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Robotics: One of the Emerging Engineering Disciplines

This article introduces the field of Robotics. The essential benefits of the robots along with the key features of the robots are mentioned . Robotics is considered as a branch of Engineering which deals with designing as well as production of various automatic machines and Robots.

An Introduction to the Finite Element Method

This article provides an introduction to the Finite Element Method or the Finite Element Analysis( FEA). This is the method which is used in engineering to simulate the behavior of many mechanical systems and to test the mechanical systems.

What Is Matrix SIM Card And Its Benefits?

Matrix sim card is getting very popular these days. If you are also planning to travel abroad, then don’t forget to have a Matrix sim card in your mobile. This article is going to share some valuable information about Matrix sim card and its benefits.

A review of Xiaomi Redmi 4A an affordable, Practical and Budget Smartphone

Are you looking for a review on Xiaomi Redmi 4A? Here you can read the detailed review of the latest budget oriented and most affordable practical Smartphone for general purpose use. With all the latest specs like a high-end Smartphone, Redmi 4A is rocking the mobile market and is available to the common public at a very affordable price. Let's find out its new features, pros, and cons.

Explore the New Features Introduced by WhatsApp in 2017

WhatsApp has evolved to be the most popular messaging app in the world. The app continues to constantly improve its features despite its success. Among the new features, few left unnoticed and features like status sharing, live location, delete for everyone, media limit increase are welcomed by users. In this article let's explore the new features introduced by WhatsApp in 2017.

Applications and Implications of Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is rapidly gaining attention from Start-Ups, Large Scale Enterprises and even Governments across the globe but what will it mean for the general public? Here are some major implications and applications of Quantum Computing.

Understanding the basics of CRM and its benefits

This article is a beginners guide to the world of CRM with real-life examples and case studies. In this article, I have explained what CRM is and its benefits which will help the reader to understand CRM from a very basic level.

Google Tez - The payment app built for Indians

Google Tez is the latest e-payment app in India developed by NPCI based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Unlike some services using e-wallet, UPI enabled services uses bank account to pay and receive money without requiring the bank account details of the recipient. Imagine a scenario where you have to pay money to a fruit vendor, but you don't have enough money. If the vendor has a phone with Tez installed on it, just connecting the two phones and with a tap on the cash button you can pay the money.

Boost your Smart phone's battery Life for Longer

One of the common issues in Gadgets and Smart phones are its poor battery life. Even though, Smart phones have gained considerable popularity in the world, many say, it really sucks for few possible reasons. Among those, one of the most important reasons is the poor battery life.

Make your article grammatically perfect with these softwares.

Nowadays, due to internet boom, many freelance writers are exploding infinitely. All are looking to write the articles quickly, but many of them forget to proofread the written articles. Proofreading is an art, if we proofread our own article, most of the inadvertent mistakes will be missed. On these occasions, software's and office add-ons and websites will come in handy.

Functional Testing Types- Integration, Interface, Alpha, Beta, Gamma

In this article, I will explain about different Software testing types with real time examples like Integration Testing, Types of integration testing i.e. Big Bang, Top Down, Bottom Up etc., Interface Testing, Difference between Interface and Integration Testing, Alpha testing, Beta Testing or UAT, Gamma Testing.

Introduction to Process and Thread for efficient computing

Process scheduling plays a major role in faster and efficient computing. In this article we would explore the basics of the same, mainly focusing on the process states and process control block. Apart from these we would also explore the meaning of thread and its relation to process.

How to register and purchase Jio phone in online?

Reliance Jio will launch a Jio Phone VOLTE mobile phone in India. Are you interested to know the details? Check out this article to know the important features of Jio phone and the bets way to purchase it.

Understanding Concept of Artificial Intelligence

This resource gives a brief introduction to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Various experts systems beginning from washing machines to speech recognition systems employs the concept of artificial intelligence.

Program in 'C' for implementing SJF CPU Scheduling

This program explains a scheduling policy known as SJF(Shortest Job First) used by CPU(Central Processing Unit)of computers that selects the waiting process with smallest execution time to execute first from a number of processes to be executed by the CPU at same time.

Best VR Box and Headsets under 2000

Looking for the best budget VR headsets beow 2k? Here is a list of all popular cheap and best hot selling VR headsets within the price range of Rs. 2000. Get the best according to your budget and preference and dive into the virtual reality world.

ABC of Computer Operating Systems

The article provides a brief overview of what Operating Systems is. The Software that acts as an interface between the User and hardware is the fundamental building block of Computer Technology. Thus the article focuses on the preliminary idea of OS to give a brief summary to the readers about the subject.

Cheap and Best Popular VR Headset and VR Box under 500 and 1000

Looking for a VR Headset but confused about which one to buy? This article gives a list of personally tested and verified VR Headsets which fits in your budget. These include some of the cheap and the best quality VR Headsets from around the globe to help you with your purchase.

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