How To Control Anger?

Have you ever been angry and later on felt sad for being angry on some one or something? Do you want to control your anger ? Is anger good or not ? The following article will discuss about anger and measures through which we can control our anger.

Tips, care, and precautions to be followed during medication

Medication plays an important role in curing diseases and also helps to maintain good health after the treatment for the ailment is over. In this article, I give an account of the care and precautions to be taken during medication process. I also given some good tips if followed helps the patient to get proper and safe medication.

5 nutrition supplements for vegans who workout

Vegans can suffer from nutrient deficiencies, especially if they are actively involved in physical workouts. Check out the food supplements that vegans must eat to ensure that you get a balanced diet.

Information about Thyroid endocrine gland and its functions

Do you know which is the largest endocrine gland of human body? In this article you will find a detail explanation of thyroid gland. You will find structure of thyroid gland. you will also find different hormones secreted by thyroid gland and diseases due to hypo and hyper secretion of thyroid gland.

Painless Delivery From Epidural Anaesthesia

Epidural anaesthesia is highly in painless delivery. It’s every mom’s wish. But this is not an option to the caesarean delivery. This procedure is suitable for those women who think it difficult to bear the labour pain. This is secured for both the mother and the child.

The most common pregnancy related problems and their cures

Here are some safe and holistic remedies for common pregnancy-related problems. Learn how to fight varicose veins, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and stretch marks that can trouble you when you are pregnant.

Common pregnancy related ailments and how to deal with them

As a foetus starts to grow inside the womb, mothers-to-be can begin to feel very uncomforatble. Carrying the extra weight of the growing baby can cause fatigue and a lot of discomfort and health problems. The enlarging uterus encroaching upon the region where the stomach and intestines are results in acidity, constipation and haemorrhoids. Here are some simple tricks to make these symptoms go away and make you feel better.

Miraculous benefits of coconut water

This article explains various miraculous health benefits obtained by drinking coconut water. It is good for our eye health, improves working efficiency of digestive system, helps to fight against sickness and is even safe to be given during pregnancy and lactation period.

Should you become a Vegan? Is Vegan diet healthy?

Vegan Diet, this is apparently a trending topic in the recent days. Many of us think that we should go vegan to overcome the extinguish of animal kingdom. But it is not the one lone factor to opt for being a vegan. We youth are reluctant to accept the fact that there are scientifically proven benefits in it when compared to western eating.

Jaundice Treatment By Herbal Medicine In Walajah – Tamilnadu

Those who are suffering from Jaundice from a long time or recently can reach Walajah in Tamilnadu to get cured naturally by herbal medicine. Where to get the best treatment for Jaundice, how to get herbal treatment for Jaundice. How to get treatment for liver disease like Jaundice. How to reach Walajah in Tamilnadu for Jaundice treatment. What are the different type treatment for Jaundice. How many types of Jaundice exist? About liver issue or gallbladder issue and solution.

5 best steps to be more active

How much do you pack in your day? Is there room to fit in some physical activities into your day? Are you hard-pressed for time? Do you think a day should have more than just twenty-four hours? What if I give you some tips that allow you to become more active?

Common food allergies in children and their treatments

Your baby had just had his meals and a few hours later he is afflicted by a runny nose and sneezing. Diarrhea, vomiting or skin rashes could follow this. Check out this article to know more on food allergies in children and the available treatments.

What are the harmful effects of maida and how maida is prepared ?

Now a days it is very difficult to live without this beautiful white colour flour called Maida. But have you ever noticed it is a silent killer for human beings. But how? This article tells about how maida is made from wheat flour, what are the toxic ingredients which can mix with maida to make sweet bakery items and overview of other harmful chemicals present in the eatable food products.

The health benefits and harmful effects of tofu

This article explains about the harmful effects of adding more amount of tofu in the daily diet. The health benefits of tofu is also discussed in this article. The needed amount of tofu is always considered as a beneficial nutrition to the body.

Learn how to heal common ailments through acupressure

Headaches, colds, nausea, lower back pain and pain the hands, wrist and elbows can all be relieved through acupressure. Learn how to recognise pressure points that provide relief almost instantly. Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medical practice used to cure various ailments.

How to manage stress at work?

In this article I shall let you know regarding, how to manage stress at work place. Mostly we working in offices, there we have lots of work pressure. Due to this work load we are face the problem of stress at the work place, which will affect the work capabilities of employee.

Five tips to lower the risk of Cancer

We are educated and know the various factors causing cancer. Then why are we not stopping us from such activities that can lead to cancer? This article explains why there is an increase in number of cancer patients these days and also the various types of cancer one will get due to their improper life styles.

What to do after dog bite

With the increase in number of street dogs, the dog-bite cases have been increasing rapidly all over India. In case of dog-bite, the person must not panick. He/She should wash the area with water and soap and take anti-rabies injection timely. This article discusses the issue in details. Read on

How to heal wounds using essential oils ?

This article explains about various essential oils like lavender, almond, peppermint , geranium, tea tree etc which help skin wounds to undergo regenerative process of healing quickly and naturally. They prevent infections as well as signs of inflammation.

How to fight stress the holistic way ?

Stress is one of the most understated lifestyle disorder. We recognise stress but do little to alleviate it. Stress levels can be lowered, easily, through simple techniques that require just a wee bit of your time. Practice these tips and find your stress levels drop to healthy levels.

How to naturally heal wounds using home remedies ?: Part-2

This article explains various home remedies like potato, onion, garlic, neem, cinnamon, cayenne pepper powder etc which effectively and naturally heal skin injuries and wounds. These home remedies are easily available as well as budget friendly.

How to avoid (get rid of) wind, flatulence and gas ?

Do you suffer from a bloated belly and excessive gas? The best way to control belching and passing wind is by reducing the intake of gas-producing foods and munching on gas-relieving spices. But, what else can you do to improve digestion and avoid the build-up of gas?

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