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How to Prepare for Civil Services along with Post Graduation course?

Want to pursue Post Graduation studies while preparing for Civil Services or other competitive examination? We are discussing what are the disadvantages of studying while preparing for Civil Services exam and how to prepare for Civil Services exam effectively while continuing Post Graduation Studies.

Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

Aspire to have your own business and provide jobs for others? Want to be an entrepreneur? Then read this article to learn about the characteristics that are required to become a successful entrepreneur.

How to pursue a career as a yoga or fitness instructor?

Today, there is hardly any better alternative than gyms when it boils down to staying fit and healthy with a well trimmed body. Hence, there is a great need of qualified yoga or fitness instructors along with the mushrooming of different health centers in and around the country. This article perfectly guides the young aspirants how to persue a career as a yoga or fitness instructor.

How to become collector after passing 10th or 12th?

Willing to make your career as a collector? Want to know educational qualification to become a collector? Read this article to know complete information about this and which subjects should you choose after 10th or 12th.

How to apply for cement dealership and get franchise online

Willing to start cement business? Want to make money in cement trading business? Here is the complete procedure to get dealership of popular cement companies like ACC, JK, Ambuja, UltraTech, Reliance, Shree Ultra, Bangur, Jaypee, Orient, etc. Also, know that which is the best brand will give maximum profit at minimum investment.

Top 9 nifty tips if you want to change career

Want to change your career but don't know how to go about it? These career changing tips can help you make a smooth transition. Learn how to use your skills and experiences to switch jobs, across industries.

How to get a job in India through AMCAT employability test

Which is the best employment test in India? Where can I get the application form for the AMCAT employment test? How much do I have to pay for the AMCAT employability test? These and other questions are answered in this article which gives complete information on the Aspiring Minds' Computer Adaptive Assessment employability test for job hunters in India.

How to become a professional photographer – a career guide

Photography is counted as a skilled profession that involves creativity and talent. There are professional courses in photography that enthusiasts can pursue. Professional photography courses opens doors to different avenues in the field. Take a look at the various skills that a photgrapher needs and where and how these can be mastered.

How to prepare for 'combined graduate level SSC examination'?

The SSC has recently invited applications from graduate students in huge number. The last lat date for applying is 20-04 2012. The date of examination is 01-07-2012. If you are interested in these services, opportunity is knocking here for you. This article has all the details related to this examination for your needful.

How to be a good manager or a team leader - learn communication skills

Managers and team leaders need to have excellent leadership qualities and must be exceptional communicators. What does it mean for a team leader/manager to be a good communicator? What is the art of being a good communicator? Get some tips on how to become an excellent manager/team leader.

Top communication tips for young professionals

Communication skills are a powerful arsenal that a young professional can use to overcome all odds. Learn to communicate using the right strategies for successful presentations, business meetings and during regular work. Read what experts have to say about the proper use of communication.

Tips on last minute job interview confidence boosters

"How do I develop confidence?" "I get nervous during interviews." These are common statements made by professionals and young graduates. Confidence is an art that can be mastered. You can self-coach yourself and boost your confidence levels.

6 Alternative careers for IT professionals after a layoff

IT layoff. Just lost my job. Got a pink slip. Was asked to resign. These are the phrases that are buzzing around IT corridors. What do you do if you lose your well-paid IT job? Look for different options that can provide you with a life of dignity, satisfaction and money. Learn to start over, after being laid off.

Sorav Jain – The top digital marketing trainer in Chennai

Are you from the city of Chennai or its neighbourhood and looking for an able digital marketing trainer? Here in this article, learn about Sorav Jain, an avid digital marketing trainer, who can help you acquire skills and expertise in digital and social media marketing.

India a "secular" State

I have explained the “secular” thought in our constitution and the variations in practice with liberal thought. How the secular feel replaces the religion feel gradually in Britain colonial rule as secular democratic country has been explained. The rules of the secular behavior in the constitution and the practice in the society are entirely different that provokes tensions among the people in India will be known while we go through this article.

Some practical tips for the successful lateral job shift

Those who have experience will always seek to jump jobs. These days this has become more of a norm than an exception. There are several reasons why this happens. Nevertheless there are certain important points that lateral recruits have to bear in mind when they jump jobs. These practical tips are sought to be described in some detail in this article.

5 tips on how to work your way out of conflicts

Did you know that listening is actually one of the best ways to resolve conflicts between you and a co-worker? Learn why listening is important and how you must practice listening when interacting with your co-workers.

Seven "Must Do" for Unemployed people now and later in careers

Unemployment is a curse of Indian society or any society. Only those who qualify and are talented will make it. In the private sector, only merit rules. It is this sector that is also more viable for a career. This article is an attempt at helping those who are unemployed to find their feet and then do well, through a number of other steps so that they continue to be employable at all times. In other words this will help you to stay relevant and not becoming outdated.

How to prepare for personal interview of SSB?

You don't need to fear the personal interview of SSB anymore. This page provides important point which you should remember before appearing for the interview. Certainly this article will help you to clear your SSB.

Four important distractions to keep away at College

The College life, anywhere in India, is a very unique experience, as it the first major transition for any young person to jell with so many new persons in life. It is also a big period when there are any number of distractions that simply pull any person down, if he or she is not careful. This article is an attempt to focus on four major distractions that occur during one's college life.

How to maintain your individuality at all times

Even when you choose a good career of your choice, you need to maintain your own individuality. This essentially translates into a huge number of attempts to excel in your field and stand out as a high performer. This also means being far ahead of the competitors. Some basic ideas are discussed in this article.

Best pragmatic tips on career planning

Career planning is an art in itself. Those who take wise decisions about their careers at the right time are generally those who are very happy much later. For, they would have made an accurate assessment of their innate potential and would have taken the right decisions too. There are some pragmatic tips based on a huge number of real world examples. This article is an attempt to focus on these tips.

Five "Must Do" tasks for MBA students of Unbranded institutions

The MBA colleges have multiplied manifold. Even the number of IIMs have increased. The quality of education in unbranded institutions is pathetic, to say the least. These University colleges do not have trained teachers. And no industry exposure too. Hence these MBA students are not able to perform well in the industry. This article talks about Five "Must Do" tasks for such MBA students to match the competencies of competitors from branded institutions.

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