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UML Diagrams For The Case Studies Library Management System And Online Mobile Recharge

The following article contains 8 UML diagrams for two different case studies namely Library Management System and Online Mobile Recharge. I have given much emphasis on the diagrams rather than on the theory art because the diagrams are the most prominent part in UML to build any unit. All the diagrams look clearly understandable which compensates less text content. These diagrams are drawn by me after huge research done in the field of UML, it being my present subject in my B.Tech semester.

Calculations in C programming

Your computer is actually a big calculator. Whether you're listening to music, watching a movie or playing a video game, your computer only do calculations. This article will teach you to make the most of the calculations a computer can do. We will reuse what we have just learned, namely variables. The idea is just to make your calculations with variables: these variables add, multiply, store the result in another variable, etc.. Even if you're not a fan of math, this article will be absolutely essential.

Computer program projects for MCA students

MCA project must be unique.It may be on social networking site which becomes live in future.It may be any game which is not present in the market yet.It may a software in the form of .exe file.Students have to learn more and more things to make their projects good and unique.

Different types of printers and their working

This article tells about different types of printers and their working. Nowadays printers are essential part of an office for printing documents. We will see how it works and it's emerging new technology 3D printing.

The conditional structures in java programming

Conditional structures are the instructions that test whether a condition is true or not. These conditional structures can be associated with structures that are repeated according to the fulfillment of the condition, we call these structures of loop structures. This is the detailed article on conditional structures in java programming.

Introduction to java programming

Java is an object oriented programming language , whose syntax resembles C + + language . It was developed in 1990 by the company Sun Micro systems and formally introduced in 1995. This is the detailed article on java programming about its introduction, features, usage and programming concept.

Manage File System in Linux With LVM

Linux operating system gives you great flexibility in making a partitions. You can add a new partition any time in your laptop or desktop when you have free space available in your desktop. Lvm stands for the Logical volume management. LVM gives flexibility in disk storage. LVM can easily resized means according to needs you can extend and reduce the size of the storage.

Java Project Applet To Display Bouncing Ball

This is a small program which shows the creation of an applet displaying bouncing ball. We can use this small programs in creation of animation programs or creation of web pages. We can also view applets by chaging the parameters of the codes.

Drawing A Simple Circle In Computer Graphics Using C

In this article i will explain you the basic program to draw a circle using mouse pointer in Computer Graphics using 'C' Language. These program shows how to initialize the mouse pointer, hide/show the pointer and get the position of the mouse pointer.

How to Choose a Project?

I am a professor in a reputed . I have often seen MCA students running around during their final semester to get a project to fulfill their academic needs. Most of them simply buy a project without knowing what exactly he/she is supposed to do after paying a heavy amount. But project selection and development plays a crucial role in their career.

Design and Development of a Calculator using C# and XAML using Microsoft Visual Sudio.

The article below gives the code to be written to develop a Calculator with minimal arithmetical Operations such that the same format and syntax is used to improve it into a full-fledged scientific calculator in both C-Sharp (C#) language and XAML Mark-up Language. This is a project for all CSE, IT and MCA Students during their academics.

Ashta Chemma game implementation using linked list in C++

This Program is the implementation of Ashta Chemma game in C++ using Linked List Concept. Ashta Chemma is a traditional game in Andhra Pradesh where a 5*5 board and a dice are used by four players with each having four coins to play the game. Every player can move any one of his coins depending on the dice. The player who gets all his coins to the home will be the winner.

Java Based Voice Recognition System

This Java based Voice recognition system project gives a solution developed to communicate between different users using both voice and message. It is an application that provides a good user interface with all the facilities of a chat and voice application. This resource includes requirements, hard requirements and java code.

Understanding the Programming Language Loops completely

The article provides complete understanding of all the basic loops that are used in computer programming languages.Further syntax corresponding to each type of loop are also provided and for better understanding examples corresponding to each type of loop are also given.

A C++ Program To Solve Some Questions

C++ is high level computer language, it is defined as user friendly, and easily, acceptable, program.Following is program developed for,handling normal programs to be solved.A C++ program for, showing odd,even numbers,muultiplication table, are formed by using loop, structure in c++.

Video Shop Management System

In this fast moving world where computer and other indulge in the human life and had became an inevitable part of human kind. A fast way of transaction is obviously a necessity.

Legal Support System

In this fast moving world where science and technology play a vital role in each act in our life makes computer inevitable for human kind.A fast way of transaction is obviously necessity.A much faster way of transaction is possible through web services where money reach before man

Sorting Techniques Using Divide And Conquer Method

The Divide and Conquer technique is a very useful technique used for solving many problems in computer programming. Various programs work on this technique. Following is the description and source code of two of the sorting techniques that employ this method, Merge sort and Quick sort.

Sorting techniques - Bubble Sort and Selection Sort

In computer programming, sorting of arrays of numbers is needed quite frequently for various purposes. There are a lot of techniques developed to do the same. Two of the most simplest ones, Bubble sort and Selection sort are discussed along with the source code here.

JAVA Program for Implementing Least Recently Used (LRU) Algorithm

Following is a Java program to demonstrate the implementation of the Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm. It is a type of page re algorithm in which the page which has been used the least recently, that is, the oldest page, is replaced first with the new incoming page.

JAVA Program For Round Robin Scheduling (Without Priority)

Round Robin scheduling is one of the simplest scheduling method. It assigns time slices equally to all processes, which avoids starvation.Following is a Java program to implement Round Robin scheduling, giving an idea about how this type of scheduling is implemented.

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