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India is a financial haven and money plays a very important role in the economy and about how to gain strength and financial stability on current markets. Such a level is attainable only with sound knowledge about the investment area in the economy. Whether it be bank savings accounts, correct types of Fixed deposits, share markets, company debentures, securities or gold investments and real estate, investments and profit making in India is always a huge money making business in India and is effected through innumerable factors and day to day events. Write about the Share markets in India and give tips and detailed information about which share to buy and when. Give references about the prime areas to invest in real estate and when to invest and when to sell out the real estate to gain huge profits in India.
Help people to gain proper knowledge about investing in Mutual funds and insurance policies to have a better standing in the society.

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Top five mistakes to avoid while planning for retirement

Nowadays job stability has become rare. At the same time, life expectancy has improved. So, retirement planning has become imperative. This article informs about five common mistakes in retirement planning and advises the readers not to make these mistakes.

Useful tips to manage personal finance

Managing personal finance does not involve only earning and saving. Various other factors like saving income tax, optimising insurances, setting up goals and preparing a will are also essential parts of managing personal finance. This article provides a valuable insight on these aspects of personal finance.

Save money-limit expenditure on ten items

Are you worried about your extravagant habits? Want to improve your savings level, but don't know how to do it? Read this article and check the items which create a very big hole in your pocket. Overcome your habit and save a substantial amount.

How to get funds as a franchisor or to start a franchisee through SBI

Want to know how to apply for a loan to start a franchise in India? Eager to expand your business as a franchisor in India with financial backup? This article provides complete information about the unique features of the SBI franchisor-franchisee finance scheme and whom to contact to avail of the funds to set up a franchise or get on board franchisees for expanding your business.

All about Systematic Investment Plan and the SBI - SIP Mutual Fund

This article is written for those who do not understand what Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is. I have explained SIP in simple language, which will help new entrants into the investment market. Clear all your doubts and learn how to invest in the best SIP through this article.

Common problems faced by home loan buyers

This article highlights some of the common problems faced by the home owners that should be resolved by the buyer only. The home loan buyers face some of these common problems and are rejected by the lender due to these reasons.

Recurring Deposit through SBI Internet Banking

Now a days it is very easy to make a Recurring Deposit(RD) without going to Bank. To create a Recurring Deposit in SBI you should have a Savings Account in SBI and it should have with internet banking facility.If both saving account and internet banking of that account activated then you can open a Recurring Deposit (RD) by one click.

What are the charges on SBI and other bank cash transactions and ATM withdrawals

Want to know the charges levied by banks on ATM cash withdrawals? How much penalty will you have to pay for a cash withdrawal from your savings and current bank account? This article provides answers to your queries about charges effective 1st April 2017 which will be levied on cash deposits and withdrawals and ATM transactions.

Know About A Mutual Fund Agent Or A Mutual Fund Broker

This article explains you about who are a Mutual Fund agent or broker and their major work in MF field. This also clearly explains you about the requirement of a MF agent. You can refer this article for how to become a MF agent and benefits of being a Mutual Fund agent. At present as on February 2012 there had been some changes in the MF agent certificate renewal process by NISM which also briefly explained here. This article finishes with the difference between a Mutual Fund agent and an Advisor.

Home loan application rejected but reasons are not known

Now a days getting bank home loan for an individual is become easy, the banks or financial institutions gives a home loan when your own eligibility (mainly financial reasons) along with your property eligibility matches with their policy. In this article we will discuss about the various possibilities why your eligibility to get a home loan is getting hampered which may lead to reject your application.

What is annuity - a beginner's guide

Are you working? Definitely you want to have a regular income even after your retirement. But there is no pension scheme in your office. Under these circumstances, you have to opt for annuity. This article has simplified the complex world of annuity. Read on....

Secured Investment In The Market

The article is about invest in the market securely, if you have no time to look after your invested fund. This article enlightens where to invest and how to invest without any anxiety and risk. There are multiple ways for investing such as: fixed deposit in nationalized banks, public provident fund, preference shares, balanced fund, index funds, exchange traded fund and systematic investment plan, national pension scheme and commodities such as gold and silver.

Gold as an option for investment

In our country, Gold is considered as synonym for wealth and with the festival season is on most of us are planning to make an investment in Gold. Here I am providing you the knowledge about various methods of investment and possible benefits of investing your money in the Gold.

How to make your financial planning a simple process

Let me explain that finacial planning is managing your cash inflows to match your cash outflows at various stages of your life or vice versa. The crux of finacial planning lies in controlling or regulating your cash flows. Here are some simple tips to understand and regulate the cash flows.

All about Mutual Funds and its various types

Do you want to know what is mutual fund and various types of mutual fund available in India? This article gives information about mutual fund, definition for different types of mutual funds and examples for each type of mutual fund.

5 investment mistakes to avoid in 2017

Want to know what investment mistakes to avoid in 2017? Looking for best tips on financial planning for 2017? Many of us have taken various resolutions for this year. Let us also take a resolution not to commit mistakes which would hamper our wealth creation. This article discusses five such mistakes which are to be avoided as well as a few useful tips on planning your finances wisely.

Alternative Investments You May Not Know About!

Read this article to know about alternative investment options. Know what type of investors who can target alternative investments and the of alternative investments. Read on to know the procedure and benefits of alternative investments

How to Save Tax in India in 2017

Most of the tax payers in India are looking for ways to save tax. However, there is very little awareness among the masses. As a result, they end up paying higher taxes. There are various options like PPF and life insurance schemes that can help people save tax in India in 2017.

Income from other sources under income tax act 1961

Dividend, income from securities, income from undisclosed sources, Royalty, etc., are incomes which are taxable under other sources u/s 56. Some special provisions are applicable to some incomes only like dividend u/s 2(22)(e) is taxable but dividend received from Indian company normally is not taxable. Commission or brokerage is given to get dividend to banker, repairs and depreciation to plant and machinery, etc., are allowed as deduction u/s 57. These are going to be explained in this article.

Tips for easy approval of personal loan

Do you worry about your application for availing personal loan will be rejected? Are you concerned whether there will be delay in the approval of your personal loan? If you abide by the following instructions perfectly, your application for availing such loan may get approved in two or three days.

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