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India is a financial haven and money plays a very important role in the economy and about how to gain strength and financial stability on current markets. Such a level is attainable only with sound knowledge about the investment area in the economy. Whether it be bank savings accounts, correct types of Fixed deposits, share markets, company debentures, securities or gold investments and real estate, investments and profit making in India is always a huge money making business in India and is effected through innumerable factors and day to day events. Write about the Share markets in India and give tips and detailed information about which share to buy and when. Give references about the prime areas to invest in real estate and when to invest and when to sell out the real estate to gain huge profits in India.
Help people to gain proper knowledge about investing in Mutual funds and insurance policies to have a better standing in the society.

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How to invest effectively in your forties

Have you crossed forties? Now it's time to take a look at your investment. You have to make provision for your children's education/marriage and your post-retirement life. You have to provide for medical emergencies. How will you do it? Read this article to know.

Know how to plan for your child's wedding

Despite many changes in Indian society, till now, the marriage of child/children is the responsibility of Indian parents. Wedding is a costly affair. How can the parents prepare themselves to fulfil this responsibility? Read this article to know.

Social security Scheme for senior citizens: Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

The Government of India has recently launched a very good pension scheme for the senior citizens of the country. The scheme is known as Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) and it provides an opportunity for regular income to the senior citizens during their sunset years. Know the salient features of this new scheme.

How to use credit card to an advantage

Many times credit card is considered an evil as it results in overspending and getting into a debt trap. But there is also a positive side to it if it is used intelligently, rationally and with proper calculations. Let us talk about the pros of having and using a credit card in this article. Please note this article is not meant to mislead the readers to use a credit card. The aim is just to tell some good points regarding it.

Pros and cons of contactless bank cards

In this article, I will explain about the advantages and disadvantages of contactless credit and debit cards and the method of their working as these cards are gaining popularity with each passing day in India.

Impact of mergers and acquisitions on stock price

Are you a trader or an investor in the stock market? Do you know the effect of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on the price of the stocks that you are holding? If not, have a glance at the following article so that you can take appropriate action before it can erode your money in the stock market.

Know how to organize your finances in the new financial year

The new financial year has started on 1st April. It's high time to review the performance of your existing investments. It is appropriate time to decide new investment, insurance, tax saving, NPS and loan servicing. Do it at the beginning of the year, instead of waiting for the last moment. Decide logically without any undue influence and reap optimum benefit.

Best Bank to Get NRI Loan in India

This article helps you to find the best bank to get NRI loan in India and also helps you to find the important factors to be considered while applying for NRI Loan in India.

How to choose Term Insurance Plan in India

Many of the people get confused between different insurance plans. This is mainly because there is huge difference between the premiums of different insurance plans. Read this post for some tips on how to choose term insurance plans in India.

Investment instrument: Know about Gold ETF

Over a period of time, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are becoming more and more popular among the gold investors all over the world. The author discusses Gold ETF and its various advantages in this article. Read to know the details.

Which Bank Provides the Best NRI Banking Services?

This article helps you to find out the banks who provide the best banking services and also helps you to find the major factors to be considered while looking for NRI Banking Service.

Know the basics of ELSS: The tax-saver and wealth-enhancer

Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) is a special type of equity mutual fund which helps the investor to save tax and to get a substantial return. In this article, the author discusses the ELSS. Read to know about this special category of mutual fund.

Know the important changes in the Income Tax for 2018-19

The Finance Minister, in his Budget speech on 1st Fenruary, 2018, has announced some significant changes in the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Know the change which would definitely have impact on the income tax to be calculated during the next financial year.

Curbing Black Money: Rhetoric, Demonetisation and Alternatives

Demonetisation was declared to curb corruption, black money and the fake currency used for terrorism. The move proved not only an utter failure in achieving its goals but also stunted the economic growth of the country. This article tries to suggest better alternatives to this ill-conceived and politically motivated move.

Make huge profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: budget, land, fertilizer details India

Looking to make small investments for huge turnover of profits in India? Yes, here is such a way to earn big by investing your money systematically in the Australian Teak wood plantation projects. Here in this article, you can learn about this valuable plant, its required land or area, climate condition, required budget, fertilizers, the period of its harvest and the guaranteed amount of profit in detail.

ELSS Mutual Funds in India

The Fund size of the Equity Linked Saving Schemes have risen lately as Investors decide over tax saving avenues and escape from taxes being deducted out of their taxable income as the financial year end is approaching.The following note highlights the importance of ELSS vis a vis other tax saving instruments.

Importance of financial planning

Are you interested in financial planning? What is the importance of financial planning? This article will give you a detailed answer to these questions, Read on, understand the benefits of financial plans and start planning today itself.

Know how to link multiple EPF accounts

Nowadays people working in private sector change their jobs relatively more frequently due to various reasons. Such employees should merge their multiple EPF accounts for their own convenience. Learn the procedure of online merging of EPF accounts.

How bonus is calculated in life insurance policy

Do you ever think about how life insurance bonus is estimated? The word 'Bonus' gives immense pleasure to the beneficiary regardless of the amount of bonus that he is getting. Many of us will be having at least one life insurance policy with us. But we never try to know how the bonus is calculated for our policy. In this article, I will explain the methods that are being followed while calculating bonus on life insurance policies.

Know how to financially secure the future of your children

Indian parents always make every effort to provide quality education to their children. However, quality education is becoming more and more costly. This article discusses the ways to financially secure the future of the children. Guardians must read the article to find the solution to cope up with the rising cost of education for their children.

My experience with Share Market and investments

This article is all about sharing my experience with share market and related investment. The articles gives some tips that I learned during my share market activities. These tips are my own experience which might help others.

Demonetisation : An Utter Failure

This article critically analyses the success of proposed goals of the demonetization of high denomination currency notes in the country after one year of its implementation. The article concludes that the demonetization move in India is an utter failure.

Know the time-tested success mantras for equity investing

Equity investing is the most effective way of wealth creation. But very few can become successful in equity investing. What are the secrets of success in equity market? Let us know the success mantras of equity investing which all the great investors follow. Try to remember these success mantras.

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