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Study MBBS (MD) for Free in Germany!

Germany is rated among the best international destinations, to study abroad. MBBS courses in Germany are top quality and very low cost (or free) in some German universities. Find out the benefits of studying medicine in Germany and requirements for application.

Know the career options in Psychology in India

With each passing day, the Indian society is becoming more complex. The people are facing various emotional and mental problems in their daily life. As a result, the need and demand for psychologists are increasing in the country. The psychologists are working as counselors and psychologists in various fields. This article discusses the career opportunities of the students of Psychology. Read more to know.

Surviving with a job depends on employee only and not the management

The management of any organization is comprising of the decision making authorities & is the key for the overall performance of the organization. The crucial & major decisions such as the investments & the expansion policies of the companies are governed by these authorities but are equally responsible for the welfare of ground level employees is doubtful.

How to make Maslow's hierarchy of Needs Theory meaningful to our lives

In psychology, the simplest concept of Maslow's hierarchy of Needs Theory is not only relevant and useful to understand human motivation, but also helps us to evaluate life's goals at any point in time and act accordingly. In other words, it helps us to make a realistic assessment of what needs to be done in specific contexts of life. This article is an attempt at discussing some aspects of how this becomes possible.

Understand the Needs Vs Wants Equation and what it means to us

There is a huge confusion between a need and a want. In most middle class families, there is a huge conflict between family members on this issue. If we clearly understand the difference between a need and a want and proceed to maintain a good balance, we can lead happy lives. This article is an attempt at doing this and also understanding how they play out in our lives.

Recipe of Black Soybean Churkani.

Churkani, a recipe of Black Soybean is popular in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state. It is relished with main course especially with rice. The step by step method of preparing this dish is described in this article.

IRCTC Sri Ramayana Express Delhi to Sri Lanka online tickets booking and schedule

Eager to trace Lord Ram's journey in the mythological epic Ramayana? You could travel by train on the Sri Ramayana Express from Delhi, India to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to be launched by IRCTC in November 2018. This article gives a glimpse into the possible route of the train, the halts and the tour package costs & inclusions.

Online applications for 2018 KVPY Research Fellowships for Basic Sciences courses

Are you searching for Fellowships to pursue a course in Basic Sciences? This article provides complete information on the 2018 Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Fellowships for students who aspire to study Basic Sciences to pursue a research career in Science. Details of the Fellowship amount, eligibility requirements and the application procedure have been provided.

Coping with the transition phase from pre-school to primary school

In this article I have explained the changes that a child undergoes during the transition phase from pre-school to primary school. The parents and teachers should both understand the psychology of the child so that he/she can comfortably adjust to the changing circumstances.

Mass Media Specializations at NIMCJ

These are the specializations in Mass communication you can choose including print media, electronic media, radio journalism, advertising, public relation, corporate communication, digital media, photo journalism. This article provides details of these specializations through courses at the National Institute of Mass Communication & Journalism, Ahmedabad.

The first epic ever to be composed- Epic of Gilgamesh

Humanity owes most of its inventions and discoveries to Sumerian civilization. Things like wheel, law, tax and temples originated in Sumer and spread throughout the ancient world leading humans to where we are today. Sumer also happens to be the place where world's first epic poem was born. Around 2nd century B.C. this great epic was written in cuneiform scripts by various authors in stone tablets. All these individual stories put together made one great epic of Gilgamesh.

How is the EDLI scheme benefit calculated?

To know about the calculation of EDLI Scheme benefit, you should know what is EDLI scheme? What are the contribution rates of EPF, EPS, and EDLI by employee & Employer? How is the EPF, EPS, EDLI scheme contribution calculated? Here in this article, you will get the details and how the benefit under the EDLI scheme is calculated with examples.

Nuts and Bolts of HR as a profession and Career Choice

HR is literally a sweet to most girls, just doing their graduation, even in their second year. Many boys get hooked to this magic word. They assume that HR is all about relating to people, understanding people, welfare and all that. Truth is HR is totally different in practice. This article deals with the real issues of HR.

Benefits of EDLI scheme for the family of EPF Members

Do you know what this EDLI scheme is? How is it related to EPF Member and their dependent? Who will subscribe to EDLI Scheme? Who is eligible to get the EDLI Scheme benefit? What are the procedures to get the lump sum amount? You will get all about the EDLI scheme here in this article below.

Simple ways to recognize and appreciate others for the win-win happiness

Recognition and appreciation are two basic urges of any human being. Rich or poor. Young or old. It is very much the same emotion and the same feeling that all of us crave for. In as much as we expect all others to recognize and appreciate us, it is also in the fitness of things that we learn to recognize and appreciate others too. This will pave way for win-win happiness. This article is an attempt to describe this process in some detail.

Tips for eligible bachelors who are getting married

Marriages are perhaps made on heaven. But eligible bachelors are also human. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. They are really on cloud nine the moment they get engaged to someone who is very close emotionally to them in the case of a love marriage. In the case of an arranged marriage, it becomes all the more complex for the individual to manage. Here are some "should do" and "should not do" tips for all eligible bachelors.

The right way to button your suit

We all love to wear the bespoke suit that enhances our personality. But do we know that proper buttoning up of the suit is important as well? Read on to know the proper buttoning ways for your suit. It not only gives that good look to you but also gives you the confidence to speak for yourself.

Incredible saga of German gallantry: Fritz Christen-The One-man army

Throughout the history of warfare, there have been many last stands. But of these heroic events of gallantry and courage, the last stand of a single German soldier against a Tank Regiment of Red Army supported by a Battalion of Infantrymen stands out. Let us know about the gallant young soldier.

How to come out of your comfort zone and be successful

Anyone may get stuck into a comfort zone. Especially if your job is more of routine kind. This will lead to boredom in life. Here is how you can get out of the comfort zone and beat the boredom. Read this article to know how to break out of your comfort zone.

An overview of Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishment act 1961

Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act 1961 and Rules 1963 make the base of labour laws that organisations should follow. This over view of the Shop and establishment act is the first in a series of articles to come on the labour laws in India. Shops and Commercial Establishments act is a must know act for the employer and employees both as it contains duties and the rights of owner and employees respectively. Here I have covered the salient features of this act.

Tricks to learn how to choose the right topic for writing articles

Do you want to be a writer but wondering what to write about? The right topic with good informative article is what brings readers to your site. In this article you can find tips to choose that right topic on which you can build your article. These same methods can be used for choosing topic for essay or research paper also.

Avoid these mistakes while filing Income Tax Return

Now almost all of us are busy preparing our Income Tax returns because the last date (31st July, 2018) is approaching fast. Before filing the retun, know the mistakes which the Income Tax payees frequently make. Avoid these mistakes while filing your return.

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