How to choose short term online courses

This article explains in detail how to choose online short term courses along with its advantages, its working modes, the qualifications and skills required to succeed if you opt for a course. University of Oxford offers several online courses for students from graduate levels to research degrees in various disciplines that are also detailed herein for your convenience.

Why study online? Because online courses are deemed to be fit for grabs for even the persons with the busiest lifestyle. Study could be undertaken from anywhere, where, there is a computer and an internet connection whether it is available at home, at the place of a friend’s house or at work or even in cybercafé. Learning could be sought in wide range of online courses today. It is well nigh possible for the busy individuals to study in class. Non-flexible timetables and commuting all the way to classes could be an arduous obstruction. This is why many courses by different universities are being run online. If you are looking forward for charting out a fresh career graph for yourself, develop newer skills or switch over your profession, the online courses are available in abundance for you which would help you out to attain your goal.

How right is online Study?

There is the certainty in it that you are sure of finding out something from among the courses available online that suits your individual needs and aspirations furthering your career prospects.

Study Wherever, Whenever

Among the many advantages the online courses, chief ranks its flexibility benefit. Online courses could be completed from anywhere. The class courses will tie you up with trouble of fixed locations.
Online courses offer many advantages, key among them flexibility. You can complete your online course virtually anywhere, whereas in-class courses restrict you to specific locations. Besides, you can study at your own time and paces whenever and wherever it suits you the best saving you from rushing to classes, organizing daily scheduling of classroom’s commitments.

Study Skills for Online Learning

Online studying is quite different from that of the classroom learning and hence it is necessary to note here that the study skills are also different. After you have decided once to opt for the online courses, you need taking some steps to make studying online simpler and more flourishing. Followings are six practical guidelines to help you achieve your desired goal:
  • Seek help from others:
    The challenges life heaps upon us humans becomes easier to face if we do not hesitate in seeking out helps from others. W e should tell others about it for advice. Whether they are your friends and family, boss or your colleagues, you must let them know of what you are doing. They will understand your requirements turning it to be more flexible. They shall prove even to be able to give a hand with your work also.
    Majority of online course providers proffer support services guiding you durig the course of your studies. There are lecturers and tutors there offering their guidance with your course work whereas the support staff there make available help with study skills, professional support and contacts and finding solutions to your administrative issues. Online chat rooms are there also up for grabs for you. Even Face book groups have also been put up into place for students to help each other.
  • What it takes to succeed on online study
    Pursuing online studies is a very testing job requiring self belief ad self motivation. Success depends on your ability of knowing when you have done a good job giving you time to reflect on your attainments. Online learning is worth doing.
  • Understanding the online learning difference:
    Online courses are best suited for the people who happen to be self- starters and wish to learn. Your excitement towards career improvements counts much in this. This learning is o way easy than the classroom learning experience. Though these courses are modeled on the lines of fitting in with your life, but the required motivation and discipline have to spring forth from you.
  • Setting study goals realistically:
    Identifying your limitations and capacity are most important study skills expected of you for pursuing online courses. It takes to 25 hours of studies per week to be pursued which is not possible for you in case you have a full time job with a family and a social life.
    One of the most important study skills is to recognise your capacity and your limitations. If you work full time and have a family or an active social life, don't trick yourself into thinking you can manage 25 hours of study a week.
    To begin with your course, just opt for signing up for just one unit to assess whether the time dedication fits in your life cycle. You could then increase your workload with your growing confidence. These courses permit you to complete them at your own pace suiting up to your conveniences in the best possible manner. Temptations of putting off your studies for the sake of social or family commitments are always possible. Here, setting up real deadlines and sticking thereon is of great significance.
  • Get into a study routine:
    Strategically planning your week would be of immense help for you. Setting time aside for the normal things to be done is vital. You could well divide them into the following compartments:
    1. For socializing
    2. For relaxing
    3. For working, and,
    4. For the other commitments as for examples exercises, yoga and sport etc.

You shall then be in a position to know when you are likely to have the time for your studies. After you fix up your study schedule correctly, you shall smoothly gel past your online courses.

How online study works

Just try understanding the online study setting and a lot of the stress would melt down out of the distance education. Deliberate upon the followings:
  1. accessing discussion groups
  2. contacting instructors
  3. accessing library facilities
  4. changing enrolment details
  5. submitting essays.

Also, ensure to this you fully understand how does assessment really works. Whether tests are conducted at some particular times? Are there contact hours too? Whether the participants are required to be present online at the same time should also be ascertained. Some courses warrant group work. Look for how all these work.

Choosing the right online course

Options for online studies are plentiful as many reputed institutions offer a range of courses online.
To choose which online course is suite best for you, ponder over the following four questions:
  • The quality of materials, assessment and support that are on offer,
  • The costs involved
  • Why do you want to study?
  • Reputation of the college and course.
  • Fees structure
  • Textbooks
  • Other course materials
  • Travel for contact sessions.

professional development online courses

The CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Center at the Oxford University has developed numerous online courses which are detailed as follows for your picks according to your choice:
  1. Nanotechnology
  2. Environmental Sciences
  3. Effective Online Tutoring
  4. Bioinformatics and Bio-sciences
  5. Electronics, Telecoms and Engineering and
  6. Health Sciences.

A detailed information with their virtual learning environment (VLE), could be had by logging on to:
  1. Online sample from Stats for Health Researchers course
  2. Online sample from Effective Online Tutoring course

You can also contact on below contact numbers for any further information:
Phone: +44 (0)1865 286960
Fax: +44 (0)1865 286934

Qualifications required for online Oxford courses

Some selected courses at the undergraduate advanced diploma and postgraduate levels are available here as listed below:
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Nanotechnology.

These courses require one or more years of part-time study culminating into an award from the University of Oxford, available to students by application only.

Short online courses for the general public

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Center at the University of Oxford has is running a number of online courses aimed at helping out a range of specialists to acquire and update indispensable input and skills to hone up their professional roles. These online courses are available in many subject areas offering an increasing range of accredited, 10-week online courses for the public that are taught at undergraduate level one. Currently, the courses are in:
  1. Mathematics
  2. Philosophy
  3. Study skills
  4. Archaeology
  5. Art history
  6. Creative writing
  7. Local History
  8. History
  9. Economics
  10. Literature.

Besides, newer courses are being added up each term. No formal entry qualifications are needed for such short introductory courses. All that is expected of you is a high degree of dedication and motivation and a curiosity to interact in group discussion with others. However, you must meet the requirements for English language and computing skills.

How the courses work

  • Online courses are run on the design of asynchronous learning pattern to enable students not to be online at any given time. Courses are structured as ten one-week units comprising of directed readings and guided discussions. Candidates have to be online a few times during each week. An average of ten hours of study per week is recommended. All of this do not need to be online. This includes time for the directed readings from the course texts. As students join curses from across globe, the courses are designed to suit around their lifestyle from wherever they might be studying. Courses could be accessed whenever it suits students. Entire discussions are held via online forums. However, these are not live but students can of course add their comments or questions at any time.
  • Physical attendance is not required for their short (level one) online courses. Entire activities- study, communication and assessment submission is carried out through the course site. It will be helpful to visit their online short course demonstration site to get a feel for the online learning scheme of things.
  • Each online courses has introductory session breaking the ice for the students detailing a simple introduction to the online course study environment. This includes some actions directed at getting you to work online and introduce yourself to your fellow classmates by using the online student common room forum, working offline reading a chapter or two of your course text book and even asking you to submit a comment or two about those chapters to the online discussion forum.
  • You will be expected to do above types of actions during the entire duration of the course. Please be noted here that the more you would contribute to the forum discussion sessions and take part in the course activities, more likely it would be that you will get much more online experience as a whole.
  • Online courses by Oxford are run under the strict watch of highly dedicated and trained specialists aimed to provide academic support for by supervising and monitoring all student and course activities and by personally contributing to the forum discussions and providing individual feedback on assignments and exercises. More details could be had by emailing at


Online and distance learning courses at Oxford University offers a novel way by combining inventive learning and teaching procedure through interaction with the teachers and fellow students from across the globe. You can enroll yourself on any one of its online courses. You are certain to enjoy the convenience of studying, sitting anywhere as per your own convenience and at any time. You can have your picks from the courses available for short time, log time and professional types.

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