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How to play Clash of Clans - Tips and Tricks

Do you want to know the method of playing the famous mobile app, Clash of Clans? In this article you will find the complete steps and tactics to play Clash of Clans. Please read this article before starting to play the game.

First ever gender neutral award by MTV

This article is about a unique award given for the first time in the movie industry. An award which is not gender biased and celebrates just the performance of the artist inspite of whatever the gender of the Artist.

Online applications open for Colors Infinity The Stage Season 3 singing show

Want to know how to become an English singing super star? Just fill in the online application form to register for the 2017 Season 3 of the reality TV show The Stage, hosted by Colors Infinity, which can set you on the path to becoming a well known singer. Check out the eligibility requirements and application process from this article.

How to learn playing musical instrument after the age of 40?

Are you in age group of 40 and above and wants to learn to play musical instrument? What stopping you at this age, do you think you can't learn or feel shy? Then stop your negative thinking and start working towards your interest. There is nothing hard to learn musical instrument at this age, only thing you have to motivate yourself. I hope this article will give lots of positivity of those people who are belong to this age group.

Music : A way of living with the sound of soul

If you are stressed and is not able to cope up with your busy schedule here's an easy solution to all your problems and the only simple and simple gateway to your happiness. Here's a brief classification of the people on the basis of their music tastes.

Discrimination prevailing in our society

This article is about how today also in this modern era gender discrimination prevails. Whether its because of poverty,illiteracy,conservative mentality or something else.let's find out.But whatever be the reason we have to fight against it.

The secret of being happy

If you are searching for a good story for your children to make them learn the little but important things of life, here is one for you. In this article you will find a story which will teach a lesson for life time.

How to go in Kapil Sharma Show as audience, get online pass and ticket

Are you eager to participate in The Kapil Sharma Show and enjoy the hilarious comedy of Kapil? At present, it is one of the highest TRP getting programs amongst all programs shown on Television. If you too are eager to enjoy live the awesome jokes of Kapil and want to be an audience there, then here we will explain how you can go there. You will also be provided contact details of comedy King and ways to watch the show online.

Why Settai night show became a trend setter for Tamil Youtube channels

YouTube channels are popular now. They became one of the most powerful mediums in reaching the public with vast information. Smile Settai is one such YouTube channel, that influences people with good content. They are special and unique in presenting any content with the right mix of fun and earnestness. Settai night show was a web series from their team, that they webcast every night in the month of May.

New Series and Episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show

After the huge success of Comedy nights with Kapil, a new show named The Kapil Sharma Show is gaining popularity over the television screen. This page provides all the information regarding The Kapil Sharma Show. Also, all the information about the cast of the show are provided here.

My experience in filmmaking

As a person who has been struggling in the movie industry for the past two years, I have accumulated sufficient basic experience and knowledge to share with everyone on this website and beyond. Please read on to find out about my negative and positive experiences in filmmaking.

Impact of serial/daily soaps on Indian people both good and bad effects

In this article, you will know about different effects of serial and daily soap on Indian minds. Here you will know that which type of shows manipulate your mind in which way. How Different channels can help you to develop your mind in positive and how other channels like reality shows and other similar shows can create a bad impact on your mind. Impact/effect of television on youth and other generation all Such questions are going to be answered here.

Santhosh Pandit- the maverick in Malayalam movie world

Santhosh Pandit is a name heard and talked with unbelievable awe, wonder, surprise, ridicule, sarcasm and lampoon in Kerala, especially among people who are in some way interested in movies . Though he was thought as a one day wonder, the maverick stays on,even after five years since his debut in 2011 and now in 2016 June releasing his fifth movie "Tintumon enna Kodeeswaran". This article is about Santhosh Pandit -self claimed "Superstar of the poor" in Malayalam film world.

Some inspiring movies of Bollywood

Some movies really create an impact in the minds of young people and help them to think positively. When they watch movies that portray extreme courageous and meaningful role of the stars, then the public also tries to follow them. Here are some Bollywood movies that can provide inspirational lessons.

Movie Review: Queen (2014) by Vikas Bahl

Queen is a 2014 movie by Vikas Bahl starring Kangna Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao in the lead roles. The woman-centric movie achieved much critical acclaim and was a box office success even without superstar presence. This article includes the plot summary, review and analysis of Queen.

Movie Review: Appa Tamil Movie (2016) - A Message to Parents

Appa is a 2016 Tamil movie starring the National Award winner Samuthirakani in the lead role. The movie focuses on the stories of different children and the ways their parents raise them. Appa delivers a lot of messages to the parents. This article explains the plot and review of Appa Tamil Movie (2016) by Samuthirakani.

Where to know audition dates & venues of 2016 Indian Idol singing reality show Season 7 by Sony TV

Do you have excellent singing talent and skill? Want to build your career as a singer of music industry in near future? Want to appear to the venue of reality show auditions? Then don't miss this opportunity! The very famous singing reality dhow 'Indian Idol' is back! Sony Entertainment Television will air Indian Idol 2016 soon! Auditions have already been started all over India. So, don't waste time! Go through below article and get detailed audition schedules and respective places.

Top 3 reasons why you should watch Bollywood film Pink - a review

Want to know the cast and characters of the Hindi film Pink? This article is a first-hand review of the Hindi film Pink and mentions the names of the actors in the main cast and the roles they play. It also provides an insight into the stereotypes people have of women in general and how it is depicted in a very hard-hitting manner in the Bollywood movie Pink.

Bigg boss Kannada will be airing on Colors Kannada from October 9th

Bigg boss, the television reality show brought to you by the Colors channel in India, is a show that follows the Big Brother model which was originally developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. Its been enlarging in India to reach maximum number of viewers in the market.

How to book online tickets for 2016 Falguni Pathak Navratri event Mumbai

Want to know where to book online tickets for the 2016 Falguni Pathak Dandiya Raas & Garba event in Mumbai? This article provides details of the schedule of the Navratri event in Mumbai where Falguni Pathak will perform live. You will also get information on the event dates, times, venue and where to get the tickets online for the event.

Online registration, Auditions dates & venues of Sing Dil Se – Season 3 by Nextera Entertainment LLP

Seeking for singing reality show auditions in 2016? Looking for fame in music through live performance event? Nextera Entertainment LLP, the organizer of India's first digital media entertainment 'Sing Dil Se' is inviting applications for auditions across the country for its 2016 session III events. Complete details of the talent hunt competition, state wise audition dates for the program, application procedures for SDS – 3 contest etc. are available here.

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