Telengana State: "Partition of Andhra Pradesh"

Telengana State: "Partition of Andhra Pradesh".Telengana is really a serious issue and if the Government approves it, then they have to face a lot of problems and pressure from various states


Hi friends, here we will discuss about the hot issue that is really disturbing the Central Government, “Telengana Separation”. This is really a serious issue and if the Government approves it, then they have to face a lot of problems and pressure from various states. The important person behind this issue is Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, the leader of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, also called as the TRS. His is playing a key role for separate Telengana from Andhra Pradesh and he also underwent fasting for a couple of weeks, raising this issue, which made him the talk of the entire country as this was the headlines in all the News channels. So let us discuss this issue of “Partition of Andhra Pradesh” in detail and let us start our discussion from knowing the history of Andhra Pradesh.

Unification of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh… in the past

Hyderabad state - Telengana:

When we look back at the modern history of Andhra Pradesh, there was no separate state called Andhra Pradesh and as a matter of fact , majority of the Telugu speaking people of South joined with the Telengana region and that has emerged as a state for Telugu speaking people, which is called as Andhra Pradesh. When India got freedom the Nizam of Hyderabad rejected to join India, but at last in 1948 the Hyderabad state ( Telengana) joined India.

Well, the true status when India obtained freedom is that, some of the parts of the present Andhra (mainly South Andhra) was under the Presidency of Madras. To be precise 12 states were under Madras Presidency and the remaining 9 was under the Hyderabad State (Telengana) . So before this Telengana issue there was another problem which was a major headache for the newly formed Indian Government.

Formation of Andhra, separating from Madras Presidency:

Many Telugu speaking people of the Madras Presidency wanted a new state called as Andhra Pradesh and they also wanted Madras, to be the capital of their state. But this was a very difficult task, because Madras consists of both Telugu and Tamil speaking people and it was very difficult for this separation. As a matter of fact this issue was there even before the freedom and that made the Chief Minister of Madras Presidency at that time (in 1920) to give a statement and according to that he suggested to keep the Cooum Rive as the boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where North of Cooum river belongs to Andhra and South to Tamil Nadu.

So the dispute started again, after India got its freedom and this time the Telugu Speakers in Madras Presidency fought for the new state of Andhra Pradesh and they also wanted Madras be the capital of Andhra Pradesh. They also raised the slogan “Madras Manade”( Manade is a Telugu word, which means Ours) which means Madras is ours. This became a very serious issue and Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu, who was very determined to fight for this issue for the interest of Telugu people and he also started fasting and eventually died on 16th December 1952 and this result din lot of violence.

Andhra, Merging with Telengana:

On 19th December 1952, the Prime Minister of India issued an announcement, by which a separate state will be formed for the Telugu speaking people but Madras remained with Tamil Nadu. So as a result of this, in 1953, 11 districts of the Madras Presidency came under the newly formed state called as Andhra Pradesh. Kurnool became the capital of the newly formed Andhra Pradesh. But the problem doesn’t get solved here because another problem arouse 3 years back in 1956, when the Hyderabad State ( Telengana) emerged with Andhra Pradesh and with the name of the latter being the name for the newly emerged Telugu speaking state.

The reason why this unification took place is that there were large number of Telugu speaking people in both Andhra Pradesh and Telengaa and they wished to have a single large state comprising of Telugu speaking people. Many experts feel that the present populations are still facing problems because of this unification, in different ways. This newly formed state had Hyderabad (from Telengana region) as their capital and at present Hyderabad is one of the very important cities of the world, with lots of development.

Demand for the new state “Telengana”

Separate Telengana?

This is our main topic and here we will see the reason, why people protest for separate Telengana in Andhra Pradesh. The name Telengana means “Land of Telugus”. Even though the economy of Telengana is less when compared to that of Andhra Pradesh, still Telengana produces larger amount of revenue. In 1956, an agreement was signed and according to that both the people of Andhra and Telengana region must be treated same and no partiality should be there for a particular region alone.

But is is said that Government of Andhra Pradesh never concentrated in the Telengana region. But when we look at the political history Telengana has a great association with the Central Government and that too especially with the Prime Ministers of India. Former Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi represented Medak and another former Prime Minister of of India Shri. P.V. Narsimha Rao was born in the Telengana region of Karimnagar district.

So this powerful Political history never changed the sorry state of Telengana, because it is said that, they never cared about the water facilities and more importantly it is also said that the people of Telengana region were not given proper, basic facilities also.

Start of Telengana Movement

So people of Telengana were against this and they started a movement in 1969 and mainly this movement was concentrated in the famous Osmania University and the students were supported by the Government Staffs and MLA’s. This is the start of the Telengana movement and we can see the impact now. More than 350 students lost their life in this agitation. In spite if the start if the Telengana People’s Association, the agitation came down in 1971.

The agitation started again, during the BJP rule in 2000, because it was during the BJP rule, three new states were formed, which includes Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarkhand. Before this election the BJP promised that a new state of Telengana will be formed, but since the Telugu Desam Party formed the coalition with BJP to form central Government, BJP couldn’t fulfill their promise. The reason is simple; Telugu Desam Party was against the formation of the new Telengana.

Split in Telugu Desam Party- Formation of TRS:

Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, also known as KCR, was the member of the Telugu Desam Party until 2001, an as soon as BJP failed to form a new state Telengana. As a result of this, KCR quit the TDP party and he started a new party with a goal of forming the new state Telengana. He named the party as Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). The part did well in the assembly and Mp elections in coalition with the Congress. Recently he went fasting, with the demand of new Telengana state. The fasting last for more than 2 weeks and after the Central Government promised to interfere in this issue; he withdrew fasting, with a hoe that Telengana will be formed.

What will be the impact?

Here let us see the two sides of the problem. If the Government agrees for the new state, then this might solve the Telengana problem, but on the other hand the Government might face difficult situations and problems due to the separation. Let us discuss some of the problems that Government might face if they agree to form the new Telengana state.

1)The first and the foremost problem that the Government might face is the opposition form the people of Andhra as they want to be united and moreover they don’t want to lose Hyderabad, which is one of the best IT cities in the world. They fear that they might lose a great source of income, if they lose Hyderabad to Telengana. Definitely if Telengana state is created, then Hyderabad will be the capital of Telengana.

2)If Telengana is created then there is a chance that TRS may form the Government there very easily and TRS will be the dominant party there for many decades, with KCR holding the CM post most of the times.

3)The third and the foremost problem is the demand of separates state from various parties in different states. Let us take a look at the list of states which might ask for separation, if Telengana is formed

#)West Bengal – Demand for a separate state called Gorkhaland.

#)Uttar Pradesh – This is one of the biggest states in India and the chief minister of UP, Mayawati, have asked for the formation of new states, such as Bundelkhand and Harit Pradesh and here the reason for the split may be for better administration purpose.

#)Maharashtra – The demand for the new state “Vidarbha” is very high and that too after the Telengana issue

#)Assam – In Assam, the demand for the separate state for Bodoland is high.

#)Puducherry - Karaikal, which comes under Puducherry Union territory, may ask for separate Karaikal Union Territory and already there are demands for this.


The decision is now in the hands of Central Government and we must ensure that these separations, never split the spirit of Indian. India is a country of Unity in diversity and we must never fight within our self.

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