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How to Prepare for Civil Services along with Post Graduation course?

Want to pursue Post Graduation studies while preparing for Civil Services or other competitive examination? We are discussing what are the disadvantages of studying while preparing for Civil Services exam and how to prepare for Civil Services exam effectively while continuing Post Graduation Studies.

How to become a professional caterer Part - 2

Food services and catering businesses have to be registered under the FSSAI Act of India, 2006. These services must comply with the laid down regulations to operate. Further, there will be sales and service tax that the companies will be eligible for paying. From this article you will get all the information required about these aspects of setting up a business.

How to apply for cement dealership and get franchise online

Willing to start cement business? Want to make money in cement trading business? Here is the complete procedure to get dealership of popular cement companies like ACC, JK, Ambuja, UltraTech, Reliance, Shree Ultra, Bangur, Jaypee, Orient, etc. Also, know that which is the best brand will give maximum profit at minimum investment.

Top 5 things to consider while choosing your initial jobs

Getting the first job is an important milestone in the life of any youngster who is starting his or her professional career. But if given a choice what are the factors to keep in mind while deciding on your first job? How your first job affects your career later? Let us try to find answers to all these questions in this article.

Fresher Resume sample

In this article, I am going to put a sample resume of fresher. If you want your resume with in a moment just download and edit and then you will be with your own resume. Resume play a vital role for hunting the job, go through this sample and you will be with your dream job.

Career after 10 th class: Job guarantee Polytechnic courses

Polytechnic courses are a boon for students who want to join jobs quickly after 10 th standard. In this resource I gave an account of the utility of these courses for students who want to enter into job career after completing 10 th class. I also gave an account of the various specializations in these courses as well as the scope of career after completing polytechnic course.

Professional Courses To Become A Successful Businessman

After the publication of of various board/entrance exams, many students dream to be engineer, bank officer or doctor or judge/barrister. But why these so used boring jobs? You can change your track. You can be self-dependent with the help of , if you have self-confidence. In this article I am going to discuss some of the courses where you can get success. Check it out.

How to become a Chef- Courses in India and career guide

If you have a passion for cooking and enjoy experimenting with recipes then you are cut for becoming a chef. With this article learn how you could earn through your culinary skills. Get an overview of what a chef is, where to train in India and abroad and the opportunities and salary available in this profession.

How to keep your anger under control

It is a natural tendency of humans to become angry many a times in their lives. But sometimes people be in a fit of anger and lose to control the anger. Go through this article where in you can find few simple and easy tips on how to control anger particular when it is out of control

Content Writing As a Career

In this article I will explain you what is content writing and what is the scope and application of content writing as a career. I have also given complete address of some institutions that provide content writing courses in India. You can also understand how much opportunities are opened for content writers. This is a very detailed resource for them who seek content writing as a career.

Top 10 reasons for switching jobs

It is seldom that people work in a single organization in their career. Hence job switching has become part and parcel of the professional life these days. Emp;loyees always change their job due to many reasons. So what are those reasons? Let us figure out in this article.

What to do after class 12th

Finished your 12th exams and wondering what to do after your 12th? Keep your worries aside and look into the article to find out some useful tips on what you should do after your 12th.

How to improve concentration for enhancing the productivity of the students

Looking for the best tips to improve concentration while studying for exams? In this article, I will explain how to improve concentration. Proper concentration will help the students to do well in their exams thus enhancing their career prospects significantly. Follow these guidelines mentioned in the article and fetch good marks in your exams.

How to do second hand car business in India

Indian economy is improving rapidly and this improvement is directly connected to automobile industry in India. If you are planning to start the business of buying and selling cars then, this can be a very good idea. Here is the information, which will help you to gather some knowledge on how to buy and sell used cars, how to do second hand car business in India.

All the Available Options after BSc in Information Technology

Confused On What to do after you BSc.IT? I have got some fabulous options for you! See my article for more. Basically I will explain you the basic options available to a person having done BSc.IT and guide you in what will help you establish a great career. In this article,I will tell you what all options you have after doing BSc.IT and what options will help you establish a great career in the world of IT and which will pay you more.

How to become a Scientist in CSIR

Council of scientific and industrial research is an Organisation working ih the field of Science and technology. It has laboratories all over India, with each lab having its own field of specialization. The procedure to be followed for a scientist job in one of these labs is discussed in detail in this article. CSIR offers scholarships also for those pursuing doctorate degrees.

Choice of medicine as a profession

Many of our students take ill informed decisions regarding their choice of career. This has disastrous results for the candidate as well as for the society. In this article I touch upon this malaise in the field of medicine

How to become a professional photographer – a career guide

Photography is counted as a skilled profession that involves creativity and talent. There are professional courses in photography that enthusiasts can pursue. Professional photography courses opens doors to different avenues in the field. Take a look at the various skills that a photgrapher needs and where and how these can be mastered.

How to Start a Cashew nut Export Business?

If you are wishing to start your own business with something which is in demand in market and if you are staying in a region where cashew production is ample then cashew nut export business is perfect for you. It is very necessary to gather a complete knowledge about cashew nut export business before entering into this field. The below information can enrich your knowledge on dream project.

How To Become A Paraglider

The following article is about paragliding. It talks about the requirements of paragliding. The article also throws light into pursuing paragliding as a career. The trend of adventure sports has begun and paragliding is surely here to stay.

How to be a SAIL dealer applying online for the dealership scheme (RDS)

Want to get SAIL dealership? Steel Authority of India Limited is making appointment of dealers and rural dealers in different regions and districts of India. Read this page to know complete process of how to open outlet and various guidelines of Rural Dealership Scheme. Also know terms of agreement, security deposit and other requirements for this purpose.

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