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Global Warning - Final alert to cease Human stupidity !

We all acknowledge that our earth isn't the same it was once,right? Yet ,do we even contribute to its conservation ? We humans called other organisms as "Animals",whereas reality proposes the vice versa. We are killing our own mother and are in search of a better step-mother.

Hadrian & Ganymede- A love story beyond human perception

This is my attempt to portray a beautiful fictional love story (some contents are quite disturbing. ) Most of us view homosexuality as a sin. And recently things haven't been going good for homosexuals.They are harassed both mentally and physically in many countries. I just hope my article contributes to the safety and respect to homosexuality.

What to carry and what not? Confused ??? Read it !

This article is all about what you should carry with you on your trips. Its so confusing .. :( Atleast for me , I usually forget the essential things that I should have carried along . So here's the tip for you guys ! Just read it out it is very helpful and hope you all like it :)

Annavaram a pilgrimage spot in Andhra Pradesh

State of Andhra Pradesh has innumerable pilgrimage spots or centers , Annavaram is a famous pilgrimage spot situated in north Andhra. Devotes are thronged to have Darshanam of Lord "Satyanarayana " swamy along with his consort "Rama Devi".

Which advisory companies services to be hired

when we are entering into trading business without market knowledge will search for market advisor help , whenever we are opting advisory services we must ensure the genuinity of that advisory company

Vegetable Manchurian Recipe

In this article we are going to describe about What is Vegetable Manchurian? What are the Ingredients required to prepare Manchurian? How to Prepare Manchurian Sauce from the ingredients? How to prepare the Manchurian in 35 min in a simple method? How to serve in a better way by good garnishing?

Short Stories for Children

In this article we are going to give the list of short stories for children. These stories are very attractive and give good messages & moral to children and also satisfies the current society needs and requirements.

About the history of Internet

This article is related to the history of the internet as we know that internet is the largest communication in the world where we can get any information about any topic, so that i wrote this article on the history of internet.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

This article explain about the how United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea are established and also their article where useful the people of the United Nations. The person who read this article they can get lot of information about United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Aonla tree features and benefits

The article provide you the detailed description about what is aonla tree? what are the characteristics? What are the benefits of using aonla tree in different aspects in our daily life such as Health Benefits, Ayurvedic Benefits

Multimedia over IP (Internet Protocol)

As internet is highly popular, many efforts are made to make multimedia over IP a reality. Hence, many protocols etc,. are introduced. In this article, I am going to discuss about the key issues, protocols etc., related to multimedia over IP.

Quality of Multimedia Data Transmission

Multimedia data transmission refers to transmission of multimedia i.e. continuous media. In this article, quality of multimedia data transmission which contains quality of service, quality of service for internet protocol and prioritized delivery is discussed.

Different Product Metrics - Software Engineering

To understand the attributes of models better, some measures can be used to assess the quality of engineered products. These measures are what called as product metrics. In this article, I am going to discuss different product metrics using which a software can be assessed.

Types of Video Signals and Videos

Read this article if you want to know about the types of video signals i.e. Component Video, Composite Video and S Video (Separated Video or Super Video) or the types of videos i.e. analog video (with NTSC, PAL, SECAM standards) and digital video in detail.

Algebraic Laws for Regular Expressions

It is important to maintain the length of a regular expression. To do that, some algebraic laws are needed which can be used in simplifying the complex regular expressions. In this article, I am going to discuss about the various algebraic laws for regular expressions.

Central concepts of Automata Theory

Automata Theory is used in the software for designing and checking digital circuits, software for scanning large bodies of text and many more. In this article, I am going to introduce the most important definitions of terms used in automata theory like languages, strings etc,.

5S Quality Technique

5S is a quality technique which helps in reducing waste and optimizing productivity by maintaining an orderly workplace. Implementation of this method cleans up and organizes the workplace basically in its existing configuration.

Benefits of studying Linguistics abroad

The following article is about linguistics that explains what is linguistics. Details are provided about from where students can learn this and what are career options available for a linguist. This article also talks about benefits of studying linguistics abroad.

MBA Admission 2016 at Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh

The Department of Management Studies has started its admission to MBA courses for the session 2016-17. Aryans Group of Colleges offers full-time Master degree in Business Administration. The College invites application for MBA programme each year, and the admission process is carried out through Online and Offline mode. The college offers various specialization of MBA programme such as Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Information technology and analysis to different operational management.

BCA Admission 2016 at Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh

Aryans Group of Colleges invites applicants for Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) for the academic session 2016. Aryans Group of Colleges BCA admission 2016 notification has been published on college website i.e.

BA Admission 2016 at Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh

Aryans Group of Colleges has started its admission in the Department of Arts for the session 2016. The College invites application for BA programme each year, and the admission is carried out both online and offline mode. The applicants who have passed 12th standard in any stream are eligible to take admission in this course. This course covers subjects like History, Economics, Punjabi, Hindi, English, Sociology and Psychology.

Higher studies in Belgium

Belgium, a country having borders with France, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, is known for its world-famous cities, exotic cuisines and very high standard of higher education. Due to excellent job opportunities, recognition of degrees and welcoming environment, many students all over the world including Indians enrol themselves in Belgian academic institutions and universities. The present article provide information about higher studies in Belgium. Read on for detailed information.

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