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How to fill the orbital with electron

This article would enable you to know that what are the different processes of filling Electrons in the Orbitals. I think it will help those people who generally take Interests in Inorganic Chemistry.

How to show the process of Chromatography

Wondering how a dye in a filter paper when put in water & later kept out produces different colours? Find out from the interesting chemistry project experiment on chromatography which is outlined in this article.

Chemistry Experiment - Jumping Balls

A small chemistry experiment using common things available in our kitchen and usually called as Jumping balls. No need of a lab, test tubes, acids,etc.,You can surprise your friends and it makes you to feel as a chemist.

Combustion: Heating of Subtances

In this article, I will tell about combustion. The material which produce heat energy on burning in air are called fuels. The material like coal, coke, kerosene, LPG, petrol, wood are all fuels, that is, they produce heat on burning. This heat is used for various purposes. Some material produce flame on burning and some do not. There are other material which burn without a flame.

Magical balloon blowing using Yeast and Sugar

Are you looking for some fun filled, cool and simple science projects? Then you have landed up at the right place. The below article will explain how simply you can blow a balloon without using your energy. Isn't that cool! Yes, you don't need spend your energy to blow a balloon. All you need to do is follow the simple steps, which are mentioned below. You can easily blow many balloons with the help of science.

How to change glue into plastic?

In this article, I will explain how you can make an amazing experiment based on chemistry, which you can try out as a school project. This project will tell you how to change glue into plastic and leave others spellbound.

Home Made Weather Indicator

You must have seen weather reports on the T.V. where they tell us about the future weather predictions and about current weather. What if you can predict the weather by your own or tell about the current weather around your house or colony. Here is project to make your own weather or forecaster.

How to prepare a natural shampoo for thick and healthy hair ?

Eggs aren't just great for breakfast; the protein in an egg can also give your hair a wondrous shine. Whip up this egg shampoo in your kitchen and have the beautiful, thick and bouncy head of hair you've always wanted, without ever visiting a salon.

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