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Dimapur District (Nagaland)

Posted Date: 12 Jan 2009      Posted By: Tony John    Member Level: Diamond  Points: 0

Local Representative for Dimapur district

State: Nagaland
Collectorate Office:
Telephone Number:

Taluks in Dimapur district:

  • Medziphema
  • Dimapur
  • Dimapur Mdg
  • New Nepaligaon
  • Dimapur Bazar
  • Chumukedima

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    Updates & Comments:

    Posted By: Bru    Posted Date: 28 Mar 2012   
    Government recognized villages under Dimapur district are:

    Chumukedima Town

    Chumukedima Village

    Shokhuvi Village

    Tenyiphe I Village

    Tenyiphe II Village

    Singrijan Village

    Sovima Village

    Chekiye Village

    7th Mile Model Village

    Diphupar A Village

    Seithekei Old Village

    Dorogapathar Village

    Eralibil Village

    Nahabari Village

    Purana Bazar A

    Purana Bazar B


    Toluvi Village


    Darogajan Village

    Khushiabil Village



    Thelixu Village

    7th Mile Village

    Sodzülhou Village

    Seithekei Nawe Village

    Aoyimti Village

    Seithekei A Village

    Ekranapathar Village

    Bamunpukhuri A

    Bamunpukhuri B

    Samaguri Village

    5th Mile Model Village

    Seithekei C Village

    Bade Village

    Naga United Village

    Murise Village

    Diezephe Village

    Urra Village

    Vidima Village

    Khriezephe Village

    Zani Village

    Tsethrongse Village

    Diphupar B

    Domukhia Village

    Hetoi Village

    L Hotovi Village

    Vipon Village

    J V P Village

    Dhansiripar Town

    Manglumukh Village

    Daniel Hollohon Village

    Shikavi Village

    Hazadisa Village

    Khekiho Village


    Doyapur Village

    Lhothavi Village

    Toshezu Village

    Amaluma Village

    K Xekiye Village

    Ghowato Village

    Zutovi Village

    Pimla Village

    Shitovi Village

    Disagaphu Village

    Kiyeto Village

    Razaphe Village

    Kiyeto B Village

    Khehoyi Village

    Shikuto Village

    Pukhaho Village

    Vihuto Village

    Kiyavi Village

    Dimapur Town

    Kasharigaon (Phevima) Village

    Kashiram Village

    Kashiram Ao Sector

    Razhuphe (Industrial)



    Signal Angami Village

    Thahekhu Village

    Senjum Village

    Ao Yimkum

    Sangtam Tilla



    Nihoto Village

    Khehokhu Village

    Xekiye Village

    Hoito Village

    Lotovi Village

    Nizhevi Village

    Pukhato Village


    Luzheto Village

    Tokugha Village

    Hukato Village

    S Hotovi Village

    Ghokito Village

    Suhoi Village

    Vikuho Village

    Zuvukhu Village

    Ahozhe Village

    Honivi Village

    Khughovi Village

    Showuba Old Village

    Aoyim Village

    Xelhozhe Village

    Vihokhu Village

    Piphema Old Village

    Piphema New Village

    Tsiepama Village

    Viphoma Village

    Sirhima Village

    Sirhi Angami Village

    Sochünoma Village

    Khaibung Village

    Zuikhu Village

    Hakheshe Village

    Tsuuma Village

    Moava Village

    Jharnapani Village

    Khamkerei Village

    Kukidolong Village

    Paglapahar Village

    Ruzhaphema Village

    Pherima Village

    Pherima Station (B)

    Medziphema Village

    Medziphema Town

    Piphema Station

    Molvom Village

    Bungsang Village

    Hozukhe Village

    Sukhato Village

    Nikhekhu Village


    Toshiho Village

    Khehoyi Village

    Ghokuto Village

    Showuba New Village

    S Hetoi Village

    Nguvihe Village

    Yetoho Village

    L Vihoto Village

    Shiwoto Village

    Luhezhe Village

    Zhexuche Village

    Shoqhevi Village

    Khuhoi Village

    Tohoi Village

    Mughavi Village

    Hukhai Village

    Nizheto Village

    Aghunaga Village

    Akito Village

    Kikhayi Village

    Hezheto Village

    Husto Village

    Pihekhu Village

    Aoyimchen Village

    Ahoto Village

    Nikikhe Village

    Henito Village

    Hovukhu Village

    Khaghaboto Village

    Khehuto Village

    Kevishe Village

    Ngamjalam Village

    Padala Village

    Vishiyi Village

    Homeland Village

    Shitoi Village

    Zaka Station

    Phuwuto Village

    Zuhekhe Village

    Hesulho Village

    Ghotovi Village

    Viyito Village

    Sahoi Village

    Sunito Village

    Hevuxu Village

    Kiyelho Village

    Xukiye Village

    Hovishe Village

    Ghonivi Village

    Lukuto Village

    Pishekhu Village

    Zukiye Village

    Ghosito Village

    Qhetohe (Ghotoi) Village

    Kiyezhu A Village

    Kiyezhu B Village

    Heviqhe Village

    Hakhezhe Village

    Yeveto Village

    Hetoi Village

    Kuhoxu (Muhumi) Village

    Nitozu Village

    Niuland Town

    Khutovi Village

    Izhevi Village

    Zutoi Village

    R Hovishe Village

    Tohokhu Village

    Xukhuvi Village

    Luhevi Village

    P Vihoto Village

    Vikheto Village

    Nikishe Village

    Jekishe Village

    Tokishe Village

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