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Good Article Writing Tips

Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.

India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines

This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.

How to select a best school for your child

One of the most irritating situation for parents is selecting a best suitable school for their child or ward. In this article I have given some good tips and suggestions which can be considered by parents to select a good school for their child. Parents have to do some thorough research on the following aspects discussed below to choose a good school for their wards.

Naxalism in India- A past and present scenario

How Naxalism came to India? Who were the leaders? How did it spread? What is the present condition in Naxal affected areas? Check out this article to know the various aspects of Naxalism and clear your doubts.

'Ebola' - A life threatening virus which is terrifying the World at present

One of the health crisis in the World at present is Ebola virus causing thousands of deaths. In this article I gave information about the history of this virus outbreak, the symptoms caused through this virus infection, how the disease it spreads, what is the care to be taken by the Governments and people in general to come over this health crisis.

Best 7 tips to stay motivated

To accomplish goals, hard work and attitude matters but when we stuck, we need the motivation to move ahead. Motivation is the key to success. You can't be focused on your work and get the better result if you are not motivated. Here are simple amazing tips to stay Motivated.

How to open an authorized auto pollution control checking centre in India

Planning to start a PUC centre in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi or any other city in India? This article explains how to submit an application for setting up a pollution control checking centre for petrol, diesel and other types of motor vehicles in India. You will get details of the site requirements, list of equipment required for the auto polluction checking centre, qualifications criteria of the authorized operator, etc.

How to apply for distributorship of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.

If you believe in Patanjali products and interested to take distributorship of these products then this article is ideal for you. Details of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd has been discussed with its wide range of products as well as the steps required for the application of distributorship of Patanjali products has also been mentioned here.

Set a morning routine to set the pace for the day

Having a morning schedule can result in a productive day. Running around getting things organised is not the way to begin your day. Have a morning plan and follow it, to boost your productivity. Use tips provided here to organise yourself for better use of your time.

The evolution, structure and the Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Good and Services Act (GST) has born. The fear and worries about GST impact is the talk of the day. This article provides the comprehensive knowledge and information about Good and Services act and its impact on Indian economy. Come and read the article to have better command on GST.

What to do when your boss is involved in sexual harassment with you at your work place.

The threat and the incidents of sexual harassment in Indian societies and at the work place is alarming. Women and girl's safety is in danger. Government has brought strict law "The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013." No govt. institution/ organisation is left from this social evil. Now the time has come to fight against this problem. This article is path breaking guidance to the girls and ladies to save their self and report the matter to concerned authority.

What Is A Falling Rupee And How It Affects The People

Indian rupee is falling and the dollar-rupee rates recently reached above Rs 56 a dollar. It is a widely discussed topic, among public and in parliament.. The opposition parties blamed the current government for this. This shows falling rupee is a major issue affecting all, and is imperative that all should know about it. This article gives fair idea in very simple way about what is meant by a falling rupee, what are the reasons for the rupee to fall, how the falling rupee affects the general people

Some Renowned Characters Of The Detective World

They were forged in imagination and thoughts but they simply happened to hang about on our mind and heart. We are talking of those well-known detective characters who, despite being creative give off the feel of very much existent. Almost 171 years have elapsed by since the first detective story was written. Let’s throw a glance over the world famed detective characters of world.

What to do when there is a thunder storm?

Are you crazy and curious to know what havoc the thunder strike can play in destroying lives, buildings, trees and properties? How to protect you, your dear one and your house from thunder lightning? Check out this article to know the tips to take care in future to save against lightning.

Information about a Coal Handling plant

This article gives information about a Coal Handling plant. Read to know coal is handled right from when it enters into the thermal plant until how it is disposed off after using.

4 ways to raise a confident & competent child

Learn how to train children to be confident and trust in their abilities. Train them to be able to make choices that lead to success. Train them to defeat failure. Children can be taught to develop skill and determination. Come learn how.

How to apply for Indian passport

Are you planning to apply for an Indian passport? Are you wondering what all you need to do for applying for the same? Go through the article to read detailed information on how to apply for Indian passport and how to obtain the same.

Natural disasters in India

In this article, I am going to discuss about the natural calamities that have threatened the people in different parts of the country. All regions have different climatic, geographical and local conditions which determine the type of weather and other features of that place. India is a vast country, hence it has different geographical areas where there are local problems of natural disasters. Let us have a look.

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