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India'S Battles And The Ruling Of The Peshwa

So many battles have been fought, many won and many lost, but amongst them there were a few rulers who stood out brighter than any star in the sky namely-The Peshwa's. India was under their ruling for quite sometime and India wouldn't have been what it was today if not for them. So what did the Peshwa's actually contribute to our country?

Right to Information Act

This article is to help know what RTI is and what the simple steps are to apply for our rights and government duties. In this it also shows the format of an RTI request towards the PIO. Also, where the RTI failed to produce post mortems for two prominent figures of our country, namely Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Sashtri is also clearly mentioned. Read on to find out.

Why Gandhi chose non violent movement?

There's a saying that goes, "you fight a sword with a sword", but Gandhiji turned the whole proverb around. He chose non co-operation over the the British to achieve success. Why did Gandhi chose this method? Why didn't he just order the people to attack the British? All question will be answered in this article.

What you can write about

We want to write something for our essay competition, or we want to submit an article at ISC! What do we write about? Will it be interesting? Should we reconsider and write on another topic? These are the questions that pop into our head when we have to write about something. I'm going to help those who need a little guidance

Science of mountains - their types

This article describes the different types of mountains and their formation. We know they exist but has any one thought about how they were formed? How even the word "mountains" makes us imagine huge rock structures with clouds above them but here we go into their different types and formation

The pursuit of peace

This is a story that I took from the inspiration of the song "The climb". It's about an impatient girl that finds peace and self-composure through a difficult journey. She wants things handed out to her on a silver platter and wants to achieve so much, but just doesn't have the patience. One day she lands up on an unknown island and that's when her journey of her attainment of true happiness happens

MBA 's 2011 situation in India

MBA once a upon a time was a hit with students out of degree, but now the time has come where people think that MBA is just a formality. What should MBA exactly be about? How should it be helpful to our nation?

Begging is the new profession

When you see a beggar on the road, the only thing you can do is pity him. Your filled with remorse and you hope for the person to have a better life. But there is much more that meets the eye. Our country has no scarcity for beggars nor does it have any for its scams at the same time. So what exactly can we expect when we see beggars come up to us at traffic signals and plead us for money?

Ways to overcome your stage-fear and speak in public

Stage-fear is a common attribute to many young and old alike and to overcome it one must know the art of public speaking. When you go up in front of a crowd your scared. Why? Are they going to throw tomatoes at you if you say something by mistake? No. The fear of being judged and laughed at might trigger a feeling of in-capability when you’re in front of a crowd. The way to overcome this is to feel confident.

Can auditors be blamed for the losses of the company?

Many people know that a company appoints an auditor to monitor and check the records and accounts and to certify that a company is clean. There are chances that mistakes will happen and this could send a company downwards or attract negative publicity. Amongst all this though, can the auditor be blamed for not checking the accounts properly? Can the auditor be accused of the company's losses?

What is orientalism?

Many people have a tendency to confuse an Arab with a Muslim, and this goes especially towards the typical American citizens. All Arabs are necessarily not Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs, yet people tend to group both of them under the same category. When Indian's have such an issue about caste's and wouldn't want to be grouped under different castes, then how can you expect people of such groups to tolerate them being type-casted without knowing the difference?

Divorce and its effects on children

Many couples who marry expect a life of happiness and joy ahead of them. No one will anticipate that there has to be fights and that even if there were then there wouldn't be a way out of it, but at times there are issues that can't be sorted out. There are times when adjustments can't be made any more, and when it boils down to that situation, divorce is the only way out. But what are there problems that couple's face?

Global and Indian economic crisis-causes, effects and solutions

In the years of 1992-98 we thought liberalization was a boon, it was thought that it would provide India with higher economic standards, prosperity to people in the hope that India would become a regional power if not a superpower, but all of this vanished within 10 years of its implementation of liberalization by 2008. Why? Read on to find out.

Pineal Gland- The third eye

Most of you would know about the pineal gland because of your biology subject, but has any one actually paid attention to it? I just realized a point that could save some-one from being blinded all their life.

Continous Comprehensive Evaluation

With the changing syllabuses for students and the grade system being implemented into the schools, and especially the CBSE and ICSE schools, it boils down to the question whether Contious Comprehensive Evalutaion is actually necessary?

For all those who don't go to college regularly in Hyderabad!

There are many students who take up other courses or part-time jobs along with their degrees, but at the same time they worry as to how they can cope with the syllabus. I here will help them out and give them a little of what I did to get myself through as I'm doing CA along with B.Com as well

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