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Though we had been to Bangalore quite few times, this is the first time we got an opportunity to go to the amusement park Wonder La in this busy IT city.

Located at a distance of 30 km from the city, this amusement park is in the road that goes towards Mysore. (Have to definitely talk about the well laid roads from Banglore to Mysore, the highway is something one need to wonder of). The main attraction, the huge giant wheel is seen even from the road.

Though the entrance to the park is near the main road, to reach the main location where the park is located, one have to travel atleast another 15 to 20 mins. Though the distance is 30 kms, though the road is quite smooth, the travelling inside Banglore is quite tiresome, due to the heavy traffic. We had planned to go to this place only on a week day (Tuesday), and we had started at 10.00am as the park opens at 11.00(we were told that the drive from my brothers house to the park will be for 45 mins). But we reached there only by 11.45 due to the traffic.

The price of the tickets are quite reasonable. For the kids below 90 cms the entrance is free, for senior citizens there is a concession in ticket rate. We were a mixed group of 6, 2 kids and one below 90 cms. One senior citizen and 3 adults. (me, my two kids, my brother and my parents)

General Overview:
The parking is absolutely free. Just near the entrance, there is a cafeteria, where you can grab a bite, before entering or before leaving. (Better dont eat your stomach full, the rides will give you a dizzy feeling). Just near the entrance, is the monkey (which is the logo of Wonder La), perched on a rotating dias, with fountains all around. Just near the entrance there is a big shed, with lots of seating. Lots of toilets can also be seen all over the park (one near the entrance too), which is of great help for elderly people.

Inside the park:
Just near the entrance, one can see a lot of shops, that sell goodies with Wonder La name embossed. One can get anything from a key chain to a duffel bag with the label. (Though you might get all these, if you ask for a battery for your digicam, you might end up getting some brand, which you have not heard of, which will also wear off very fast, better get loaded up with a few spare batteries and if you are using rechargeable batteries, better charge your batteries to the full extent). Just right from the entrance, you will not be able to resist the temptation of taking snaps. And that too if you are going with kids, your kids will find out their cartoon charecters either in the form of statue or some one dressed like the cartoon charecters. The kids will definitely want to take snaps with them. The entire park is very clean, well maintained.

Just like many other amusement parks, we can see rides like bumper car (an experience for those who dont know car driving and who want to drive a car). We enjoyed a lot in this ride. (As it was a week day, there was not much of a crowd, just 2 groups of college students, guess they have completed these rides as they would have been there just the moment the park opened in the morning).

There were lots of rides, out of them, we did not venture into many, as both my parents were quite old. The kids rides were placed quite adjacent to the general rides, that makes it easier for the parents to relax in the seats placed near the rides when the kids enjoy themselves.

There are two rides, that are worth mentioning. The dungeon ride and the caterpillar rides. The dungeon ride, takes the visitors, through a dark tunnel, the entire ride gives a creepy feeling. You will notice bat smell in one area, lots of bones scatterred here and there and skeletons moving closer to you from the sides or jumping down from the roof. This is not a ride for those who are weak at heart. (The best part is my kids did not fear even once). When we came out they showed us photos that were taken inside (which shows our expressions). This entire ride is inside a black fort with a big skull on top of the entrance and the middle.

The caterpillar rides, yes two rides, inside a ant hill typed area. One ride is quite just near the floor, but the tracks are laid just like the way caterpillar moves, and the train too moves in a up down, up down motion and you will end up giggling when you get down. The other ride is sort of mini roller coaster, but you wont feel the effect of roller coaster. (When we were raising up the track, the power went off, there was just a few inches to touch the ceiling, and we were there for almost a min, and the power was resumed very fast.

The water splash ride was also very enjoyable and we were not satisfied even after going for 4 times in that ride alone. (Daughter enjoyed it so much).

Water rides:
The water rides include a normal pool, a wave pool, rain dance area, lazy pool and lots of other water slides.

The locker rooms have to be mentioned before I describe the water rides. If you have your own T. Shirts and track pants, it is better to bring them (even for the women). If not it can be purchased at a very reasonable cost in the shop near the locker room. There are separate locker areas for men and women and the locker areas are clean. The locker rent differs based on the type of the locker we choose and an amount of Rs. 70 is returned back when we give back the keys. The women locker have separate area for young mothers to feed the kids. Toilets and shower areas are also given in the locker rooms. The locker area is cleaned constantly.

The pool have a special attraction, climb up the ladder and stand in the small platform and you will be drenched by a huge bucket of water (almost 1000 litres). There are small slides in which people can slide into the pool. Beware those who dont know much of swimming. There are life guards near the pool.

The wave pool is operated in specific timings and the waves come for almost 40 minutes. The kids and elderly people can sit in the slope, which is made just like the beach and others can venture even closer to the other end. Every one of us enjoyed the wave pool. Though we wanted to be in the wave pool for the next time also, due to the time constraint we were forced to go out of it and go to the next ride.

The ride, that my son(4 year old), enjoyed so much is the lazy river. A shallow water path, in which one can just move along the water flow sitting in a tube which they provide. (My son did not have the mind to come out of it and he went for the second round too).

The worth mentioning water ride is the Rain Dance, the entire area is covered with shower panels on the ceiling and lights and music are played. For almost 45 mins, (this show also have timing) we drenched ourselves in the shower and enjoyed the music and of course danced to the tunes too. Here too both my kids enjoyed to the core. There entire dance floor is divided into two, one specially for men and the other for women, couples and families.

There are other water attractions like Boomerang(in which the inflated seat moves like a boomerang), the pendulam ride too gives the similar effect. The different water slides also gives a great experience for those who are ready to venture into it.

Another ride, worth mentioning is the rope car which gives a breath taking view of the entire park. As it became very late, we didnot have time to go for the giant wheel and the laser show.

We had our lunch there in the vegetarian restaurant. The food they provide was quite a large quantity. Though we felt that it is too much, we just gulped it down as we were quite hungry due to the experiences we have had in the different rides.

The first aid station have to be given a special mention. I jammed my middle finger in the left hand and they gave me immediate first aid.

Points to be noted
Note the timings of various special shows like Laser shows (should go to that show when you are dry), wave pool, rain dance.

Dont take anything to eat, as it is not allowed.

Charge your camera batteries or take a lot of spare batteries.

Over all I would say, the visit to Wonder La was a wonderful experience, and we all are waiting for a second chance to visit that place.

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