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Yoga for a healthy life

Yoga means uniting the body, mind and soul in a spiritual way. Yoga also means relaxing the body, mind and soul of an individual in a particular way. It has its own methods to follow in order to relax our mind and unite the soul and our mind. Yoga helps an individual mind to be calm and also boost the self-confidence.

HCG Injections can be dangerous to women's Health.

HCG Injection means Human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG supports the hormone in the normal development of egg in women's ovary and also stimulates the release of an egg during ovulation. HCG injection is also used for increasing the sperm count in man and for women it is used to cause ovulation and also it treats infertility in women.

Ericsson Hiring : Reporting Analyst July 2016@ Gurgaon, Haryana

Ericsson is a world leading provider of communications technology & services. Our offerings include services, consulting, software & infrastructure within Information & Communications Technology for telecom operators & other industries. Candidates required to apply immediately.

Herbal tips to be a Beautiful and Radiant Bride

Want to look stunning on your wedding day? Are you concerned about your skin, hair and other problems? This article provides herbal and natural tips to help you look radiant on your wedding day. Follow these eye, skin, lip, teeth, hair, hand and foot care tips to look beautiful on your wedding day.

Job Oriented Mechanical Design Courses for Oil & Energy Sector

Are you looking for job in Oil & Energy Sector, We Invites Applications for various job oriented Skill Development Training and Certification programs for Mechanical Engineers in to Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Power, Energy & Infrastructure Sector.

Dos and Don'ts when Mobile Phone falls in water

There may be a time were your phone falls in water and stops working. You might not have an optional phone with you and you might wonder what can be done at the moment. Read this article which tells Do's and Don'ts when your phone falls in water.

The story of every students life

This is my first article after membership and I started it with story. the story is about how we expected and what actually happened in our life so don't expect much more from every single small achievement and make every achievement simple.

Anatomy of computers

Computer: Computer is machine where it accepts data from the user, stores the data, calculates the data and gives an correct output to the user. Computer performs these fundamental steps: 1) INPUT: Accepts the data and instruction from the user from input devices like Keyboard, Mouse light pen etc 2) PROCESS: It processes the data and instructions given by the user 3) OUTPUT: Gives the correct answer to the data and instructions given by the user. the ouput devices are monitor, printer etc

What??? after class 12


Making India Awesome

Here Chetan Bhagat share some of his ideas and points which he thinks India should inculcate. This is mostly devoted to the awesome youth of India who are the majority living people in this land of billion sparks!

Union Cabinet approves the 7th Pay Comission

The Union Cabinet has approved the 7th Central pay commission on pay and pension which will be effective from 1st Jan 2016 and would be given in the salary of July 2016. Although the lowest throughout but this is a big pay hike for over a crore government employees and pensioners. With this raise, several senior government officials will draw a higher salary.

Balaji optics | large format f-mount lenses | machine vision |

BalaJi MicroTechnologies is india's No.1 Manufacturer of high performance Machine Vision & Line Scan Cameras, Machine Vision lenses & Complete Machine Vision solutions etc. The company designs, develops digital imaging products & machine vision solutions. Our company core interest lies in ITS/surveillance, Industrial/machine vision and medical imaging domain.

Ricoh lenses | ricoh | ricoh lens and cameras

We are the leading official channel partner for RICOH JAPAN Machine Vision lens & Cameras. The group is into business since 1949 "BalaJi MicroTechnologies is leading supplier of Ricoh lenses , Ricoh Camera & Complete Machine Vision solutions etc. The company designs, develops digital imaging products & machine vision solutions.

Line scan camera machine vision lens machine vision germany

BlueVision Technologies Europe GmbH is a leading Germany based company, We are privately held & unit of "B.B. Group of Companies". The group is into business since 1949."We are leading manufacturer of high performance Machine Vision & Line Scan Cameras, Machine Vision lenses & Complete Machine Vision solutions etc.

Global Warning - Final alert to cease Human stupidity !

We all acknowledge that our earth isn't the same it was once,right? Yet ,do we even contribute to its conservation ? We humans called other organisms as "Animals",whereas reality proposes the vice versa. We are killing our own mother and are in search of a better step-mother.

Hadrian & Ganymede- A love story beyond human perception

This is my attempt to portray a beautiful fictional love story (some contents are quite disturbing. ) Most of us view homosexuality as a sin. And recently things haven't been going good for homosexuals.They are harassed both mentally and physically in many countries. I just hope my article contributes to the safety and respect to homosexuality.

Tamilnadu – introduction

TAMIL NADU ,is one of the best state in india with beautiful cities ,temple towns,serene beaches,hills and resorts . this state not only famous for the above mentioned ones but also for its historical and archeological treasures. Tamilnadu is a state where both ancient and mordern traditions go side by side.For tourist the state has lot to offer as a surprise from the majestic hills of western ghats to the magnificent beaches on coramandel coast , not to mention the beautiful built temples .

Top ten universities/institutes of India for corresponence MBA

MBA and Post-Graduate Diploma in Management are considered to be the most coveted courses in the country. Due to increasingly stiff competition, many aspirants don't get the opportunity to take admission in B-schools . In addition, many working candidates aspire to take admission in management courses for improving career prospects. This article provides a list of Indian universities and institutes which offer recognised management courses. This will be helpful for the aspirants.

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