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Delicious recipes using watermelon rind and potato peels

There is so much nutrition packed in the vegetable and fruits peels that we throw away. Did you know that some of them can be turned into tasty edible dishes? The watermelon rind that you throw away or the potato peels can be used to prepare wholesome meals.

Recipes for the summer using green mangoes

The mango season is here and the market is flooded with green mangoes. The time is ripe to try some interesting recipes using green mangoes. Do you know that raw green mangoes (kairi) have exceptional cooling properties. They are also rich in nutrients. Why not experiment with soemthing new this summer! These green mango recipes are definitely going to rock your summer.

Recipe of Banana Fritters – A healthy evening Snack

Are you surfing the net for a perfect recipe to have with your evening coffee during this rainy season? Then you have reached the right place. Try making the deep fry banana fritters recipe given below and I am sure you will love it.

Let us celebrate festivals with fruit recipes.

This article has come with the recipes for those who are interested to celebrate festivals with their own recipes and these recipes are mostly for instant preparation and mainly focused on recipes which may use fruits to give special festive mood in both sweets as well as savouries.

Recipes : How to make different mango delights at home

This resource is a guide to mango cupcakes, mango chicken and mango barbeque recipes. It also deals with the nutritional value of this fruit we call ‘ the king of all fruits ‘. The sweet cupcakes and the chicken can be easily prepared at home.

Fruit Kababs For Kids- Recipe

In this resource you will find make fruit kababs for kids. Children are very choosy about their food specially fruits. It is very hard time for parents to feed children fruits. So if they can be presented in a some other manner than children will find it interesting to eat.

Recipe For Banana Stem Soup And Kootu

This article is about the preparation of banana stem soup. Banana stem has lot of fiber and healing properties. The soup extract from banana stem is considered to be very good for diabetics and for those with kidney ailments. This recipe is very simple and a quick one.

Mango Cooler Drink for summers

As the season of summer came here comes the king of fruits, Mango. It is the correct summer refresher drink which everyone can enjoy from Children to Elders. It can be prepared very easily available ingredients available in your home. Enjoy with your friends, and relatives

Choco-banana milkshake Recipe

Drained out by the sweltering May heat and need to get refreshed? What can get better than to have the universal favorite food - chocolate, whipped up with nice ripe bananas in a glass of milk? Make yourself a glass of choco banana milkshake in just a few minutes!

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