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The Best Engineering Colleges In India: Engineering Colleges Ranked By An Engineering Student

The following article contains a list of the best engineering s of India. The article first analyzes about the credibility and relevance of engineering college rankings and then gives justification over the author's approach in compiling the qualitative standings of the top engineering colleges of India. The last part of the article focuses on the grouped engineering college rankings.

Why is engineering the most popular career option in India?

The article analyses the reasons of engineering being the most popular career option in India. The reasons revolve around the increasing number of private engineering colleges in India, the envious pay packages received by some of the engineering graduates, the wide array of career opportunities and options after engineering, and finally the stereotypical psyche of Indian parents regarding engineering as a career option.

How To Stay Fit And Healthy In The Rainy Season?

The following resource is a health article about the common health issues one encounters in the rainy season. It tells about all of the common diseases and health conditions prevailing in the rainy season like stomach problems, issues, skin ailments, eye infections and issues. In its second part, the article tell about all the precautions one must follow in rainy season to avoid any sort of health problems in the rainy season.

Facebook To Launch In-Browser Video Chat Soon With An Alliance With Skype

Facebook is set to announce an in-browser video chat feature in the coming days. It has been learnt that this social network has allied with Skype to launch its latest feature of video chat. Is this another dimension of the war between Google plus and Facebook? Read on, to know more about all this scintillating piece of news which could revolutionize the whole of social networking industry.

Google Plus Privacy Features: How Google Plus Is Better And Much More Advanced Than Facebook?

The following article makes the readers aware about the basic of Google plus like Circles, Spark, Hangouts, Instant Updates and Huddles. The article tells about the fronts on which Google plus scores over Face. The following article analyses the impact which Google plus can have on the supremacy of Facebook. Read on to know how Google plus is much more user friendly and how it can guard the privacy of its users. The article also discussed the latest feature by Google known as Google Takeout.

Google Plus Vs. Facebook: Can Google Plus Really Beat Facebook?

The following is an insight into the possibility of social network war between Google plus and Facebook. The article first analyses the history of online social network wars and the focuses on the current situation before the launching of Google plus. The article analyses the challenges for Google plus, Google plus as a threat to Facebook and finally the possibility of co-existence of these social networks.

Most anticipated 10 sequels from Hollywood in 2011

The following article gives a list of much anticipated sequels of Hollywood which will be released this year. The article also gives the past movies and net gross for each franchise. So, hop on to know what the famous production houses are planning to serve you this year and what all of us can expect from Hollywood this year in terms of sequels.

Six Simple Steps To Reduce Weight And Burn Belly Fat

The following write-up gives some basic steps to be followed if one wishes to reduce his weight or look smarter by flattening his belly. These steps aren't too complex and one can follow them without sparing much time and spending much efforts.

Alternative energy sources as replacements to fossil fuels

The following article analyzes the need for finding proper replacements of fossil fuels to satisfy our energy needs. It also discusses the various options we have as far as alternative energy sources are concerned, and also the pros and cons to be considered before using them. All the analysis has been done keeping in mind the energy situation of India.

Different Types of Glasses and their uses

This article is about the various types of glass we use in our day to day lives, and how is each type different from others and their specific uses. This article is about the various types of glass we use in our day to day lives, and how is each type different from others and their specific uses.

The fate of our universe

The following articles tries to unravel the ultimate mystery of the fate of our universe. Is our universe immortal? Or is it bound to die? If yes, then how will it die? Find this all in the following article.

The Hindu Philosophy

This article gives a brief introductory idea about the Hindu and all the Hindu schools of philosophy.

Is IIT-JEE Coaching a must to crack the IIT entrance ?

This article is about the current criticism of IIT-JEE coaching institutes. Many of us doubt whether training from a IIT-JEE training centre really help to get the admission or just the school training be enough to crack the IIT exam? This article tells you the advantages and disadvantages of the coaching institutes on the basis of my experiences as a student.

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