Medicinal Benefits of Cloves

Cloves are one of the spices belonging to the genre of "garam masala". It is a very well known spice used everyday in the kitchen. It is even used in fried rice. It is but obvious that if a consumable item is so much important in regular cooking,.This article helps you to know more about the important medicinal benefits of cloves.

Medicinal values of Papaya

Papaya is a well known fruit and is widely found in the tropical countries around the globe. Although it found in every season, it is mostly found in the summer season. Ripe and raw papaya has a great taste and it is rich in lots of medicinal properties.

Know the health benefits of jackfruit and jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit is a very common food available in various parts of India. Jackfruit is taken both as fruit as well as in curry. Jackfruit and jackfruit seeds have multiple health benefits due to presence of many nutrients. This article discusses the benefits of jackfruit and its seeds. Read to know further.....

Tips, care, and precautions to be followed during medication

Medication plays an important role in curing diseases and also helps to maintain good health after the treatment for the ailment is over. In this article, I give an account of the care and precautions to be taken during medication process. I also given some good tips if followed helps the patient to get proper and safe medication.

It is important to colour code your food

A good eating plan is to place a rainbow on your plate. Incorporate foods of different colours in your food. Think red, orange, yellow, brown, blue, purple, white and green! Remember, different coloured fruits and vegetables offer you different nutrients. All foods are not the same. So, make the best of what nature has to offer.

Amazing health benefits and medicinal values of Fenugreek (Methi) seeds and leaves

The green and fresh Fenugreek (Methi) leaves are used to make Methi paratha and daal and its seeds are used to make the dish spicy but some of us are not aware of its nutritional benefits and amazing medicinal values. A few points of its uses and its side affects are discussed here..

What is Nipah Virus and how it cause infection to human beings?

Nipah Viral infection (NiV) is a newly emerging disease which is transmitted to humans through bats. In this article, I gave an account of history of this viral infection, the real causes of this infection, how this infection spreads, how this infection can be treated and checked, what care to be taken to check the spread of this infection etc.

Medicinal values of Neem

Neem is a evergreen tree that grows very fast and is a native to India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal. There are many uses of Neem and it has many benefits for our health. Though very bitter, one can never deny it's properties and benefits, which are highlighted in this aritcle.

How to check whether a plastic container is food grade

Nowadays, majority of the food products in market are sold in plastic containers. But, do you check the quality of the plastic container before buying the product? This article gives expert tips to help you know whether or not the plastic container is food grade.

Medications and its safety at home.

Most of us need to take medicines ourselves or administer medicine it to our family at some point or the other. Some may need to take medicines for a few months to a few years. There are many potential problems related to medicines being kept at home, this article highlights the simple but effective measures to overcome the potential adverse issues.

Top 8 reasons why we eat unhealthy junk foods

This article explains facts and reasons behind our craving for junk and unhealthy processed foods. Though they result in weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure and deterioration of overall health, yet still we choose them over healthy foods.

Top 12 foods to ease acidity and heartburn naturally

Home remedies for acidity, heartburn and acid reflux, include a change in eating habits. Apple Cider Vinegar, green veggies, fruits like bananas can control the acid production in the gut. Learn about the best dietary changes to fight problems of the digestive system.

Why detailed case history is required in homeopathy

If you have ever taken a homeopathic treatment, you must be aware that for the first consultation with a doctor you need to spend at least 45 minutes to 1 hour in most of the cases. This is because a homeopathic doctor takes your detailed case history during the first consultation. You must be wondering why all these details are required. Let us find out in this article.

What to do when you get tired

According to the University of Medicine Sleep Disorder Center, around 30% people feel tired because of improper sleep. They feel tiredness the whole day. These type of patients are not able to concentrate on any task and they have increased chances of facing different kinds of health problems. This article explains the various possible reasons for why we get tired and how to deal with it.

The advantages of Neem tree

The neem trees are very widely grown in all parts of our country and many other countries also. It is known for its bitter taste. This tree and its various constituents are very widely used for various applications. Ayurveda is the first to identify its uses as a medicinal plant. The various uses of this plant are discussed in this article.

Know the natural cures for vertigo

Many people suffer from vertigo. They feel that the entire surroundings or they themselves are moving or spinning. These people experience a sense of disorientation. In this article, the author has discussed some common natural remedies for vertigo. These items are easily available in India and can definitely reduce the effects of vertigo to a large extent.

What are the harmful effects of maida and how maida is prepared ?

Now a days it is very difficult to live without this beautiful white colour flour called Maida. But have you ever noticed it is a silent killer for human beings. But how? This article tells about how maida is made from wheat flour, what are the toxic ingredients which can mix with maida to make sweet bakery items and overview of other harmful chemicals present in the eatable food products.

Method and benefit of mudras

In this article I am telling the method and benefit of mudras. Basically mudras are a part of Yoga. These are the gesture of fingers which helps to balance the basic five elements of body. Such they are used to fit our body and mind as well. Practicing mudra regularly we can control many of the disease.

Medicinal Plant for Diabetes Insulin Plant in India

This is the topic about Medicinal Plant for Diabetes Insulin Plant in India. people usually depend on English medicine for high blood sugar but in ayurveda a plant namely insulin Plant is used to treat this disease. This will be grown easily in our garden. it is advised to take one or two leaves daily with your medicine and check your sugar level and reduce your English medicine gradually.

Simple Steps To Keep Our City Clean

As we all see garbage and waste materials thrown on streets, public places, almost everywhere. want to know simple steps to keep our city clean, then, few simple steps are discussed here. If each one of us can keep our home, building, colony and city clean, then, the country will ally be clean.

How to lose weight and keep it off

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows what a challenge it is. If losing weight is a challenge, then keeping the weight off is a bigger challenge. However, a few lifestyle changes can help in losing weight permanently. It is easy to keep the weight off by following a controlled diet which comprises of healthy foods and combining it with exercise.

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