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Speed up your system with these three simple tricks

Looking for tips and tricks to make your PC system faster? This article provides 3 basic easy tips, with no requirement of any extra third party software to do this task. You can perform these simple and easy tasks in your daily routine and make your PC improve its functioning.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing

This article is about cloud computing and its characteristics. Cloud computing has become a part of our daily life even though we are unaware of it. The smallest and the most basic task that we do on the internet is sending an email, which also has implemented cloud computing. So read this article to know how cloud computing has become part of our daily life and its characteristics.

Latest features in Whatsapp: Keep your Whatsapp Profile Picture more secure

Do you think that your Whatsapp messenger Profile picture is safer and nobody can download your picture? Then you are wrong! Now anyone can download your profile picture if he has your number. But Whatsapp had also added a feature to keep your profile picture more secure. Check this article to know how it will be done. And also read about other new features introduced in new Whatsapp.

How to improve Page Ranking in Google Search

In this resource we are going to have a discussion on the very same but important topic that what else we require to improve on the page rank of our article, Blog etc. There is lot more to come and in this resource we will also have a discussion on the SEO tips but they will b e interlinked, so have a look.

Why DevOps? - Understanding DevOps

DevOps is one of the most trending topics in IT industry for quite a while. Everyone seems to know tits and bits about it but not what is DevOps. So in this article, efforts have been made to explain the concept of DevOps, so next time when someone asks you about it, you can speak confidently about it. Though DevOps is not a new terminology it has recently gained so much popularity that everyone is trying to understand and know more about it. As its gaining popularity, there are so many confusions among the

Highly Experienced SEO & Digital Marketing Trainer in Kochi

Are you worried about lack of traffic and Search Engine ranking of your blog or website? Do you want to market your products and services on social media, online and mobile platforms but do not know how? Then you definitely need an experienced trainer of SEO & Digital Marketing. This article brings to you such an experienced trainer.

What are the security risks involved in using public WiFi networks

If you are thinking you can take advantage of some free WiFi that is available in your surroundings, wait for a moment before connecting to it. Some hackers intentionally provide free WiFi connectivity so that they can steal the information from you. If you don't know the public WiFi security risks, there is a very high chance that your personal identity can be compromised. In this article, I will talk about the risks of using public WiFi and the various approaches to deal with it.

Computer Operating Systems: Process Scheduling

In this article we will learn the concept of process scheduling. In order to understand the same, we will also get into the details of scheduling queues, schedulers and lastly context switch. These altogether would serve as an important link to understand the working of modern day processors.

How to create & use a mobile wallet online

Want to know how to load cash and add funds in your mobile wallet? Looking for information on how to set up a mobile wallet account in India? This article explains the functions & uses of a mobile wallet and provides a list of mobile wallet service providers in India. You will get a clear understanding of the concept of mobile wallet transactions and for what type of payments it can be used. You will also know the advantages and disadvantages of mobile money transactions.

New Nokia 3310-Mobile phone specifications, features and price

Are you searching for the specifications and features of Nokia 3310 launched in 2017? Do you want to know about the recently launched classic 3310 model mobile phone of Nokia? Have a look into this article to get the specifications, features, price and much more detailed information about Nokia 3310(2017).

How to choose a laptop for home usage?

Planning to buy a new laptop? During your visit to the mall you will find so many brands of laptops. Should I go for one having many peripherals and features or the one which is cheapest? Which one shall I purchase? Which one is worth the money spent for long run? Here are few factors which I considered while purchased my laptop.

Counting Vowels In Text File Through C++ Programming

This is a short article that uses file handling concept in C++ programming. In this article we will make a C++ program which will create a function named calculate( ) which wil calculate the number of vowels in a text file named “para.txt”

How to make backup of Facebook account

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking websites in the world. Now almost everybody is present on Facebook. Everyday we upload our pictures, videos etc. on Facebook. In this article, I will show you that how you can create the backup of your Facebook account in few steps.

Six Tips for Purchasing Copy Machines.

It's essential to buy first rate copy machines that fulfill your work environments' needs, yet it's definitely not hard to be found napping by new models and expect that higher esteemed ones are better than the less costly ones. To offer you some help with exploring your way through the universe of copy machines, here's a plan of tips.

Complete list of Reliance Jio 4G LTE Network data plans and compatible smartphones

Want to know what are the Reliance Jio 4G data plans? Want a Reliance Jio SIM card? This article provides complete information on the prepaid and postpaid Reliance Jio 4G LTE Network data plans. You will also know how to get the preview offer with the Reliance Jio SIM card and the list of mobile devices compatible with the service.

Contiguous Memory Allocation

This article gives a brief idea on what is contiguous memory allocation. Its disadvantages and the solution to them are also discussed.

How to extend free trial period of Windows OS

In this article I will explain the step by step methods to extend the free trial period of Windows 7 operating system which is initially set to 30 days. Using the following methods you can extend the free usage period up to 360 days.

How to get Reliance Jio SIM with free 4G data

Searching for best 4G network at low cost? This article will help you connect to the fastest 4G internet called Reliance Jio. You can also enjoy free 4G data with Reliance Jio preview offer. Read this article to know how to get it.

Best 10 tips for safe online shopping

Those who are shopaholic frequently purchase products from online shopping sites and they will surely be wanting to stay safe and risk free. This article will guide you about various E-commerce related risks.

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