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Name: AVJ Infotech Pvt Ltd
Address: 52/9A, B.B.Ganguly Street
Opp: Bowbazar P.O.
City: Kolkata
State: West Bengal
Telephone Number: 09831834192 / 09831203546
Official website: www.avjinfotech.com

AVJ Infotech is the institute to offer Training on Mobile Repairing.
They provide Chip Level Training with latest Software support.

*Note: Contact between 8am to 8pm

Training Courses

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Basic Electronics-Components
Register, Inductors/Coils, Capacitors, Transformers, Relays, Fuses; Introduction about Semiconductors; General & Special Diodes - Zener Diode, Tunnel Diode, Varactor Diode, Pin Diode, Sohottkey Diode; Non-Ohmic Resistors - NTC, PTC, Varistor; Opto-Electronic Devices - LED, IR-LED, Photo-Diode, Photo-Transistor, Photo Resistor, Optocuplar; Break Down Devices - Thyristors - SCR, TRAIAC, DIAC, SCS, UJIT; Introduction to Integrated Circuits-Group- DTL, HTL, TTL, CMOS; Generation - LSI, MSI, VLSI, EXLSI; IC Packages - SIL, DIL, PLCC, SMD, BGA.
General36 Hours
Analog and Digital Electronics
Analog Circuits : Rectifier Half Wave and Full Wave Circuit, Filter Circuit, Voltage Booster Circuit, DC Regulated Power Suppliers - Transistor Regulator, IC Regulator - 78xx, 79xx, LM320, LM340, LM723, Switching - AMV, BMV, MMV, IC 555, IC 556, Smitt Triger Circuit, OP-AMP ICs - LM741, LM324, LM393, LM339, Adder, Subtractor, Integrator, Multiplie, Differentiator, Introduction to Amplifiers, Buffer State & OutPut Amplifiers. Digital Electronics : Logic Gates - AND Gate, OR Gate, NAND Gate, NOR Gate, NOT Gate, X-OR Gate, X-NOR Gate; Binary Number System; Combinational Circuits - Binary Adder, Multiplexer, Demultiplexer, Subtractor Circuits, Sequential Circuits - Flip-Flops, Counters, A/D & D/A Converter Circuits. Fundamental of Micro Computers : Register, Introduction to Micro Processor - 8085, 8086; Introduction to Micro Computer System, Simple As possible (SAP) Computers
General36 Hours
Introduction to Repair Tools and PC Hardware
Introduction to Repairing Tools : Soldering & De-soldering, Hands on SMD Rework Station, Hot Bath, Use of Oscilloscope, Re-tracking of Bus, Use of Analog & Digital Multimeters & Use of Debug Card (Post Card). PC Hardware : Beep Code, BIOS and its Identification of version & equivalence & use of debug card. Types of ROM & its Connectors, Types of RAM & its Connectors, Expansion Slots, Motherboard Identification (AT, ATX, NLX, Sockets & Slots), Chipset Features, Super I/O Controller, Introduction to Processor Features, Family & Manufacturers, ADD on Cards (VGA, AGP, Audio, LAN, SCSI, Modem, TV Tuners), Block Diagram of Pentium - I/II/III/IV Motherboards, BIOS Flashing, Jumpers & DTP Switches Settings, Partitioning and Formatting of Hard Disk, DOS commands used for troubleshooting, Windows and Devices Drivers Installation.
General54 Hours
Troubleshooting and Repairing Peripherals
Faults Identification & Repairing of Motherboard (Pentium I to IV such as Intel Chipsets TX, Ex, ZX, 81OE, 815, 845 VIA chipsets VT 8601A/T, VT82C691, VT82C693, VT82586, Sis Chipsets Sis 530, Sis 630e, Sis 730), SMPS (AT & ATX of Kobian & Frontech with circuit diagram), Repairing of CD-ROM / Writer (Samsung & LG, 52X, 48X, 32X), Repairing of Floppy Disk Drives (1.44 MB Sony, Panasonic, Mitsumi), Diagnostic & Removing of Bad Sector of Seagate and Samsung Hard Disk Drives (4.3GB, 10.2GB, 20GB) using DM, Repairing of Colour Monitor (Samsung 56V, 48Bn; LG studio work 445; Microtech and Proview), Troubleshooting & Repairing of Printers (Dot Matrix : TVSE's MSP 245,345, 240, Wipro's LX1050, Panasonic KXP 1150; Inkjet : Epson's Stylus 440 & C41SX, HP's 3325, 670C, 640C; Laser : HP's 6L Gold, 1000), Repairing of Scanner (HP's Scanjet & Precision series, UMAX's Astra series), Repairing of UPS (APC, Smart Power, AVO 500 VA), De-Assembling & Assembling of Laptops (IBM, Compaq, Toshiba), Introduction to TFT Technology.
General54 Hours(1-1/2 months)

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