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This category hosts articles and resources for various school projects. Get to know about how a project can be presented well and in the most correct manner. Write articles mentioning step by step procedure to present a project and related information. Describe the methodology and materials required to get a project being performed and explain about how it will be helpful for the community. Describe about the different tricks to perform complicated Math calculations and to show about how various physical elements work. Describe about life, processes that happen in the animal and plant kingdom which leads to evolution, survival and growth. Share your knowledge and ideas to make impressive and contributory projects at school to help bring various concepts and ideas in practical life.

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Different sources of energy on Earth

All the forms of energy that we use everyday are stored in different ways in the energy sources. We need energy for all our activities from baking our favourite cakes to sending astronauts into space. The substance which produce heat on burning in air are called "Fuels". There are different forms of energy like mechanical, heat, chemical, electrical, light, sound, nuclear and so on.

Parthenogenesis: Reproduction without fertilization

This article explains the biological process of parthenogenesis in great depth. Starting with the basic introduction, it covers all important topics like the mechanism of parthenogenesis, its types, the organisms in which it occurs etc.

How to fill the orbital with electron

This article would enable you to know that what are the different processes of filling Electrons in the Orbitals. I think it will help those people who generally take Interests in Inorganic Chemistry.

Operations with integers - easy solving methods

Do you want to know the method to solve integers? In this article you will find the methods to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers. To know the simple methods to solve integers, please read this article.

How To Check Your Multiplication Without Calculator

Here is a simplest method to check your multiplication. You Don't need a calculator, or a Teacher to check it. Some times we do the multiplication, but we dont check the answer. For that iether we have to depend on the calculator or to the teacher or others. Sometimes we simply leave it as it is on overconfidence. Sometimes we spend double time for checking it. You can try this handy,Powerful and Flawless method.

How to classify Nomenclature of Living Beings

Do you know the process of nomenclature of living beings? In this article you will find the procedure of nomenclature of living beings, the necessity of nomenclature, the principle of nomenclature and advantages of nomenclature.

How to prepare a good herbarium

Are you searching the procedure to prepare herbarium? In this article you will find the method of making herbarium. You will also find how to dry specimens, how to tag specimens, How to label specimns, etc. To know complete procedure of making herbarium please read this article.

Two kingdom classification and its shortcomings

In this article you will find details of the two kingdom classification and its shortcomings. You will also learn the importance of classification & the system of classification in this article.

Quick maths to test a number's divisibility

Speed and accuracy are the two important qualities, required to clear competitive exams like Bank PO, Railways, UPSC, etc. To ensure a good ranking in the merit list, one needs to be extremely quick in calculations, so as to attempt as many questions as possible. This article explains how to find out quickly whether a number is divisible by a certain number or not, without using actual division.

How to do multiplication of two digit numbers by Vedic method

Vedic Method is an ancient method of India which used by saints to solve mathematical problems. In this article you will find how to multiply two digit numbers by Vedic Method. Vedic method of multiplicaton is the easiest and the shortest method.

Transformers and its core types

In this article, I have explained about the working principle of the transformer and its inner core types. I have also added about the details of the transformer core. Atlast I also mentioned some other necessary parts that are significant for the working of the transformer.

How are electric magnets made to work?

This experiment is not so common but very useful for physics. In this we'll see how electric magnet is made and how it works with simple experiment. It is nice for students and teachers will also be happy.Please follow each and every line carefully.

How to show the process of Chromatography

Wondering how a dye in a filter paper when put in water & later kept out produces different colours? Find out from the interesting chemistry project experiment on chromatography which is outlined in this article.

What are complex numbers

Do you want to know what are complex numbers? Today I want to discuss a special type of numbers which we won't use in general those numbers are called complex numbers. What are complex numbers? Where this complex numbers are used? Do complex numbers form an Abelian Group? I will discuss in this article.

Understanding the importance of water in our life

This article focuses on understanding and preserving one of the most vital natural resources that helps in sustaining life on Earth. This article is an effort on bringing awareness among the people to stop the wastage of this precious compound called water and thus help in the conservation of water and make it available for the future generations.

Modifications of Tap and Adventitious Roots

Root is a part of a plant which develops from radicle and grows towards the soil. The main functions of roots are absorption, conduction and fixation. But roots of different plants modified to perform different functions according to their habitat. In this article I am providing the modifications of tap roots and adventitious roots.

How To Construct Homemade Telescope

You might have watched huge telescopes to see the distant stars and galaxies on TV. And also when some special astronomical event occurs, we all wish to have some kind of telescope at that time to see that event. Here is a simple project for constructing a simple telescope from easily available domestic materials.

How to compare capacitances of two capacitors by de sauty bridge method

De sauty bridge is the modified form of wheatstone bridge. In this project you will learn how to compare the capacitance of two capacitors using headphone and audio frequency generator and de sauty bridge to compare the capacitance and if one of capacitance is unknown you can find that capacitance with the help of de sauty bridge.

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