Sample Question for TCS IT WIZ ...

1. Name the general purpose very-high level programming language released by Guido Von Russom. Ans:Python
2. The name COMPAQ is derived from which 2 words?Ans: Compatibility and Quality
3. Photorealistic Renderman or PRMan is a commercial product developed by which company?Ans: Pixar
4. Toshiba launched the Qosmio G55-802 recently; It is the first laptop available with the Cell CPU. Which other gaming console is popular for having used this technology?Ans: Sony PS 3
5. What is the new service started by Apple Inc for all its iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC to keep everything in sync?Ans: MobileMe
6. This utility was named after a submariner's term for a sonar pulse that would typically help find objects around. In a network context it performs a similar function. Which tool? Ans:PING
7. This word got its name from a skit on TV show “Monty Python flying circus “, in which a group of Viking in a restaurant that serves all kind of its food with “----” form of meat and sing song repeating the word many time?Ans: SPAM
8. Which software had been employed to give special effects in Harry Potter movies? Ans:Maya
9. How do you expand HTC? Ans:High Tech Corporation (Taiwanese Company)
10. Which was the first company to develop the Graphic User Interface with Alan Kay and Englebert? Ans:XEROX PARC
11. This term was coined by programmer Lou Montulli.Ans: Network or COOKIES
12. Silverlite the answer to Adobe’s Flash system for display of media content for websites is from whom? Ans:MICROSOFT
13. This term suggests that the software secretly monitors the user's behavior. What term?Ans: Spyware
14. In PC cards what does PC stands for? PortableAns: Computer Cards
15. Which German-American statistician developed a mechanical tabulator based on punched cards? Ans:Herman Hollerith


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