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Mechanical Engineering Projects in Jagruth Tech Pvt Ltd

We are engaged in delivering business solutions to current competitive technology in various engineering domains. We offer value engineering and consultancy services to sectors namely Aircraft, Turbo machinery, Automotives, Wind mills, Heavy Engineering equipments etc .

How to develop good writing skills in English?

Writing is one of the art and powerful tool to express our views. It is really essential for all of us to develop our writing skills. In this resource I am sharing some tips with you to develop good writing skills in English.

4-Week Summer Photography course (3rd May to 2nd June 2017)

Want to discover your "other side" this summer 4-Week Summer Photography course (3rd May to 2nd June 2017) MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE, Chennai, a venture of Rajiv Menon, Director-Cinematographer, besides its regular courses on Cinematography and Screenwriting, is launching the 4-Week Summer Photography course for the serious beginners.

Yadagirigutta- A pilgrim centre

Yadagirigutta is a pilgrim center in the state of telangana. The deity here is Sri Lakshmi Narasimha swamy. This article is to know about this place and understand the importance. The town is about 60 Km from Hyderabad and very near to Bhongir.

My experiences in handling incidents

Narration of my experience of handling of incidents which are very sensitive and risky. When some mishap happens affecting the public because of our acts,the hardships we face are very high. So we should be cautious and careful always.

Education institute now a days becoming a money machine true business

Ohh...In India educational institute specially engineering colleges are like fish market. If you have money no need to worry about anything . Surely you can get a degree from an institute. And government should introduce some job oriented course instead of some unwanted course.

A Guide to Choose a Boarding School for Your Child

The decision whether to send your child to a regular school or a boarding school often boggles a lot of parents. The physical separation from the family and adjusting to the new environment can be difficult for the child. But, the benefits of educating your child at a boarding school are worth the trouble.

If you are looking for BCA ,MCA classes and project work.

If you are looking for BCA ,MCA classes and project work .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine houses many top Government Medical Universities that offer MBBS, MD and other degrees in medicine. Most of the medical universities of Ukraine are recognized by WHO, UNESCO and the Medical Councils of many countries including India. No entrance examination is required to get admission in MBBS in Ukraine. The complete duration of an MBBS program in Ukraine is six years

Reasons to Choose Russia as a preferred destination for MBBS

Russian medical universities are well equipped with the most advanced educational systems and infrastructure in the world. The students from many countries including India, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc prefer Russia over other countries to pursue MBBS and other medical courses.

Quantitative Aptitude questions for IBPS PO Prelim Exams:

IBPS PO Exams are the qualifying exams if you want to be a probationary officer in any of the nationalized bank except State Bank and its associate banks. Now this exam is divided in three stages like prelims, main and then interview. The advertisement for this exam gets published. So, here is a collection of Quantitative Aptitude questions which came frequently in these types of exams, which will give you a clear guideline for the exam.

Is English Surpassing Indian Language?

English and Hindi are two official languages of India.India is a complex nation with a society hierarchical in nature.We should promote the use of mother tongue rather than stop using English language.

Ecotourism-improve the well-being

Ecotourism is a responsible travel to natural areas.An integral part of ecotourism is the promotion of recycling,energy efficiency,water conservation and creation of economic opportunities for local communities.

Earn while you learn – The online MBA

In recent times combining work along with learning has difficult, and mostly has become impossible. In this article, a solution for that problem has been discussed. Online MBA can help you in learning while still, you can earn. It is the latest trend to learn via online, try online MBA and benefit yourself.

Earn while you learn – The online MBA

Earning and learning is the new success mantra, which goes hand-in-hand for the ambitious, young, and energetic students. The following article emphasizes on the growing concept of earn and learn and suggests some lucrative online degree courses, which let you learn while continuing with your job.

Preamble to the Constitution Of India

The Preamble to the Indian Constitution is a kind of introduction to the statute. It indicates the source of our constitution, i.e. the people of India. In this article, I've explained about the purpose of the preamble, the objectives enshrined in it and how it establishes India into a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic.

Recipe of healthy and yummy Aragula Lettuce cooked with Fete Cheese and Watermelon:

Aragula Lettuce cooked with Fete Cheese and Watermelon is a yummy recipe that you can try any time in your kitchen. This dish is just ideal for the summer time as water melon is used in this recipe which is very much helpful in replenishing the energy and pH balance of human body. Aragula lettuce and chopped mint leaves adds freshness in this recipe which makes it more delicious.

Study in china for September session

the only thing that keep life going is 'EDUCATION'. no matter where you obtained it. it will lead you towards the sky. many suffering comes and obstacles come and go the only thing that keep up you in your life is light of knowledge that exactly the education perpose

Ambition: Never Ending Battle

Where does being too ambitious lead you? You cannot define ambition in one way, in fact it is double-edged. It is a constant voice nagging you to do more and also driving force behind every accomplishment. But have you ever thought being too ambitious might have restrain you from doing something else and just focusing on accomplishment. Have you ever thought how much ambition is right for you?

11 Top sun care beauty products from VLCC

Looking for information on sun screen products in the Indian market? This article provides a list of some of the more popular sunscreen products in India from VLCC that you can try this summer. The main benefit of these products are they are made with natural ingredients.

Child Marriage's: - Worst Than Rape

Child marriages have been strictly banned in India since a long time in Indian history. But even today this age-old practice is continued in some parts of India. And young children's are becoming the primary victims of this dirty tradition. This article is based on the ill-effects of child marriage and its adverse effects on our society.


It is a linear data structure in which the elements are arranged in linear order.The successive elements of list are placed any where in the memory,unlike arrays,in which the elements are placed contiguous location in memory.Each element is called a node.Thus,a linked list is a set of nodes,in which the node consists of at least two fields,'DATA' and 'LINK' fields.The data field can also be called as the information field and the link field is also called as next address field.

CMA Foundation Course Syllabus with details

Syllabus 2016 – Foundation Course Paper – 1 Fundamentals of Economics and Management Paper – 2 Fundamentals of Accounting Paper – 3 Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics Paper – 4 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistics

Special features of Bihar

Bihar is a land ,which gave birth Buddhism and Jainism.Its tradition and culture are very significant. It took great part in India Freedom Movement. Many places are worth to visit.Literacy rate is poor. It is developing fast.

Shivaay - Movie Review

The entire article is on the review of film Shivaay which is directed by Ajay Devgan. It's a story based on a fathers' love for his daughter and how he takes revenge and saves his daughter from those people who kidnap her and forcefully put her into flesh trade business.

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