What to do when food gets stuck in the throat ?

Do you want to know how to remove the food stuck in the throat? Have a look into this article and get an idea on what to do when food gets stuck in the throat. Most often when we eat in a hurry, small pieces of food may get stuck in the throat. So keep calm and try the easy home remedies mentioned in this article to get the food unstuck from the throat.

Nine medicinal values of egg

Egg is very popular among non-vegetarian people of India. It is easily available, affordable and contains essential protein, fat, minerals and other nutrients. This article discusses various benefits of egg.

How to keep yourself happy and stress free?

This article gives a brief description about ways how we can keep ourselves happy in life by practicing some basic rules and doing exercises. It help us to take better decisions and be away from diseases.

What to do after a bee sting ?

This article explains various treatments which help to relieve pain, swelling and other symptoms after a bee stings. Medicines as well as home remedies both of them equally and effectively ease out the discomfort and pain.

List of Generic Medical Stores in India contact, address, phone number details

This article contains list of Generic Medical Stores in India. You can purchase medicine from Generic Medical Stores at very economical price. The pharmaceutical department of Government of India introduces Generic Medical Stores in every city of India.

What to do in case of a medical emergency ?

Timely medical help during a medical emergency is very important to save a life. Before offering medical help to a patient, one should know how to act in case of medical emergencies. This article speaks about the signs of what to do in case of medical emergency at home, workplace and during travel. Read the article and act accordingly in case of medical emergencies.

Do's and Dont's in Snake Bite

This article explains about what should be done and what should not be done when you are bitten by snakes. Some snakes may be poisonous and some may not be poisonous. Read to know the basic details top save yourself from poisonous effects of snake bites.

Jaundice Treatment By Herbal Medicine In Walajah – Tamilnadu

Those who are suffering from Jaundice from a long time or recently can reach Walajah in Tamilnadu to get cured naturally by herbal medicine. Where to get the best treatment for Jaundice, how to get herbal treatment for Jaundice. How to get treatment for liver disease like Jaundice. How to reach Walajah in Tamilnadu for Jaundice treatment. What are the different type treatment for Jaundice. How many types of Jaundice exist? About liver issue or gallbladder issue and solution.

Eating Advises As Per Vedic Science

As per Indian Vedic Science, there are some precautions and advices for eating.

Best ways to quit smoking

Smoking is a bad habit and a person who is addicted to it cannot stop smoking all of a sudden. To quit smoking, one needs some time and has to practice the best alternative ways to kill smoking gradually. If you have decided to quit smoking for your good, then have a look into this article and try the best possible ways mentioned in this article to remove the habit of smoking from your life.

How to fight depression in a natural way

Are you looking for the natural ways to come out of depressed state of mind? Find some easy and simple yet natural ways to fight mental depression in this article.

Sea Cod Liver Oil : Health benefits and side-effects

Everyone of us wants to enhance our memory and cognitive powers to be successful in this competitive world. But are these 'Memory Boosters' good for us or poses a big risk to our health in the long run? In this resource article, I am going to brief you all about advantages and disadvantages of Cod Liver Oil, a popular memory booster and immune system promoter. Go through this article to know all about it.

Know the health benefits of jackfruit and jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit is a very common food available in various parts of India. Jackfruit is taken both as fruit as well as in curry. Jackfruit and jackfruit seeds have multiple health benefits due to presence of many nutrients. This article discusses the benefits of jackfruit and its seeds. Read to know further.....

How to develop good healthy eating and drinking habits: Part-1

This article explains importance of healthy eating and drinking habits and their effects on health. Start day with healthy breakfast, drink green tea, avoid alcohol, drink adequate amount of water, cut down sugar etc. are some of the healthy habits.

What causes leg cramps or Charlie horses ?

Leg cramps are considered to be a health issue of about 90% people. Check out this article to know the factors that are responsible for causing cramps in muscles of legs. Some preventive measures for Charlie horses are given here.

Best ways to fight with Loneliness

Are you looking for ways to invest your time when you are feeling all lonely? Read this short article to know about the best methods to overcome loneliness.

Areca nut: A berry of areca palm

Areca nut commonly known as betel nut is chewed with betel leaf with or without incorporating tobacco. It has many health benefits, but long time chewers can experience cancers of oral cavity, esophagus, larynx, and many systemic ill-effects on health.

Benefits and side effects of NutriGain and NutriSlim powders - Ayurwin review

Want to lose or gain weight? Many medicines, powders and capsules are available in market nowadays. But whether these products are effective? Does they give accurate results? Can you reduce or increase your weight by consuming these products? Read the expert review about most popular Ayurwin brand NutriGain and NutriSlim powders and know if they have any side effects.

Five Easy Ways to Exercise from Home

Most of the people are hesistant to join gyms as they are costly. In reality, there are various excercises that you can perform at home and thus stay fit and healthy. Read this post for more information on ways to exercise from home.

Exercise Motivators: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out

If you want to loose considerable weight, you will have to excercise regularly for few months. Most of the people give up in few days because of various reasons. Read this post to know how can you remain motivated for excercise.

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