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Top issues couples fight about and ways to resolve them: Part-1

This article explains top issues on which couples usually often fight or argue. Some of those issues are regarding financial matters, kids, time spent with each other and chores. Couples if work together can very well resolve these fights and find a solution.

Common retirement planning mistakes to avoid

Are you thinking about retirement? What all factors will you consider for a proper retirement planning? Would you take the help of a financial planner? Read on to get an idea of what all are to be considered to lead a smooth and secure retired life.

NIBM Pune PG Diploma Banking & Financial Services Management admissions 2018-2020

Are you searching for information on Post Graduate Diploma banking and finance courses in Management? This articles provides complete information about the National Institute of Bank Management's course which leads to a the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Banking & Financial Services). Admissions are now open for this course for the 2018-2020 academic session.

The story of an entrapped bird

When life becomes miserable and everything around seems monotonous, it's always better to sit still and decide how to proceed. Failure may cage one but there is always a way to get rid of that. One thing has to be kept in mind that if bad days are there then good days are also waiting.

Google Tez - The payment app built for Indians

Google Tez is the latest e-payment app in India developed by NPCI based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Unlike some services using e-wallet, UPI enabled services uses bank account to pay and receive money without requiring the bank account details of the recipient. Imagine a scenario where you have to pay money to a fruit vendor, but you don't have enough money. If the vendor has a phone with Tez installed on it, just connecting the two phones and with a tap on the cash button you can pay the money.

ITI Jodhpur result 2016- 17 Technical education BTER

Are you looking for ITI Jodhpur technical Diploma exam result 2016-17 that was recently announced by Board of Technical Education Rajasthan (BTER)? If yes, please find its detail over here. The BTER conducted exam in 2016-17 session, so some of the result has been announced recently. Those who are looking for it can find them over here.

Smartphone problems and solutions: tips

Are you facing issues from your smartphone? Would you like to know how to solve the smartphone problems in few simple steps? How to track or recover lost or stolen smartphones? Read this article for more detail and tips.

Top 10 things to buy in Dubai, UAE

Any trip to Dubai, UAE, is incomplete without shopping. Check the best things to buy when you are in Dubai. Shop at huge malls or local souks. Find an array of products to take home, from edible goodies to electronics, from artefacts to traditional perfumes. Discover what the best buys and where to shop for them in Dubai.

Osteoporosis – how to prevent the bone disorder

Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease that affects, mostly the elderly. It makes the bones brittle and susceptible to fractures. Osteoporosis can be prevented by changing the diet. Eating the right foods makes a difference, as it provides the right nutrients to strengthen bones and prevent rapid bone loss.

Why healthy discussions are essential in relationships?

This article explains how healthy discussions play an important role in building trust, love, compassion and comfort between couples. Open conversations increase potential for love and indicate that the bond between couple is very strong which will make their relationship grow stronger.

Nobel Peace prize of 2017 for ICAN group

This article is based on the news of ICAN getting Nobel Peace prize for 2017 for its extra ordinary efforts for abolishing of nuclear arsenals from the world. The threat of nuclear weapons in the world and how this non-profit organisation ICAN is fighting globally to end this menace is elaborated in this article.

Useful Apps to bang competitive exams

In the present scenario preparing for competitive exams has become a challenging task. The educational apps play an integral part in preparation of competitive exams by providing all the learning materials and additional features. Check out this article to know the useful apps that will help you to prepare for the competitive exams.

Five tips to lower the risk of Cancer

We are educated and know the various factors causing cancer. Then why are we not stopping us from such activities that can lead to cancer? This article explains why there is an increase in number of cancer patients these days and also the various types of cancer one will get due to their improper life styles.

How to get a discount? Learn some nifty tips

Learn to bargain. Whether you are buying an apartment or a vehicle or getting a gadget, you can save a lot of money if you bargain the right way. Try these bargaining tips, they work. Apply them to earn a decent discount.

Impact of mergers and acquisitions on stock price

Are you a trader or an investor in the stock market? Do you know the effect of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on the price of the stocks that you are holding? If not, have a glance at the following article so that you can take appropriate action before it can erode your money in the stock market.

6 Best tips to get a good discount when shopping

Sharpen your bargaining skills so that you can get the best discounts while shopping this festive season. Be it a car or an apartment, a new appliance or gadget, a piece of furniture or designer clothes, get a good deal through the proper negotiation of price. Learn how to bargain like a pro.

Kerala Stadium venue details for under-17 World Cup Football India 2017

The under-17 world cup football is starting on October 6, 2017. Let's see how God's own country is trying to welcome the mega football championship with true sportsman spirit. Check out this article to know the details of the Kerala stadium which will be the venue for this championship.

Best 5 qualities of a good wife

Do you want to be the best wife? Being pretty alone won't help. Certain qualities also need to be developed to have a long and successful married life. Read on, here are five little things that will make you exceptional.

Hacking Knowledge: Tips On How To Learn 10x More Effective

This article helps you with excellent tips for making your studies much more effective and easier without any stress. In this article, there are 10 important tips that may help you to achieve and improvise your studies especially based on results.

Stop Gender Bias - Give equality to all genders in all fields

This article talks about the gender bias. People may say equal opportunities are given to everyone. I agree. I ask, "Are we given equal recognition? Equal remuneration?". No, it is not. Let us think a while, how Men are more benefited than other genders. Giving a thought could bring many changes in your perception and you may come up in changes within yourself.

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