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India is a financial haven and money plays a very important role in the economy and about how to gain strength and financial stability on current markets. Such a level is attainable only with sound knowledge about the investment area in the economy. Whether it be bank savings accounts, correct types of Fixed deposits, share markets, company debentures, securities or gold investments and real estate, investments and profit making in India is always a huge money making business in India and is effected through innumerable factors and day to day events. Write about the Share markets in India and give tips and detailed information about which share to buy and when. Give references about the prime areas to invest in real estate and when to invest and when to sell out the real estate to gain huge profits in India.
Help people to gain proper knowledge about investing in Mutual funds and insurance policies to have a better standing in the society.

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Know the differences between Debt Mutual Fund and Bank Fixed Deposit

The investment experts all over the world advise investors to prefer debt mutual funds over bank FDs. This is especially relevant during the falling interest rate regimee. In the present article, the author compares various factors in respect of debt mutual fund and bank FD. The article would help the investors to take informed investment decision.

Seven essential financial tasks for single mothers

The life of a single mother is very tough. Although her first priority is the education of her children, she has to think about her own future. In this article, the author discusses seven essential financial tasks for a working single mother.

Recurring Deposit through SBI Internet Banking

Now a days it is very easy to make a Recurring Deposit(RD) without going to Bank. To create a Recurring Deposit in SBI you should have a Savings Account in SBI and it should have with internet banking facility.If both saving account and internet banking of that account activated then you can open a Recurring Deposit (RD) by one click.

How to apply for Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana LIC policy

Looking for the online policy form no. 842 of LIC Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana for senior citizens? This article provides the link to the policy document. You will also get complete information about the PMVVY scheme, including the minimum age entry, pension given, benefits, interest, etc.

How to get a loan against your life insurance policy

Do you know that you can get a loan against your insurance policy? Borrowing money against your life insurance policy document is somewhat simpler and less time consuming. Here in this article, I will explain the procedure to get a loan by mortgaging such an indemnity document.

Bajaj Allianz Invest Plus Premier - Traditional Plan

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, one of the leading private life insurance company has now launched its new traditional plan named as Bajaj Allianz Invest Plus Premier which is a Regular Premium non-participating Individual Non Linked Endowment Plan offers Guaranteed Investment Return.

Know six reasons to sell your mutual fund

Generally investors invest in mutual funds according to their investment goals, time-horizon and risk-taking abilities. There are various types of funds for different types of investors. However, the investors are always in doubt to determine when to sell a mutual fund. In this article, the author discusses six reasons to sell a mutual fund. Read to know.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: Features and Benefits

When we talk of investment schemes for salaried people in India, most people suggest FD or shares. Very few people are aware about the investment schemes offered by Post offices in India. One of such shcemes in MIS. Read this post for more information regarding Post Office Monthly Scheme.

What to do if dividend is not received by a shareholder of the company?

Unclaimed dividends remain with the respective companies as unclaimed dividends for seven financial years after which the unclaimed dividends are transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund with the central government and no shareholder can claim the unclaimed dividend beyond a period seven financial years....

Know about different types of life insurance policies available in India

In the present age, insurance policy is essential for every earning person to ensure financial safety for the family-members. At the same time, it is also essential to know about different types of life insurance policies to choose the most suitable one. In this article, the author discusses different types of life insurance policies offered in India.

Insurance covers to protect oneself from terror attacks

The recent spurt in terrorist activities all over the world has forced the insurance companies to include terror-related activities in the policies. A policy-holder must know the provisions available in this regard. Read more to know the details about the insurance covers to safeguard oneself from terror attacks.

Debt Funds: A better alternative to FD for conservative investors

This article describes debt funds as an investment alternative, and compares it with other investment options. It includes advantages and risks of debt funds, tells what kind of investors should go for debt funds and also how the debt funds are treated with respect to taxation.

All about Mutual Funds and its various types

Do you want to know what is mutual fund and various types of mutual fund available in India? This article gives information about mutual fund, definition for different types of mutual funds and examples for each type of mutual fund.

How to choose the right mutual fund scheme?

A mutual fund pools the funds of innumerable investors to invest in shares or securities defined by the asset allocation policy of the mutual fund scheme. Are you also planning to invest your hard earned money in mutual fund scheme? Then, read this article for an in-depth understanding of how to select the right mutual fund scheme to avoid losses and earn profits.

Benefits of investing in tax-free bonds

Want to know everything about tax-free bonds? How to invest in tax-free bonds? Why are tax-free bonds better than bank fixed deposits? Are tax-free bonds a safe investment option? Can one invest in tax-free bonds to get tax exemption under section 80C? If you have these queries, then, please read further to get the relevant details about tax-free bonds and advantages of tax-free bonds.

Know the mistakes to be avoided while using credit card

Over the years, the number of credit card users has been increasing by leaps and bounds in India. Along with this, the number of payment defaulters has also been increasing. Although credit card can help us during emergencies, it can also ruin financial health of the users. In this article, the author discusses the mistakes which the credit card users commit. We have to avoid these mistakes.

Questions which the new investors frequently ask

New investors of modern age want better returns, but they are in doubt. Various questions come to their mind regarding investment. This is quite natural. In this article, the author tries to answer five frequently asked questions by the new/first-time investors. Read on.

Real facts about long-term two-wheeler insurance plans

An individual owning a two wheeler can get covered under the umbrella of a long-term insurance plan. Do you know the benefits and actual facts of such a plan? This article gives an insight into the real facts of long term two-wheeler insurance plans.

My experience with Share Market and investments

This article is all about sharing my experience with share market and related investment. The articles gives some tips that I learned during my share market activities. These tips are my own experience which might help others.

5 things about personal finance and savings all women should know

A small article on simple things in savings and personal finance every layman (or woman) should know. All too often the terms "tax" or "SIP" make women apprehensive. It need not be so. Women are natural investors and risk takers. Just a basic understanding of a few savings and finance instruments will go a long way in making one financially empowered.

Ten evergreen thumb rules on investment

Are you a new investor? Do you invest without understanding the nuances of investing? This is not proper. In this article, ten simple rules have been discussed. Understand these rules and follow them. Your investment will give you a handsome return to have a hassle-free retired life. Read on to know.

Advantages of joint insurance policy

Have you heard about joint insurance policies? In this article, I will talk about the benefits in having a joint insurance policy, a policy that is taken by both the husband and wife together in order to have insurance coverage to both of them.

5 tips to save smarter

Looking for useful tips to save smarter? This article provides some tips to get savings organized in a much better way by managing the money lying idle or minimizing the spending factors. You will get tips by which to manage the existing income and making the best out of it.

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