Advantages and Disadvantages of Woman education

This article describes about the advantages and disadvantages of Woman Education. Some part of the culture of India supports education in women and some do not. Read this article to understand the ins and outs of female education.

In India there was a time when very few woen received proper education. But the times are changing and now girls are receiving good education all across India. Some people insist that it is very important to provide girls with good education while others strongly oppose women education. Let us here discuss the advantages and disadvantages of women education.

We can easily recognize, even by her appearance, a girl who has recieved good education. She is fashion concious and knows how to dress herself. There are also some notable advantages of women education. Being educated a woman can manage her home much more efficiently. She can maintain family budget and expenses. She has ample knowledge of hygiene and health and this helps her to maintain hygiene standard of her kitchen and its cleanliness. In short she is a successful manager of the household.

An educated girl understands her duties well. She is a source of comfort to her husband in times of trouble. Besides this, as a mother an educated woman has a lot of advantages. She can teach a lot of things to her children. She gives them elementary education and keps them neat and clean.

An educated woman can also helps her husband in his office work. Everyone's life is full of ups and downs. If a husband is out of employment his educated wife can be of great help to him. The husband may be ill or he may meet with some accident. In such an emergency an educated woman can get a job for herself. An unfortunate widow, if she is educated, need not remain at the mercy of others. She can support herself and her children without any support from anyone.

But this is only one side of the picture. A modern, educated wife, due to her love for fashion and expensive habits is often a financial burden for her poor husband.

An educated girl is not always obedient and faithful. She does not like to observe family tradition and customs. She always tries to dominate her husband. She does not care for likes and dislikes of her husband.

She likes to live in her own independent way. She does not like any kind of interference in her affairs. She wants to have her own way in every matter. Often she looks down upon less educated and uneducated persons of society.

We can safely conclude that female education is not always a blessing. Only if a girl has been educated properly at home, can she remain unaffected by the evil effects of modern education. She can be a great asset to her husband and her family, if she is good natured and respects the tradition of the company.

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Guest Author: julie25 Oct 2013

I liked the speech - it is well written and well organised. It has both positive and negative side, so I would like to give four stars. Write more speeches like this.

Author: Chitra28 Oct 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

I object to your point that a educated modern wife is a burden to her husband. I think in olden days those wives who remained behind the doors were a burden to the husband as she did not bring in any revenue to the family. Gone are those days, as women are educated, they prefer to work and are earning members of the family these days.

Being educated makes her strong and capable to stand independent. There are many advantages of educating women.

1. She will be able to be independent in her life and can take decisions on her own. If she is independent and not educated, no one will take her opinion.

2. An educated wife, mother or daughter can get a job and can support the family monetarily as well in addition to the emotional support from her side.

3. She understands things in a better way and thus your standard of living will increase on the whole.

4. We see lot of evils being practiced against women both in the ancient times as well as in this era. If she is educated, she will definitely approach the law and will take action against the culprit. This helps to erase the evils in our country gradually.

5. Behind the success of every man their is a woman. If this statement is true, an educated women can help more than an uneducated women, in turn it is the man who is been benefited.

6. We see women in every walk of our life today - it is because of education. She is no more put behind the doors, instead allowed to move around and to utilize her talents for the good of this nation and the world.

Education be it to women or men can never do bad. But it is the way the people see it and utilize it which makes us use the word 'disadvantages'.

Guest Author: abbakar22 Nov 2014

as my concern educating a girl is no more developed, because she may not allowed her husband to show his jealous and full love about her

Guest Author: Romêõ Rãjkumãr31 Aug 2015

That was too good article as education is very important for both males and females. But an educated woman should not take all decisions herself on her own behalf. she should give a valuable importance to her husband as he is an important member of family.

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