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What to do before, during and after the earthquake

Earthquake is a natural disaster which comes unannounced. Moreover, a large part of India is prone to earthquake. So, we must learn the essential steps to be taken before, during and after an earthquake. Read this article to know more.

What to do before, during and after the cyclone?

Tropical cyclones cause extensive damage in almost every year in the coastal areas of the world. In this article, the author discusses how to remain safe during the cyclone. Read the article to know various 'dos' before, during and after the cyclone.

Understand different categories of insurance policy

Basically insurance is a plain and simple concept of protecting a person's life or property. It also provides protection in cases of medical emergencies. But the insurance agents have made this simple concept very complicated. So, to avoid the agents, it is necessary to know various types of insurance policies. This would enable us to assess our needs and take particular policy according to our needs.

Know some easy tips for financial independence

For financial independence, every earning person must take some simple but significant steps. In this article, the author discusses some simple steps which would enable us to become financially independent. Read on to know more.

Characteristics of a successful lawyer

With the advancement of society, litigations have increased. As a result, more and more young men and women are joining legal profession. In this article, the author has discussed various characteristic traits of successful lawyers.

Characteristics of successful candidates in competitive examinations

Competitive examinations are held where the number of positions are very limited. The competitive examinations are totally different than conventional examinations. In this article, the author discusses the characteristic traits of successful candidates in various competitive examinations. Read to know more.

Characteristics of Investigative Journalists

Investigative journalism has developed into a prominent branch of journalism. It has certain glamour associated with it. But it is definitely risky. In this article, the author discusses the characeteristics of a successful investigative journalist.

Characteristics of a good officer

An officer implements the policy of the management. On the other hand, he has to get the work done by the subordinates. An efficient manager possesses some qualities. The author has discussed the characteristics of an efficient manager. Read on to know more.

Know how to groom your personality

Grooming of personality is an important requirement in the present society. For proper and successful interaction with others, it is essential to groom our personality. In this article, the author discusses some tips to develop various positive personality traits. Read to know.

Thigh cramp: Reasons and Ways to prevent

Every human being has had experience of thigh cramp, which is very painful and causes considerable distress. In this article, the author discusses the causes of thigh cramp and the ways to minimize it. Read to know more.

Seven essential financial tasks for single mothers

The life of a single mother is very tough. Although her first priority is the education of her children, she has to think about her own future. In this article, the author discusses seven essential financial tasks for a working single mother.

Best ways to gain weight naturally

It is quite natural for an underweight person to try to gain weight. In the present article, various ways to naturally gain weight has been discussed. If a person wants to gain weight, these steps must be followed. At the same time, such persons must not fall in the trap of the advertisements of the weight-gaining medicines/capsules which propagate gaining weight with the help of those medicines.

Best ways to learn to communicate in a foreign language in three months

The world is gradually transforming into a global village and the communication among people of various parts of the world is increasing. In the present scenario, it is becoming more necessary to learn to effectively communicate in foreign languages. This article discusses effective steps of communicating in a new language within a short period of time.

Best ways to live a peaceful and active retired life

With the development of healthcare, the life of human being has increased considerably. As a result, even after retirement from active work, people do have the ability to contribute gainfully for the development of family and society. In this article, the author discusses how retired people can live a peaceful and active retired life by meaningful contribution.

Best ways to adjust in workplace by a fresher

The environment of the workplace is totally different than that of an educational institution. A fresher may find it difficult to the work enviornment. this article discusses the ways to be adopted by a fresher to adjust in new work place. Read to know.

Who will listen to her complaint?

A mining company started its operation in the jungle forcing most of the animals to leave. But she has to feed her young cub. What is the solution? What are the repurcussions of her decision? Read to know more......

Know the health benefits of jackfruit and jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit is a very common food available in various parts of India. Jackfruit is taken both as fruit as well as in curry. Jackfruit and jackfruit seeds have multiple health benefits due to presence of many nutrients. This article discusses the benefits of jackfruit and its seeds. Read to know further.....

Know the natural cures for vertigo

Many people suffer from vertigo. They feel that the entire surroundings or they themselves are moving or spinning. These people experience a sense of disorientation. In this article, the author has discussed some common natural remedies for vertigo. These items are easily available in India and can definitely reduce the effects of vertigo to a large extent.

What to do after dog bite

With the increase in number of street dogs, the dog-bite cases have been increasing rapidly all over India. In case of dog-bite, the person must not panick. He/She should wash the area with water and soap and take anti-rabies injection timely. This article discusses the issue in details. Read on

Know six reasons to sell your mutual fund

Generally investors invest in mutual funds according to their investment goals, time-horizon and risk-taking abilities. There are various types of funds for different types of investors. However, the investors are always in doubt to determine when to sell a mutual fund. In this article, the author discusses six reasons to sell a mutual fund. Read to know.

Best Hockey Academies in India

Hockey was one of the most popular sports in India. Indian hockey players brought many laurels for the country. Slowly but steadily hockey has been regaining its lost popularity in India. The guardians are now interested to send their children in the hockey acaemies for scientific training. This article provides the details of top five hockey academies of India.

Know the differences between Debt Mutual Fund and Bank Fixed Deposit

The investment experts all over the world advise investors to prefer debt mutual funds over bank FDs. This is especially relevant during the falling interest rate regimee. In the present article, the author compares various factors in respect of debt mutual fund and bank FD. The article would help the investors to take informed investment decision.

Know the best football coaching academies of India

Slowly but steadily football has been regaining its lost popularity in India. The guardians are now interested to send their children in the football academies for scientific training. This article provides the details of top football academies of India.

Career after Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

With the increasing reliance on computer systems, the job opportunities for Computer Engineers have been increasing rapidly. The Diploma-holders in CSE are also regularly recrited by armed forces, PSUs and in private sector. In this article, the author discusses career opportunities of Diploma engineers in CSE. Read to know more.

Career after M.A in Sociology

With globalisation and strengthening of service sectors, the students of Sociology are now getting more and more career opportunities in diverse areas beside working as teachers and lecturers. In this article, the author discusses the career opportunities available for the post-graduates of Sociology.

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