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This category describes about the various products, techniques and services that can be used for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining of your home. Get to know about how one can do cleaning in a proper manner in and around home. Read about the proper way of gardening and the various gardening tools that can be used to maintain and grow a proper garden in and around your home. Read about the correct appliances and equipment that can be used in the kitchen.
Do you want to give tips about improvements that can be done to improve your home and make it look more nicer and brighter? Share your tips over here in IndiaStudyChannel and help others in improving their homes. Also share information about services related to plumbing and how to get the best plumbing done and improve efficiency of water supply and drainage.

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Vinegar makes doing laundry easy Part - 2

Doing the laundry can be a demanding chore. There are stains to remove and nasty odours to deal with. Ironing clothes brings in other problems - the crease doesn't hold or the hot iron leaves shiny marks on the garment. Well, vinegar can help with all these issues. Find out the wonders of vinegar and how it can make daily chores seem so easy.

Practical uses of vinegar in the laundry - Part 1

Avoid harsh, chemical ridden detergents and fabric softeners in your laundry. Turn instead to a safer and more effective way to remove stubborn stains from your clothes. Use vinegar for all your laundry needs - it is cheaper and a green product.

Preparation of the delicious South Indian Dish 'Dosha'

The article describes how to prepare dosha. Dosha, is a common South Indian dish. Dosha is a very delicious and healthy dish. There are several types of dosha, masala dosha , ghee dosha & thattu dosha being the most common & preferred varieties. Here is how to prepare it step by step.

Best Face Pack in Indian market and its prices

In this article, I will explain some of the Best Face Pack available in the Indian market and its prices. Face Pack is very essential to tone your smooth skin and bringing real glow and helps in brightening your face. It removes wrinkles, dark circles, pimple and acne which brings overall good complexion to the face.

Coriander seeds and black pepper corns masala rice

Coriander seeds and pepper corns are basically very good to health.The rice contains basic masala but gives more flavor and ingredients also includes very basic items which will be store at home.This masala rice is good in taste and also love by kids. The following content helps to know how to prepare coriander seeds and black pepper corns masala rice and also the benefits of the both coriander seeds and black pepper corns.

How to wash dirty clothes in different ways?

How to wash clothes in washing machine and by hand wash has discuss in this article. Complete step wise procedure of hand wash and washing machine described here, with advantages and disadvantages of hand wash and washing machines.

Tips and Tricks on Microwave Oven

If you've purchased or going to purchase a microwave oven for your home; but you don't know how to use it and what're its side effect, pros and cons etc. then read this article completely. You'll get information on how to handle, use, and maintain a microwave oven and what're its safety parts etc. from this article.

Cleaning products that we always need in our homes

Cleaning is the need our every home in any part of the world. This article deals with various types of cleaning products needed for cleaning of our homes. The cleaning products mentioned herein, especially pertain to the cleaning of kitchens, utensils, floors, bath rooms and wash rooms. Cleaning products named in this article are easily available from any petty store of a village or even from the largest of the shopping malls in large cities. The special mention is made of Scotch-Brite cleaning products.

7 Top face washes available in Indian market

Looking for popular face wash products in India? This article gives a comprehensive list of the most popular face wash products of different Indian brands. You will get a few details too of each product's unique features and approximate price range.

Top two best Detergents in India

Are you looking for best detergent powder to remove stains in your cloths. Have a look here for top two best detergents that are rated high in India and Complete details on how these work on your cloths

How to select the right mattress for home?

A mattress defines the comfort level and enhances the design of a bedroom. Choice of a right mattress for a home can be a very cumbersome task as all mattresses look alike. It is not highly recommended to choose a mattress following the salesman views or purely by cost factor. This article provides a complete guide to factors to be considered in choosing the right mattress for home and the types of mattresses available in the market. Read this article and make the right choice for your bedroom.

Various bathroom / washroom cleaning

Bathroom is a place which gets dirty very quickly mainly due to the large amount of water and soap scum. Are you aware of the cleaning products to be used to keep your bathroom clean? These products range from the very basic to the top level cleaning products. In this article I have mentioned the various cleaning products and accessories that can be used to have a neat and clean bathroom.

Best Fairness Products for Men from Vaseline : Product Review and prices.

If you are looking for the best fairness creams and lotions for men then this resource is for you. In this article I am going to brief you about the fairness cream, lotion and face wash from Vaseline in the market with their key ingredients and cost prices. Go through this write-up to know all about them.

Tips for selling your old furniture

You may have the situation selling yore old furniture due to damage or by the interest of buying new latest model. It is always better to sell off the old and unwanted furniture before you buy the new one. Selling furniture is not so easy task, here are some tips to sell your old furniture easily and get a good price for that.

Rare tips to take care of various household needs

Home care is always close to everyone's heart. Those who know the tricks to take care of the things in the household are always admired and appreciated by others. Here are a few tips on home care that are much needed by everyone, but not known to many of them.

Best Household Insect control Methods

Household Insects act as a vector to spread many diseases. The very common insect pests found in our living place are ants, cockroach, bed bug, mosquitoes and flies. Natural insect pest control methods are always safe and harmless to control Household Insects. Try the given pest control measures and see the insects vanishing immediately.

Top 10 Interior Designers in Kochi

Interior Designing is a highly flourishing industry especially in South India. Kerala is one of the states that contributes such immense growth due to the presence of best interior designers. Most of the interior designers in Kerala are headquartered at Kochi.This article helps you to find the details of top 10 Interior Designers in Kochi, Kerala

Best Mouth Wash in Indian market and their prices

There are wide ranges of such Mouth Wash which are used to freshen up your breath, prevent cavities, improve the health of good gums and kill bacteria which cause gingivitis. Mouthwash helps in removing bad breath, plaque and is used anytime after lunch, dinner time when a person intake food which consists of garlic which brings odor smell from mouth. It is recommended to use the best product regularly which is outlined below to get full benefits and the bad breath to vanish.

How to select the right wall clock for the living room

Buying a wall clock for your living room could be a hard hitting task when you fancy impressing your guests and visitors. A study of your room helps you here. The tips given in the article are to your rescue in selecting the right wall clock for your living room.

Wallpaper selection guide and buying tips for wallpapers in India

Most people are confused about how to choose wallpaper & look for a simple buying guide online or buy expensive décor books. This article is a one-stop guide to help you not only to buy but also select the type of wallpaper for your home. You will get information about the pros and cons of wallpaper and also about the types of wallpapers available in India, the price range of wallpaper in India, and also some useful selection tips. In short, you will know all you need to know about wallpaper.

Home Appliances - parts and functions

This article is going to deal with a few of the electrical appliances that we use in our day to day life. It is very necessary to know the basic information of such devices, working of those devices and the amount of power they consume.

Best Diapers in Indian market, their prices and reviews

In this article, I will explain some of the Best Diapers which are available in the Indian market and its review and prices. Diapers are very essential and used by infant to stay clean and hygienic. Diapers help in preventing every child from bed wetting, and are very convenient for easy cleanup which is readily available in markets. In order to keep the surrounding neat and not messy, recommend to use the below mentioned baby diapers which are good for your baby's soft and smooth skin.

Best Fairness Cream in Indian market and its prices

Fairness creams has become an essential product for men & women, but most preferred by women in Indian market. There are lots of fairness creams in the shop or malls, due to the reason that girls and ladies are always behind for beauty and fair and to get better complexion. Fair and smooth skin is always recommended on all kinds of skin. The below mentioned some of the top fairness cream will surely bring real complexion on your skin by removing dark spots and brighten our skin.

Dettol - A complete product description and its review

Dettol company profile, advertising strategy, success factors and market share of brand dettol with its product lists, usage and solution can be known here. Dettol product is recommended by Indian Medical Association acts as a best trusted, safe and hygienic product in Indian market. Read more.

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