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How to Proceed in IndiaStudyChannel? (61)
This article provides basic guidelines on how to begin your contributions to IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) website. It will help you to start understanding how the site works and know the various features and sections of ISC by guiding you to the other important resources of this website.
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 29 Oct 2009
Good Article Writing Tips (148)
Looking for the best tips on how to write an article? This article is a guide and ready reckoner to writing articles with proper paragraphs and sentence construction. You will learn how to present an article better and useful tips on how to improve the quality of an article.
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 06 Jan 2010
Useful tips on how to post articles in the Resource section of ISC (24)
In this article, I will explain some of the effective techniques of posting articles in the Resource section of The passionate writers need to keep in mind that posting articles online in the websites need some simple techniques which has to be followed by them for becoming successful in online writing.
Category: About IndiaStudyChannel    Author: Kalyani      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2012
Common mistakes to avoid when submitting a Resource article at ISC (71)
How to put in a good title? How to write a summary? You will get answers to these and other questions in this article. This article gives detailed information on the do's and dont's of presenting resource articles at India Study Channel.
Category: General    Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 01 Jun 2011
How to use StatCounter to track AdSense clicks (24)
Many of us use Google AdSense to monetize our online content. The reports provided by Google are limited to tracking your revenue, but it does not provide any details on where the clicks came from. In this article, I will explain how to use the StatCounter software to track the clicks on AdSense.
Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 18 Nov 2010
My best experience in India Study Channel (17)
In this article am sharing all my experience in India study channel. Am also sharing you the easy way for making money online through india study channel and google adsense.
Category: AdSense Revenue Sharing    Author: Krishna Basu      Posted Date: 05 Feb 2011
What Happens If A Person Submits A Copied Content? (11)
Posting or republishing the copied contents will not only spoil the name of the author who copied the contents but also the place where it is published. Hence it is always suggested to prepare the contents in your own words, never copy either a paragraph or a photograph made by the original author through his/her hard work and also made through a lot of search and research.
Category: General    Author: N K Ravishankara      Posted Date: 05 Sep 2011
India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines (6)
This article is a basic guideline resource about how good quality articles should be written in this website. Good articles get better points and are eligible for better cash credits and higher Google AdSense Revenue. Check out this refresher article to quickly know what is expected from ISC website in Articles section.
Category: General    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2007
Information About State Bank of India Education Loan in India (3)
This resource contain Information About State Bank of India Education Loan in India, which contain Eligible Courses, Expenses considered for loan, Interest Rates, Processing Fees & Repayment Tenure of state bank of India [SBI].
Category: Educational Loans    Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 27 Jun 2010
Career prospects and various options for M.B.B.S candidates (91)
A common notion is that a student committed to life sciences that too medicine (M.B.B.S) has very few chances to make dynamic careers. But it is not true if you are rightly guided & motivated. Infact it is relatively true with study in India but in countries like U.S, you have lot of opportunities one of which may definitely suits your need. I would like to brief up the broad chances to go after M.B.B.S in India and U.S. I have mentioned research options(PhD) after M.B.B.S in India and abroad as well.
Category: Career Guidance    Author: Dr.Nikhil Ratna      Posted Date: 25 Nov 2011
List of Generic Medical Stores in India contact, address, phone number details (10)
This article contains list of Generic Medical Stores in India. You can purchase medicine from Generic Medical Stores at very economical price. The pharmaceutical department of Government of India introduces Generic Medical Stores in every city of India.
Category: Health    Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 22 Jul 2013
Computer Science Project Titles with Abstract Free Download (8)
Computer Science Project Titles with Abstract Free Download,Project topics, Live Projects, Project report, Project ideas, Project works, in Java Projects, (dot).net Projects, with source code, Final year projects, IEEE, mini projects, Engineering projects, B.Sc, BCA, MCA, B.E, M.E, B.Tech, M.Tech, IT Projects, Electrical and electronics Projects available here.
Category: Education    Author: Arthanari      Posted Date: 19 Oct 2010
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) original placement paper and model Answers (13)
In this article we have given information about Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited(MKCL) original placement paper and model Answers.
Category: Placement Papers    Author: parag mahajan      Posted Date: 03 Oct 2009
How To Overcome Examination Phobia Efficiently? (1)
This article gives complete and up-to-date information on how to overcome examination phobia efficiently. Besides, you will also get details about what is an examination phobia, causes of examination phobia like exam anxiety, putting too much pressure on oneself, pressure from the parents group etc. Moreover, certain tips like following a proper lifestyle, proper management of time, starting early preparation, thinking positively etc are discussed to help out those who are suffering from the same.
Category: Education    Author: Ajay Kumar Singh      Posted Date: 25 Mar 2012
How to avoid the side effects of weight reduction? (1)
This article warns the persons intending to reduce weights. One has to look beautiful, not weak. The side effects of weight reduction look obvious on your face, where some fats disappear. A little of make up, a bit massage and some polishing is what is needed for that newer look. Let’s come to know how to wear that look through this present piece of item.
Category: How things work    Author: Poonam Mishra      Posted Date: 07 Jul 2012
How To Invest After Retirement? (1)
Retirement brings lots of free time but it also brings less . Thus it necessary to invest wisely even after retirement. This article will share some good investment options for senior citizens.
Category: General    Author: Nidhi      Posted Date: 13 Feb 2011
Civil Services Examination: Some Important Suggestions (1)
There is no alternative except a proper strategy and tough labour for preparing for the IAS examination. According to the IAS toppers, it’s both easy as well difficult to jell past the examination. One has to dedicate himself fully to the studying and thinking in a planned manner. This article suggests you some stratagems to prepare for this examination so that your opportunity doesn’t go down the drain.
Category: Career Guidance    Author: Ashish Kumar      Posted Date: 07 Mar 2012
Where indigestion originates? (2)
Indigestion is one amongst the main problems, across which, we wade through some times or the other. Here is some simple answer to this problem as to how to manage the uncertain traffic and the undisciplined flow of traffic.
Category: Health    Author: Ashish Kumar      Posted Date: 14 Mar 2011
How to remain healthy through natural therapy (1)
These days people are surrounded by a number of diseases. And they keep taking lot of medicines which have side-effects. But do you know that you can live healthy and naturally without any medicines? In this article I will talk about how one can remain healthy without medicines through natural therapy.
Category: Health    Author: Mala Jaiswar      Posted Date: 03 Sep 2012
The ancient days concept to stay health - Aloevera (1)
Aloevera - treatment for everything
Category: Health    Author: shanti      Posted Date: 17 Jul 2010
How to write good articles- content writing tips for bloggers (2)
In this article I have provided information on various techniques to start content writing for blogs and internet. This article is intended to provide you a general idea of what the average internet browser will react to your articles and how you can keep him/her interested in your posts.
Category: General    Author: Renin      Posted Date: 28 Jan 2012
How To Buy Desired Goods Online? (1)
The craze of online shopping is increasing day by day. In this article I have provide a detail information about online purchasing. I have also mentioned some good sites for online purchasing. If you are going to purchase online please read this article.
Category: General    Author: Hakimuddin      Posted Date: 17 Apr 2012
How to make proper use of holidays? (1)
In this article, the students can learn how to constructively spend their holidays by involving in activities such as attending summer camps to acquire extra skills, doing pushups or workouts, perusing their hobbies to promote their interest, helping their parents in their work and improving the subjects they are weak in school. They can remain active throughout their vacations and learn more about other side of life.
Category: General    Author: Swati Sarnobat      Posted Date: 08 Apr 2012
Westernization In Our Country - A View On The Favorables And Ill Effects Of Westernization (1)
This is the article about the westernization where I have tried to give a detailed picture of Westernization in our country. The westernization has brought positives and negatives to the Indian culture and I have discussed about them in detail in the following paragraphs.
Category: General    Author: Sudhan      Posted Date: 20 Nov 2011
Relationship building strategy (1)
All larger companies have relationship building departments. The functions of relationship building department are to keep a close watch on their customers’ attitudes, disseminate information and communications to create a favorable image for the company. Public relations managers even advise top management to introduce good programs and discard bad ones before any damage is done.
Category: General    Author: Saraswathi      Posted Date: 10 Dec 2011

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