house, Hotel Awadh, Hotel Satyam, Shekhraj Hotel, Artand Lodge, National Lodge, Maruti Lodge, Sumit Lodge are their at very nominal rates.

On GT Road, Opposite Railway station, at Cantonment—
Hotel Mansarovar, Ph: 2340704, DAB
Hotel Vishnu Priya, Cantonment, GT Road-2, DA;
Hotel Modern, Station Road, Ph: 2354994,
Hotel Gaurav, 23 Lajpat Nagar, Maldahiya-1, Ph: 2356224
Hotel Baraltdari— A Jain owned hotel is one of the most popular hotels near GPO, Ph: 2330581

At Cantonment behind Railway station
Hotel India, 59 Patel Nagar- 221002,Ph:2342912, Kolkata Booking: TTMI Ph:22442051 /Ashok Ph:22885208
Hotel Vaibhav, 56 Patel Nagar,
Manas Lodge, Tulsi Manas Temple,
Hotel Himalaya, Club Road,
Om Lodge, Bans Phatak;
Kailash Lodge, Rampura;
Manvi Guest house, Sidhgiri Bagh; Indra,

Besides there are Railway Retiring Room and Vikash Pradhikaran Guest house of the Municipality.

Near Railway station, at New Cantonment, modern western style hotels,
Hotel Varanasi Ashok, The Mall-221002,Ph: 2346020
Hotel Clarks Varanasi, The Mall-2,Ph: 2348501,
Hotel Diamond, Bhelupura Ph: 2310696, Kolkata Booking: TTMI Ph:22442051/ Anwesa Ph:25123723;
Hotel Taj Ganges, Raja Bazar Road-2, Ph:2345100,
International Guest house, Hindu University, Advance Booking : Registrar, BHU
U De Paris, The Mall-2, Ph:2346601
Hotel M M Continental, The Mall-2, Ph:2345272,
Hotel New International, The Mall, Ph: 2350805
Hotel Shalimar, The Mall, Ph:2342133
Hotel Jay Ganges, Maldahiya-2,
Hotel Hindusthan International, C-21/3 Maldahiya-2, Ph:2351484-90, Kolkata Booking : Ph:22472394/Delhi Booking Ph:24649068/Mumbai Booking Ph: 22702757;
Hotel Sandona, S17/ 331 -3 City Bus Depot, Maldahiya;
Kanhaiya Vishram Mandir Hotel;
Hotel Bombay International, Sonarpura-1,
Hotel Ideal Best Western.The MaIl, Cantonment-2, Ph:2348091,
Hotel Ideal Tops. TheMall, Cantonment-2, Ph: 348250,
Hotel surya, The Mall, Ph: 2343014
Hotel Varuna, 22 Gulab Bagh, Sigra-2, Kolkata Booking : Anwesa Ph: 25123723; Hotel Avaneesh, C-K Lajpat Nagar, Maldahiya, Kolkata Booking: Holiday Managers Ph: 22485829.

Company Holiday Homes in Varanasi:

Income Tax Sports & Recreation Club at Hotel Hat Hotel Sahu, Kolkata Booking : P-13Chowringhee Square-69,Ph: 22482361 Extension
Union Carbide Employees Recreation Club, Jeevandwip, 1 Middleton St, Kolkata -71,Ph:22296047 at Ramnivas, D-17 Bhuteswar Gali;
UCO Bank Officers' Congress Holiday Home, Kolkata Booking: 16-A Brabourne Road, 3rd Floor-1, Ph: 22351778, at Ramni vas;
The Kolkata Municipal Corporation Company Cooperative Society, 1, Hogg St-13, Ph: 22443471 Extension 542, at Karunamayee Bhavan, Jangambari;
UBI Employees' Cooperative Society, Kolkata Branch, 4th Floor, 4, N C Dutta Sarani-1, Ph:22200841, at Pandey Haweli;
in the same building UBI Employees' Union, N S Road Branch, 67-A, N S Road-1, Ph:22431714;
Syndicate Bank Staff Recreation Club, 3B,Lalbazar St, 2nd Floor, Kol-l, Ph:22486055, at CK-34/42 LahoritoIIa;
UC Employees ' Unit HH, at Pandey Haweli, Kolkata Booking;
New India Insurance Cooperative Society Ltd, Metropolitan Building, 7, Chowringhee Road-13, Ph:22482779;
Bank of Baroda Employees 'Association, Rubi House, 1st Floor, 8 India Exchange Place-1, Ph: 22426692, at Bangalitolla;
SBI Employees' (Bengal Circle), 8 Old Post Office Street -1, Ph:22485075, at Ahaiyabari Ghat;
Canara Bank Staff Recreation Club, 2, Brabourne Road-1, Ph:22254966, at Gooriganj-Bhelupura;
Hong Kong Bank Employees' Union, near Dashaswamedh Ghat, Kolkata Booking : 8 NS Road, Kolkata - l, Ph: 22201833 Extension 2l3
Grindlays Bank Employees' Cooperative Credit Society Ltd, 6 Church Lane-1, at Rampura, Opposite Bireshwar Pareh Dharamshala;
Gardenreach Ship Builders & Engineers Staff Co-operative Society Holiday home, Opposite Kanaiya Cinema, Kolkata Booking : Ph: 24699100;
Andrew Yule Recreation Club, 8 Club Row-1, Ph: 22258210, at Godhulia;
Shibpur Cooperative Bank Ltd, 173 Shibpur Road, Howrah-2,Ph: 26602058, at D 47/96 Rampura;
Reserve Bank Workers Cooperative Credit Society, 15, N S Road-1, 3rd Floor, Ph: 22208331 Extension PDO, at Dashaswamedh Ghat;
In the same building RBI Supervisor Staff Cooperative Credit Society, RBI, 7th Floor, Ph: 22208331 Extension 167;
Tata Sports Club. 43 J N Road-71, Ph:22477051 Extension 2168, at Jangambari Math;
Bokaro Steel Employees Co-operative Credit Society Holiday Home, 13, Camac St-17, Ph: 22478351,
Opposite Jangambari Math - Central Bank Employees Cooperative Society, 10, Lindsay St-87,Ph: 22446789;
The Bank Employees' Co-operative Bank Holiday Home, at Karunamayee Bhawan, Jangambari, Kolkata Booking: 23-A, N S Road-1, Ph:22211710;
Allahabad Bank Workers' Union Holiday Home, at Godhulia, Kolkata Booking; 14 India Exchange Place (2nd Floor), Ph:22208375 Extension 123;
Allahabad Bank Employees' Recreation Society, 7, Red Cross Place-1, Ph:22482823, at Pandey Haweli and many others.

Dharamsalas at Varanasi

Varanasi has many Dharamshalas.
At Godawlia—-Bireswar Pandey Dharamshala, Ph: 2400862, Harasundari and Sindhe.
At Rampura—Tulsi Dharamshala, Beriwala Atithi Bhavan,
Adjacent to Saraswati Cinema, Sree Sree Purusluntama Bhagwan,
At Bulanala—Sree Krishna Dharamshala, Dudhwula, Sriklum Kunji Lucknowala, Chlotelal Kanoria.
On Luxa Road—Sree Ramakrishna Mission Atithishala, Karmal Sati Devi Dharamshala, Sree Annapurna Telwala.
At Dashaswamedh Ghat—Sant Tan pure, Maharastriya.
At Kabir Chaura—Kanpur. Sardur Ballavbhai Patel Memorial Guest House is at Andhra Bridge.
Near Kalbhairav—Parvatiya.
At Dalmandi— Muslim Musafirkhana, Jagdamba, Nepali, Dalmiya Guest House, Sree Beharilal Digambar Jain, Sree Maheswari, Rewa-Bai, Seth Anandaram Jaipuria Smriti Bhavan Dharamshala Ph: 2352674, Agarwala and Birtot
At Laxmanpura—Sree Tulsi Ram Laxmi Devi
On Kamakhya Road—Annapurna Telwala, Guru Nanak Gurdwara.
Besides above mentioned there are Anandamoyee Ma Ashram, Sree Ramakrishna Mission Guest House. On Vidyapith Road, at Sigra, near the Jain temple—Bharat Sevasram Sangha’s Guesthouse, Ph: 2221639.
A few names among above list need specially recommended are Bireswar Pandey Dharamshala, Harasundari Dharamshala, Sindhi Dharamshala, Annapurna Telwala, Purushottam, Beriwala Atithi Bhavan.



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