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What to do on your first trek or hike – the ultimate checklist

Trekking is a fun activity which can go horribly wrong if the right precautions are not taken. Here is a guide to basic things that most first-time trekkers miss ignore. o have a Follow the trekking tips and have a fun-filled, memorable trip. Know how to prepare for your first trek.

Weight loss diet mistakes to avoid

Doing the wrong things while on a weight loss diet can negate its effects. Should you avoid fat and carbs or should you eat just protein? Find out why such fad diets won't give you desired results. Follow this weight loss guide and lose all the extra pounds.

How to teach your child to accept defeat

Winning and losing are part and parcel of life. But, how does one teach your child to face defeats? What strategies can parents adopt that can help their children face adversities? Read on to learn the right parenting techniques to follow.

Feminism and stay at home women - a debate

The author discusses feminism and how it connects with the freedom to choose. Is a homemaker any less feminist than a woman who has a high-paying job? Feminism is about equality and that includes the right to make decisions. A working woman who leaves her job to be a full-time homemaker is a big feminist because she follows her heart.

10 health benefits of eating black grapes

Black grapes are not just a tasty fruit, they are packed with plenty of nutrients that offer many health benefits. One fruit with multiple benefits - grapes keep the heart healthy, fight cancer, regulate blood sugar and even help to maintain weight, healthy bones, skin and hair.

How to come out of a toxic relationship

Relationships can sometimes turn toxic. Learn to recognise signs of a toxic relationship and how you can help yourself get out of the situation. Is it worth being in a bad relationship or are you more important?

What are the active acids in face creams and body lotions

What is the role of all the ingredients in your jar of night cream and that bottle of hand and body lotion? How do glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and all the other acids added to skin products improve skin? Are these ingredients harmful? What are the natural substitutes that can be used for skin care routines at home?

Motivation lies within you – recognize it!

How do you remain focused and motivated? Look within yourself to find ways to stay motivated. Motivation is an attitude that comes from within. You can do things better when you remain positive and focus on the right things. Here are five pointers to help you stay motivated.

The windows, balconies and verandas of my life

Do you see the beauty of nature or look out at an ugly concrete jungle from your window? Windows, balconies and verandas of my life is a narration of how the author's world has changed. These openings once provided pleasant visuals, but now the views have been marred. Man is slowly taking over and nature is being pushed away.

Significance of Ash Wednesday and rituals

When is Ash Wednesday in 2018? When does Lent begin this year? Do I have to go to Church on Ash Wednesday? Can I eat meat on Ash Wednesday? This article give informative answers to all your questions.

Signs & symptoms that you need to drink more water

Dehydration can be prevented by drinking 2-3 litres of water a day. How do you know that you are drinking enough water? The human body lets you know that you need to drink more water. It sends out signs and symptoms. Find out if you need to drink more water.

Ensure a nutritional and diet supplement

Your body's nutritional requirements change as you grow older. Discover Ensure a complete health supplement that delivers 32 essential nutrients. It is an oral supplement for adults. I use Ensure and have found it beneficial.

Luz Church – Our Lady of Light, Mylapore Chennai

In the heart of Chennai, in Mylapore, stands a 500-year-old Church, dedicated to Mother Mary. The Shrine of Our Lady of Lights is also called the Luz Church. Built by the Portuguese, the origins of the church has an interesting narrative. It is a place of worship with miraculous powers.

What is that leaking from my car? Identifying car leaks

It is easy to go into panic on seeing oily spots on the floor where your car was parked. What could it be? Could there be a serious problem with the car? Will you be able to drive the car or will it have to be towed to a workshop? This article covers all you need to know about the most common fluid leaks in a car.

Detox to rejuvenate, revitalize and revive yourself

Detoxification involves making lifestyle changes that comprise of healthy choices. The plan includes consuming healthy foods and drinks, exercising, meditating and indulging beauty regimes, with a sole purpose of rejuvenating the body and mind. A detox programme is designed to leave you revitalised and refreshed.

How to make homemade Marzipan this Christmas

Looking for an easy home-made Christmas Marzipan recipe? Marzipan is one of those simple recipes that not only taste divine, but is also quick to make. Learn how to prepare marzipan in your own kitchen and surprise your family and guests this Christmas. Try the vegetarian and egg based versions of this all time favourite.

How to become a professional photographer – a career guide

Photography is counted as a skilled profession that involves creativity and talent. There are professional courses in photography that enthusiasts can pursue. Professional photography courses opens doors to different avenues in the field. Take a look at the various skills that a photgrapher needs and where and how these can be mastered.

Top driving tips every driver should practice

Car owners must also be responsible drivers. Many of us buy a car, but forget that we share the road with other car owners and it is our responsibility to make their drives pleasurable and safe, by following basic rules and etiquettes. Are you a car owner? Do you practice the following when driving?

Best indoor plants to beat the summer heat

Indoor plants do much more than enhancing the décor of a home. Plants improve the quality of air, by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants found in homes. Did you know plants also help regulate the temperature? Find out how plants do that and what are the best indoor plants that you can bring home.

Rawa Cookies recipe - A Healthy option

Are you searching for a healthy recipe for home-made cookies? Cookies are normally made from refined flour or maida, which is considered unhealthy. Cookies made from rawa/sooji/semolina are a healthier choice. These rawa cookies are made using a few basic ingredients. Check the recipe.

Fish Pickle recipe using shark fish

Fish are a healthy source of protein, minerals and vitamins. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Do you know that fish can be pickled? This Indian style fish pickle packs in all the goodness of fish. The fish pickle is easy to prepare and can be stored for a few months.

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