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How to verify, secure and scan your mail box from suspicious activity

Gone are the days of mail by courier or postal authorities when mails could be recognized by handwriting or signatures. Now we are using Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, Outlook, Rediffmail or , .in,, and just less than 1% of mails are digitally signed. This article explains as to how to verify, secure and scan your mail box from suspicious activity.

How to get approved for Google Adsense at IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages or Blogger

Your Adsense may not get approved by Google for various reasons. The reasons can include not providing full information while applying for Adsense, violation of Adsense policies in the past as Google reserves the right to withdraw Adsense approval even at a later stage for having violated any Adsense policies knowingly or unknowingly. This article is for authors desperately trying for adsense publisher ID...

When Adsense payment is on hold - what to do next to get your Adsense PIN

More and more bloggers, content writers and authors are being approved by Google Adsense with unique Adsense Publisher ID but after reaching the threshold limit PIN is automatically generated and Adsense Payments are put on hold. Learn the steps to be followed if you do not receive your Adsense PIN mailer...

What to do if dividend is not received by a shareholder of the company?

Unclaimed dividends remain with the respective companies as unclaimed dividends for seven financial years after which the unclaimed dividends are transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund with the central government and no shareholder can claim the unclaimed dividend beyond a period seven financial years....

How to earn money online through Yahoo Contributor Network

Content writers, authors and public can earn money online through various channels like online surveys, AdSense revenue sharing host sites like IndiaStudyChannel, HubPages who provide their publishing platforms not only from their own sites but directly from AdSense. Similarly Yahoo! Contributor Network allows not only to share your voice with online audience of millions, but to earn money by doing so. This article explains how to earn money through YCN that is Yahoo Contributor Network.

How to earn few thousand dollars by selling your domain name

Domain Hosting and Registrars like GoDaddy, eNom, HostGator provide services to sell your domain name for hefty price if your domain name is very popular in search engine displays. This article tells the hidden secrets for such domain name owners.

Are you planning for Weight Loss? Follow these five tips to Loose Weight

Individuals, young or old, Male or Female desire to look younger and live longer. On the one hand they try to shed a few pounds and on the other hand they end up in adding more pounds due to unplanned weight loosing measures. This articles tries to explain effective ways to shed pounds from the waist line to maintain the attractive bodily figure.

How to pay online bills in India

Queues and queues everywhere! Last date fast approaching and queues at the cash counters of payment of bills get swollen on the last due date of the bill to avoid penalty or even disruption of services. Are you paying your bills online in India? If not, start now to avoid disruption of services and heavy late fees to be added in next bill.

Facts and myths of blood donations and the responsibility of senior blood donors

National Voluntary Blood Donation day is observed on 1st of October every year, which coincides with International Day of Older Persons. While this article clears doubts and myths about blood donation, an appeal is also made to the senior blood donors, who donated blood while they were young, to pass on the legacy of fearless blood donation to the next generations.

How to add opinion poll in selected blog posts in Blogger

Bloggers Dashboard allows bloggers to add opinion poll to their entire blog. If the blog contains blog posts on varied topics then opinion poll to the entire blog will be illogical. This article enables bloggers to add opinion poll to the individual blog posts. Audiences may not have time to comment but voting in an opinion poll is simple way of expressing comments...

What precautions to be followed after getting Heart Pacemaker implant

With the change in life styles, food habits, polluted air, water and food, use of medicines without prescription the body organs are being abused all over the world resulting into organ failure like Kidney failure and heart failure or attack due to blocking of arteries. While there is kidney transplant, bye pass surgery the problem of heart failure needs pacemaker. This article is meant for the individuals living with pacemaker implanted to check heart failure or even heart attack.

Own Your Article to Own Responsibility and Verified Google Authorship

On the web publishing platform the authors and content writers are contributing their articles on topics like health, nutrition, technology, banking, finance, reviews, utilities, online security, politics, religion, philosophy, education, astrology, earning money online, job opportunities, tourism and travel along with other scholarly articles. The public relies on such articles and this article explains how to own responsibility. through verified Google authorship.

How to Optimize Google Adsense Earnings - Useful Tips

It is quite possible that you might be blogging on your personal blogs and Google might also have approved your Blog as an Adsense approved blog. You might still be struggling to know the secret of optimizing earnings through Google ads. If the answer is Yes, this article is designed for you.

Live Longer Goals after Retirement - Responsibilities of Senior Citizens

No doubt as senior citizens you need to be treated like V.I.P., the Very Important Person by the society but as a senior citizen have you ever realized that you can be V.I.P., Very Important Problem also for the society. The old age is your biggest problem. This article explains about Live Longer goals for the senior citizens.

How to earn badges and certificate of excellence at

ISC is awarding ISC Certificate of Excellence, Badges to acknowledge your skills, Platinum, Diamond and Gold level up graded memberships and many more awards like Member of the Week, TOW, Contest Winners and much more. This article encourages members to lay their hand on prestigious Badges and Certificate of Excellence at IndiaStudyChannel and claim the award...

Know all about Superannuation - Tax Laws - Retirement Dues

Every month lacs of employees are retiring from Government, PSU and Private Sector after putting in more than 35 or even more years in service. During the last year of service when the superannuation date comes nearer everybody starts thinking about as what he/she will get on retirement in addition to Pension net of Income Tax. Here is a Guide for Common Man.

Guidelines for new bloggers to earn through Blogging and AdSense

Blogging is picking up in India and so many blogging platforms are available. Immediately on joining the bloggers world the bloggers come across various posts about earning through blog content via Adsense advertising. The bloggers, in an effort to start earning from the day one, forget the basic funda that good content on the web is the king and they should not be distracted from acquiring best blogging skills before they think of monetizing their blogs.

Calculation of Loan EMI and Bank Insurance Charges

Personal Loans, Car Loans, Housing Loans and Loan against Property are taken by the public from banks and financial institutions. Even after regular repayment of pre-defined equated monthly instalments at the end the banks inform that the loan is outstanding. The bank customers feel cheated and file consumer complaints. This article explains how to protect against such unwarranted extra demands by the banks.

What to Keep in mind while buying Physical Gold or Gold Jewellery?

Buying gold is not just like buying fruits, vegetables, apparels or grocery. Buying pure gold or gold jewellery is an investment in liquid asset which can be en-cashed at any time in case of need. While buying pure gold or gold jewellery people get confused about the purity, carats, prices, making and polishing charges if purchasing jewellery due to ignorance of basic facts about gold. This article tries to provide you with some quick tips to be vigilant.

How to earn monthly income after retirement through Reverse Mortgage

If you own a house property and have no regular source of income after retiring from business or job then PNB Baghban Scheme based on the theme of movie "Baghban" is the right answer for you. The scheme provides for a regular source of income by mortgaging the House with a provision not to repay at all as future discount market price of the House Property is paid in installments as a regular monthly income to the senior citizen.

Know all about enlarged prostate (BPH) - Alert for men nearing fifty years!

Enlargement of Prostate is common in men above 50 in the second half of their life with more than 50% of males getting affected. The problem is acute in men over the age of 75 years with incidence of 90% or even more. In medical terminology it is known as BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia which is nothing to do with females. It is limited to males only. This article suggests all men above the age of 45 to go for annual check-up in shape of ultrasound so as to take preventive measures.

HostGator Live chat regarding creation of new website

Individual bloggers, technical or non technical, after achieving success with Adsense might start thinking of launching website like IndiaStudyChannel or HubPages. Though it is not child's play yet this Live Chat is meant for you and only you to know the basic to fulfill your wishes.

How to obtain Tourist Visa to India by foreign nationals?

If you are planning to visit India as a tourist then you need to know the Visa requirements and procedures to obtain a valid tourist visa along with best tourist destinations all over India so that tourists may not face any problems and their stay in India becomes a memorable part of their life. This article provides detailed procedures and the links to tourist guides while planning journey to incredible India…

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