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Tax Rebate for Employee in India

The Income tax department of India offers various different methods for salaried employees to save on taxes. These methods have proved to be very effective in order to avail tax rebate in India. The tax rebate is the monetary exclusion that decreases the taxable income.

How to Choose Term Insurance Plan in India?

Are you looking for tips on how to choose term insurance plan in India. This post might help you as it contains the necessary tips. This includes checking the reliability of the insurance company and comparing the claim settlement ratio of different companies.

Tell Me About Yourself: Tips To Answer This Basic Interview Question

What is the correct approach to face the "Tell Me About Yourself" request?"Tell Me About Yourself" is a manner to break the ice and make you comfortable amid the interview process. It's likewise an approach for the hiring manager to peek into your identity to help decide whether you're a solid match for the job.

2018 Maharashtra Common Entrance Tests (MAH-CET) schedule

Looking for 2018 MAH-CET dates? Planning to get admission to an undergraduate, postgraduate or integrated courses in a college or university in Maharashtra? Learn from this article the timetable of all the 2018 Maharashtra Common Entrance Tests (CETs) scheduled for each course.

Why does online reputation management

There are many other reasons why it is important to have an online reputation management process to help you with social media and other digital marketing campaigns, but this is just a few reasons for considering the reasons.

Islam- Creation of Dog by Almighty Allah.............

As we are human beings, everyone of us are very eager to know about new interesting things and here I have come with a nice topic about an animal which gives great company to the human beings and many of us have this animal as a best friend, best pet and some may don't like it. Yes I am talking about Dog. Actually a Dog has 3 major qualities like: !. It is humble to his owner/ care taker....... 2.It shouts all the night. 3. It bites sometime without any reason ( very insane). How this qualities posses

Scope of Interior design in India

This article gives complete information on the current scope of interior design. Here you can find the detail information needs in interior designing such as courses, eligibility, and colleges. This will help you to advance your career in Interior designing.

Data Science and the Most Tempting Job of the 21st Century

What is data science and how does it work? How is data science affecting the latest marketing strategies? Data Scientist: The most desirable job of the 21st century according to Harvard Business Review. What are the skills required to become a data scientist? Everything in one article.

SSC CHSL Eligibility

Staff Selection commission CHSL(Combined Higher Secondary Level) examination complete details : Eligibility, Age limit, Selection procedure, Topics to prepare for online examination and Descriptive test.

Health and its importance in life

Nothing in the life is more valuable than health that's why health is considered as wealth. A healthy person can do anything according to his wish because he has the ability and energy to do that. Healthy persons are always person physically and mentally fit.

Child s transformation.......................................the little pressures ,and happiness...

Childhood is one of the most precious moments of life ,which will be rememebered by you and also by others.You will be noted for the small mistakes and will be one of the biggest entertainers for all the people ,around you .People around will always play with you and will secretly provide you with candies and gifts ,but we always don't get good ,there is always some bad associated with the good and people will always see and observe your attitude . Life s best time is childhood time.

Why being an introvert or extrovert doesn't matter?

Note:-This Post Is Mainly Dedicated To Those Introverts Who Feel Inferior And Have Low Self Confidence Because Of Extroverts. As An Introvert, You Can Be Your Best Friend Or Your Own Worst Enemy.The Good News Is We Generally Like Our Company.A Quality That Extroverts Often Envy.We Find Comfort In Solitude And Know How To Soothe Ourselves.Even Our Willingness To Look At Ourself Critically Is Often Helpful:-Laurie Helgoe

How to deal with Pressure cooker carefully ?

Here is the advice on how to open the lid of the pressure cooker after the entire steam is let off and allowed the cooker to be cooled down. Even after the cooker cooled down, the steam would be high and what precaution to be taken has been mentioned here.

Are chocolates good for health?

Chocolates are very popular but whether they are good for health is debatable. Of course eating chocolates occasionally is harmless. Too much of it is not good. But at the same time some research suggests that dark chocolates are better for health compared to other chocolates.

Top 52 Amazing Facts about Earth.

World Earth Day: Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in America on April 22, 45 years ago. This is an annual event that is celebrated worldwide. 192 countries celebrate it. US Senator Gordon Nelson has been on April 22 after World Earth Day celebrations. They were worried about the environment. Come, we have brought you such Earth Facts that will surprise you by reading:

Digital Disrupts the Higher Ed Landscape - What the future Indian Colleges will be like

Digital tech and online education models have already created a huge revolution in the learning industry. but what will be the future? Will Elearning replace higher ed or support it? Will it create alternative college systems or just shift existing structures online? Will traditional book learning remain or will education become a 3D game? And what about the job market, will it accept online education at the same level as traditional universities? We lay out a wide range of possibilities for the future of

Exploring the beauty of Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with lots of natural beauty. Here you will find old temple, mountains, green vales, rivers, monastery's and lot to explore. Nepal is also known as queen of natural beauty of Himalayan land.

Common mistakes in English speaking.

We all know that English is one of the most speaking language. We all communicate in an English language but here there are some mistakes which we make unnecessary may be in our daily speaking. so I suggest you all to go through once through these sentences.

What After 12th arts science commerce?

I will help to find all possibilities for your future after 12th Hello, you are in 12th and getting ready for boards but is confused what to do after that.You may want to pursue ahead in your career and you don't know what to do so I have everything for all the 12th students of science commerce and arts what to do after 12th. Is jee neet are only options. Have a look

Benifits of reading book

The habit of reading book is the best policy to develop sound and precise knowledge. This article comprehends how reading book is benificial to the children and elder ones. It depicts the different ways, by which a book is useful to us.

Social Media: The Changing Face of the Education in India

This article is about the rise and rise of social media due to recent spurt of disruptions in the mobile technology along with the changing mindset of people that education is just limited to the textbooks of eighties of last centuries. For instance the edutech channels on youtube and websites etc. are booming leaps and bound. Till sometimes past these channels were more or less synonymous to the social media. Does it has a warning sign for education? Will it lead to betterment of knowledge economy?

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