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Different sources of energy on Earth

All the forms of energy that we use everyday are stored in different ways in the energy sources. We need energy for all our activities from baking our favourite cakes to sending astronauts into space. The substance which produce heat on burning in air are called "Fuels". There are different forms of energy like mechanical, heat, chemical, electrical, light, sound, nuclear and so on.

Transformers and its core types

In this article, I have explained about the working principle of the transformer and its inner core types. I have also added about the details of the transformer core. Atlast I also mentioned some other necessary parts that are significant for the working of the transformer.

How are electric magnets made to work?

This experiment is not so common but very useful for physics. In this we'll see how electric magnet is made and how it works with simple experiment. It is nice for students and teachers will also be happy.Please follow each and every line carefully.

How To Construct Homemade Telescope

You might have watched huge telescopes to see the distant stars and galaxies on TV. And also when some special astronomical event occurs, we all wish to have some kind of telescope at that time to see that event. Here is a simple project for constructing a simple telescope from easily available domestic materials.

How to compare capacitances of two capacitors by de sauty bridge method

De sauty bridge is the modified form of wheatstone bridge. In this project you will learn how to compare the capacitance of two capacitors using headphone and audio frequency generator and de sauty bridge to compare the capacitance and if one of capacitance is unknown you can find that capacitance with the help of de sauty bridge.

Importance Of Sound And Its Characterstics

In this resource, I have explained what is sound. I have given the explanation of charactersics of sound in brief. In this article, I Have mentioned that sound is energy than can travel from one place to another place as logitudinal waves.

Useful Questions and Answers and helpful hints for conducting Science quiz

Whether we are a participant or one among the audience, we all get excited when quiz competitions are conducted. What is so special about quizzes? Quiz competitions have the specialty of keeping the participant, audience as well as the conductor of the quiz engrossed in it because it provides the yardstick for evaluating our general knowledge about various things and also gain more knowledge. Here are a few questions from the field of science to test your knowledge. See how much you can score.

Wave Motion and its Subtopics

In this article, I have given the concept of wave motion. As a sub topic, longitudinal and transverse waves are explained in this resource. Further, I have explained about the definition of stationary waves in this article.

How to prepare PCB at home?

This article is about the process to prepare printed circuit board at home in easy steps. Generally all the students are using the general purpose PCB instead of the printed circuit board. But some time it is very tough to trace the error in the circuit in the general purpose PCB.So here is article about how to make PCB at home.

Ice Cube Lifting using a String

Are you looking for some fun filled, cool and simple science projects? Then you have landed up at the right place. The below article will explain how simply you can lift an Ice Cube with a string by using some salt as additive. Isn't that cool! All you need to do is just follow the list of simple procedures, which were mentioned below. With some basic physics facts, you can easily able to lift an ice cube using a string.

Pulse rate classification on simple exercises.

Are you looking for some simple physical projects? Then you have landed up in a right place. The below article is about, how simply you can classify the pulse rate of a person from the group, based on the age factor. You can follow the steps mentioned in this article to make a good analysis or research on the human aging and the consequent effects.

Michelson And Morley Experiment And Its Brief Notes

Generally, ether would be the medium that was the illusion of the scientists long ago. But, from Michelson & Morley experiment which has been proved wrong. Explore in this article that how Michelson &Morley experiment made ether is not there in the universe

An Electric device working in Solar light.

This project is based on the topic that reduce the loss of electricity. By this project we can work the device at the presence of solar light. In order to save our electrical energy we introduce an electrical device which works in the presence of any light.

How to measure the AC source frequency using sonometer and electromagnet

In this project, I explain how to measure the AC mains frequency using sonometer and electromagnet in the lab. Basically the frequency f of a stretched string depends upon the length of the string l, the tension T, and the mass per unit length m. Defined by relation f=1/2l v(T/m). The wire is made to vibrate by passing AC current of unknown frequency and when frequency of stretched string is in resonance with AC source frequency then the frequency of AC mains n is equal to the frequency f of wire.

Mathematical Explanation For Electric Potential

In this article, recapitulation of electrical potential in the previous article is linked. Electric potential's definition is given with mathematical explanation. By observing diagram given in the article one can understood the concept of electric potential. In this article, equipotential surfaces are explained with diagrams.

Coulomb's inverse square law and couple acting on a bar magnet placed in a uniform magnetic field

In this resource, importance of Coulomb's inverse square law is given in brief. Definitions for uniform magnetic field and non-uniform magnetic field are also specified in this article. Mainly, the fundamental concept of magnetism such as magnetic induction is also defined in efficient manner. In this article, mathematical explanation of torque acting on a magnetic field is given in descriptive mode.

Current Electricity And Its Components Such As Current And Resistance

In this resource, basic concept for flow of electrons in an conductor is explained. Concept for drift velocity is given brief in this article. Definition of current and its units is also given in description in this article. Mainly, the concept of resistance and its characterstics have been given in this article.

A brief explanation of electric potential and electric difference

In this resource, a short notes for electric potential and potential difference is given in good manner. This article is useful for students who seek for the concept of electric potential and potential difference. After go through this article, I hope that one can satisfy with concept given in this article.

Knowledge about atomic models postulated by great scientists

In this resource, a complete picture of atomic models is explained that given by great scientists. Drawbacks of each atomic model are also given in detail in this resource. The concept of nucleus for an atom is given in this resource. This resource is useful for students who study about atomic physics.

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