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WBJEEB entrance exam dates 2018 for admissions to Medical, Engg., Pharmacy, Nursing, MCA, HMCT

Want to appear in the entrance examination for admission to UG or PG courses in academic session 2018-19 conducted by the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board? The board has announced tentative schedules of various entrance exams, the time frame of online applications registration, publication of admit cards and timetable of the results announcement. Read this article to know about all important examination routines of WBJEE, PUBDET, PUMDET, EVETS, JENPAUH, JECA, JEHOM, JEEDEC & JELET.

2018-2019 admissions in LKG at Sachdeva Public School, Rohini, New Delhi

Are you looking for admission for your ward in Sachdeva Public School, New Delhi, at its Rohini campus for the 2018-2019 academic year? Do you want to know the admission procedure and age criteria for getting admission to Sachdeva Public School, New Delhi? This article provides details on how to get the application form for admission to Sachdeva Public School, Rohini campus, New Delhi. Information on the important dates is also provided in the article.

ICSE Board 2015 fully solved Biology (Science Paper-3) question Paper

In this article, I am giving solutions to all questions of ICSE Board's latest March 2015 Biology question paper. These solutions will give the students to know the pattern of answering as well as to prepare themselves for their upcoming Board's exams. Students can get benefited by revising these questions which will help them to improve their skills in answering questions.

A wiki biography of P.V. Narasimha Rao - The Chanakya of modem India

Mr P.V. Narasimha Rao our 10th Prime Minister is the first non-Nehru Gandhi family Prime Minister of India. He was the first Prime Minister of India from South India. His major economic reforms only laid seeds to the present day India. A brief biography about him is brought out in this article.

How to select a good wife for a good life

The author of this article has experience in life and he narrates the importance of a good wife in life and gives some tips to follow in selecting a good wife for life to live very peacefully on this good earth. He has titled it amazingly as "How to select a good wife for a good life"

Tips for cracking a competitive examination

An individual is faced with a situation where he desperately needs to crack an examination and does not know how he should approach it .This article explain some points which an individual should focus on while preparing for the same.

Pros and cons of working from home

Wondering whether to accept your company's offer of working from home? Looking for opportunities to earn a living sitting in the comforts of your home? Well, here are a few pros and cons of working from home to help you in taking decisions in this regard.

How to open a Usha Silai school

Would you like to know how to start a small business venture for rural women in India? This article provides complete information on one such venture, that is, the Silai School program initiative of Usha International Limited. You will get the details on how to select a village to start the school, identify the women who will teach and train other women, the costs involved and the application process.

Hacking Knowledge: Tips On How To Learn 10x More Effective

This article helps you with excellent tips for making your studies much more effective and easier without any stress. In this article, there are 10 important tips that may help you to achieve and improvise your studies especially based on results.

What to do if you see someone drowning ?

Drowning is one of the major accidents that takes thousands of lives all over the world every year. It can happen to people whether they are skilled swimmers or not. Check out this article to know the tips you should remember and act if you see someone drowning.

Short term courses offered by Y.W.C.A, New Delhi

Are you looking for the detailed information on the various vocational courses offered by the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), New Delhi? Read on the article to know the information.

What to do if you are lost hiking in the mountains ?

Are you interested to explore unknown places and see things that was never before known to you ? Then you can go for hiking on some mountain or hilly areas. It would definitely give you thrills and excitements you want to have in life. But what would you do if you are lost during hiking? Check out this article to know the tips you should keep in mind while hiking in the mountains.

How to create a good profile page at IndiaStudyChannel.com before applying for AdSense

This article provides complete information on all the features to be found at an ISC member profile page. Once you become a member of the site, you need to upgrade your profile page to make it unique and impressive which is an added benefit for new AdSense application through ISC. This article gives some useful tips on how to present a better image of yourself through your ISC profile page.

Best ways to save money on day to day expenses

We can save at least a penny from every kind of expenditure we do in our day to day life. Want to know how it can be? Let's read this article and I am sure at least one tip out of the many would be useful to you.

Characteristics of an Ideal School

In this article I am going to tell what an ideal school should be like. I am going to talk about the various characteristics of a school which is necessary to call it an ideal school. There are some standard which every school must follow for the proper progress of its students.

How to select an acoustic guitar for a beginner

The quality of sound comes out of a guitar depends on many factors like guitar's important parts, wood quality and brand etc. Here I analyze a few key points to be noted while buying a guitar. The article also gives some tips about the care and maintenance of guitar. The article will be really useful if you are planning to buy a guitar.

Fashion Show Deccan Herald Metrolife Bangalore

Want to participate in fashion show? Aspire to be a model? Want to dress up in trendy dresses? Want to put your style on show? Want to take part in ramp walk? Then read this article to know the details of Deccan Herald Metrolife fashion show to enter into the contest.

Top 10 Characteristics to become Board Toppers

Do you want to know how to become Board toppers? Want to know how toppers achieved success? Want to know the techniques of board toppers to succeed? Then Read this article to know 10 characteristics that is needed to achieve success in board examination.

Indian foreign policy - A short glimpse

India has long history of foreign policy in making. The determinants of foreign policy dates back to 300 BC. Most of us would be interested in knowing what might have really went into minds of our foreign policy executives. This articles provides a glimpse into the exciting world of foreign policy history.

How to bring up a child in the 21st Century

Finding it difficult to raise a child in the present century? This article speaks about the concept of child upbringing in the modern scenarios of technological advancement.

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